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Subject: [SANDUSKY-L] Descendants of Susan Sandusky Megee
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 08:01:11 EDT

Descendants of Susan Megee

Over the years the interest in Susan Sandusky, who married Seth Magee on=
January 27, 1817, in Fayette County, Kentucky, was not very great. The post=20
of Nina K. Everett May 13 was therefore very welcome. It would have helped=20
Mrs. Nancy Jett, 2423 Pea Ridge Road, Frankfort, Ky. 40601, who wrote to me=
in 1993 looking for information on her great great grandfather, Jacob=20
Sandusky Megee, son of Seth and Susan Megee. She knew that he was married to=
Mary Clay, daughter of Joseph Helm Clay and Amanda T. Clay of Bourbon County=
Kentucky, and found her grave in Clay family cemetery in Bourbon County.=20
Jacob Sandusky Megee was not buried there.
Nancy Jett asked, =93Did he marry again after Mary died?=94 In Nina=92s=20=
Jacob Megee married Josephine Thomas after his first wife died in 1862 and=20
had one daughter, Mary, Nina=92s grandmother.
It would be helpful if we could fill in the gaps of the descendants of=20
Susan Megee, names of children, where they were born, date of births,=20
marriages, and deaths.=20
In my file I have a note that Jacob Sandusky gave his daughter, Susan,=20
and Seth Megee land on the north side of his plantation and that they had=20
eight children.
Briefly, which was all that Nancy Jett sent me, her lineage was:
Mother--Lilah Mae Megee
Grandfather--Harry Clay Megee(wife Flora Sageser)
Great grandfather--Joseph Clay Megee(Delilah Phillips)
` In 1999, Karen Fowler Caldwell, who lived in Lebanon, Kentucky, reported=
that her grandmother, Rebecca, was a daughter of William Henry Megee and Fan=
Burrous and was born in Jessamine County, Kentucky, in 1907.(date of birth?)=
When Rebecca was small, the family moved to Marion County, where Delilah=20
Philips Megee had bought a farm, and eventually Rebecca Burrous Megee marrie=
Henry Roland Fowler. Their son, Joseph Martin Fowler married Dorothy Juanita=
Whitehouse. Then their daughter, Karen Lynn Fowler, married Francis Gerald=20
I would like to see family group sheets, or whatever is available, on th=
Sandusky website and to hear from other descendants of Susan Megee. Thanks=20
for all that=92s been done so far.
Edward Pinkowski
10212 SW 59th St.
Cooper City, Florida 33328-6531

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