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Subject: [SANDUSKY-L] D.A.R or S.A.R accept Lord Dunmore's War service.
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 16:40:48 -0500

Capt James Harrod's Ky company including James and Jacob
Sandusky may have been a day late arriving where the Battle of Pt
Pleasant,WV took part in Sept [?] 1774, but that southern wing under Gen
Lewis continiued 100 miles north,into Ohio,and there met up with Lord
Dunmore's northern wing,which included Hampshire troops. So James and
Jacob Sandusky
spent October,1774 in hostile Ohio Indian country-burning some villages
in the
Ross and Pickaway Co,Oh area. They may have swirtched wings for the
return home,for their neighbors were in the Northern wing,and they with
the southern.
Lord Dunmore's War

The Battle at Point Pleasant
The army mustered by Lord Dunmore consisted of two divisions, totaling
3,000 men:
The Northern Division (Right Wing) commanded by Lord Dunmore and
in the northern counties of Frederick, Dunmore, Hampshire, and
The Southern Division (Left Wing) commanded by Andrew Lewis and
in the southern counties of Augusta, Botetourt, and Fincastle.

The battle at Point Pleasant was fought by the Southern Division on
October 10,
No rosters of the Northern Division are known to have survived, and of
the 30
rosters of the Southern Division, only 11 are said to have survived.
The Southern Division was made up of the following regiments:
The Augusta County Regiment, Colonel Charles Lewis, Commanding.
Captains of Companies:
Captain John Dickinson
Captain Benjamin Harrison
Captain John Lewis
Captain Andrew Lockridge
Captain George Mathews
Captain Alexander McClennahan
Captain Samuel McDowell
Captain George Moffatt
Captain William Nalle
Captain John Skidmore
Captain Samuel Wilson
Independent Company:
The Culpeper Minute Men, Colonel John Field, commanding (40 men).
The Botetourt County Regiment, Colonel William Fleming, Commanding (450
Captains of Companies:
Captain Mathew Arbuckle
Captain John Lewis
Captain Philip Love
Captain Robert McClennahan
Captain John Murray
Captain Henry Pauling
Captain John Stuart
Captain James Ward
Independent Company:
The Bedford County Riflemen, Captain Thomas Buford, Commanding (44 men).
The Fincastle County Battalion, Colonel William Christian, Commanding
(350 men).
Captains of Companies:
Captain Anthony Bledsoe
Captain Joseph Crockett
Captain William Campbell
Captain John Floyd
Captain William Herbert
Captain William Russell
Captain Evan Shelby
Independent Companies:
The Dunmore County Volunteers, Captain Thomas Slaughter, Commanding (40
The Kentucky Pioneers, Captain James Harrod, Commanding (37 men).
Colonel William Fleming and Captains Thomas Buford and Robert
McClennahan, all
regularly educated physicians, composed the Medical Board of the army.
_____ Terry was Chaplain of the army. Major Thomas Posey was chief
and Quarter Master-General; Sampson Mathews was Quarter-Master of the
Regiment with John Lyle as his assistant; Thomas Ingles was
Quarter-Master of
the Botetourt Regiment; and Anthony Bledsoe was Commissary of the
Battalion. James Hughes was Pack-horse Master; William McClure chief
Driver of
Cattle; John Warwick was chief Butcher; Captain Mathew Arbuckle was chief
Frederick Burley was chief Indian Spy; and John Coalter, carpenter.

The Augusta County Regiment:
Captain William Nalles Company of Volunteers
William Nalle, Captain
Martin Nalle, Lieutenant
Jacob Pence, Ensign
John Bush, Sergeant
William Bush, Sergeant
Bernard Crawford, Sergeant
Shadrick Butler
William Feavill
Robert Hains
Moses Smith
Stephen Washburn
Israel Meaders
Henry Owler
John Griggsby
Richard Welch
Zacarias Lee
John Goodall
Benjamin Petty
Michael Jordan
Bruten Smith
James Todd
William Spiceer
James Washburn
Charles Brown
James Alexander
George Rucker
Joseph Ray (or Roay)
William Scales
John Bright
Yenty Jackson
John Owler
George Fuls (or Fultz)
James Miller
George Harmon
John Chisholm
Adam Hansbarger
Henry Cook
John Breden
Thomas Brooke
Henry Miner
Chesley Rogers
Zapaniah Lee
Zachiaus Plunkenpiel
Micajah Smith
William Smith
John Deck
John Fry
John Williams
Joseph Butler
James Selby
James Reary
Abraham Rue
Jacob Null
John Null
The Botetourt Regiment:
Captain John Murrays Company of Volunteers
John Murray, Captain
William McKee, Lieutenant
Samuel Wallace, Lieutenant
Adam Wallace, Ensign
William Taylor, Sergeant
Moses Coiler, Sergeant
John Larken, Sergeant
John Simpson, Sergeant
Barney Boyls, Sergeant
John Gilmore
Hugh Logan
James Hall
James Arnold
Stephen Arnold
William Moore
John Nelson
John Sedbury
William MacCorkle
George Milwood
Andrew Evans
Joseph McBride
Thomas Nail
John Lapsly
James Walker
Ezekiel Kennedy
John Jones
John Moore
William Simpson
Thomas McClure
Peter Cassady
Robert Wallace
Thomas Pearry
John Griggs
George Cummings
John Eager (or Edgar)
James Crawley
Daniel Blair
Thomas Burney
Daniel Simpkins
William Lyons
James Simpkins
Nicholas Mooney
Solomon Brundige
Joseph McClure
Stephen Harris
Daniel Fullin (or Pullin)
David Wallace
Moses Whitby
James Gilmore
James Cunningham
John Kelsey
Hugh Moore
Joseph Gibson
William Cochran
James Logan
John Logan
Thomas Hedden
Prisley Gill
John Coiler
Jonathan Watson
Hugh Logan
William Neely
James Neely
John Miligan
Peter Higgings
William Conner
William Bradley
John McGee
William Brown
James McCalister
John Barkley
Andrew Wallace
Isaac Trimble
Peter McNeal
William Johns
Andrew Alden
James Brambridge
John Murray
Captain Philip Loves Company of Volunteers
Philip Love, Captain
Daniel McNeill, Lieutenant
John Mills, Ensign
William Ewing, Sergeant Major
Francis McElhaney, Quarter M.S.
Shelton Taylor, Sergeant
James Alexander, Sergeant
John Crawford, Sergeant
Robert Owen
Samuel Andrews
William Scott
Samuel MtGumery (Montgomery)
William Teasy
John Todd
Thomas Pierce
Thomas Armstrong
John Dunn
Charles Byrne
Thomas Gilbert
Abraham DeMonts
William Hooper
Samuel Savage
Thomas Welch
Thomas Welch, Jr.
Patrick Conner
Joseph Pain
William Armstrong
Daniel McDonald
James Simpson
Thomas Brown
James Neeley
Abraham Moon
George Craig
Richard Wilson
Robert Smith
John Buchanan
Charles Davis
William Franklin
James Franklin
William Hanson
James McDonald
Richard Collins
James M. Guillin
John McGinnis
Griffin Harriss
John Jones
John Marks
John Robinson
John Todd
Daniel Ormsby
Captain John Lewis Company of Volunteers
John Lewis, Captain
John Henderson, Lieutenant
Robert Alliet (Elliott). Ensign
Samuel Glass, Sergeant
William Bryans, Sergeant
Peter Huff, Sergeant
William Wilson, Sergeant
Samuel Estill, Sergeant
John Donally, Fifer
Thomas Alsbury, Drummer
John Swope
Alexander Kelley
Edward Eagin
James Ellison
John Deniston
James Stuart
John Savage
Christopher Welch
James Crawley
James Dulin
Isaac Fisher
Peter Ellenburg
Andrew Kissinger
Samuel Barton
William Clifton
Joseph Love
Leonard Huff
Thomas Huff
Samuel Croley
William Isum
Isaac Taylor
Martin Carney
Peter Hendricks
John Hundley
Henry Howard
Molastine Peregrine
Walter Holwell
James McNutt
Samuel Burcks
Nathan Farmer
Gabriel Smithers
Thomas Edgar
James Carlton
Matthew Polug (or Pogue)
Thomas Canady (or Kanady)
William Jones
Richard Packwood
John Arthur
William Robinson
Samuel Huff
Edward Wilson
Robert Boyd
John Reyburn
Isaac Nichol
Philip Hammond
James Burtchfield
Solomon White
Thomas Carpenter
Jeremiah Carpenter
Solomon Carpenter
David Cook
John Bowman
Jacob Bowman
Robert Bowles
James Burnsides
Dennis Nail
Hugh Caperton
Matthew Creed
Matthew Jewitt
Adam Cornwell
William Boniface
Robert Davis
John Carpenter
Thomas Burnes
Adam Caperton
Henry Bowyer
Mathias Kissinger
William Mann
Captain John Stuarts Company of Greenbrier Valley Volunteers
Officers - partial:
John Stuart, Captain
(manuscript torn)
James Donally, Sergeant
Charles OHara, Sergeant
Skidmore Harriman, Sergeant
Daniel Workman
Samuel Williams
William OHara
Robert OHara
James Pauley
James Clark
John Pauley
Archibald McDowell
William Hogan
Andrew Gardiner
Quavy Lockhart
Samuel Sullivan
Thomas Ferguson
John McCandless
Thomas Gillispie
Henry Lawrence
John Crain
William Dyer
Edward Smith
John Harris
Joseph Currence
William Clendennin
Spencer Cooper
Daniel Taylor
Joseph Day
Jacob Lockhart
George Clendennin
John Burke
Charles Kennison
William Ewing
John Doherty
John McNeal
Joseph Campbell
Captain Robert McClennahans Company of Greenbrier Valley Volunteers
Robert McClennahan, Captain
William McCoy, Lieutenant
Matthew Bracken, Ensign
Thomas Williams, Sergeant
William Craig, Sergeant
Samuel Clarke, Sergeant
William Jones, Drummer
John Harmon
James Kinkaid
George Kinkaid
David Cutlip
James Morrow, Sr.
James Morrow, Jr.
James Gilkeson
Evan Evans
William Stewart
Edward Thomas
Patrick Constantine
William Custer
Lewis Holmes
William Hutchinson
Edward Barrett
John Williams
Richard Williams
James Burrens
John Patton
Thomas Ellias
Charles Howard
James Guffy
Thomas Cooper
William McCaslin
John Cunningham
Francis Boggs
John Vaughn
Captain Henry Paulings Company of Volunteers
Henry Pauling, Captain
Edward Goldman, Lieutenant
Samuel Baker, Ensign
Obediah H. Trent, Sergeant
Robert Findley, Sergeant
James Woods, Sergeant
Robert Watkins
Philip Hanes
James DeHority
William Thompson
William Honey
Joel Doss
William Ray
Dangerfield Harmon
Stephen Holston
James Wilson
Dudley Callaway
William Canaday
John Clerk
John Frazer
George Davis
Thomas McCrary
Richard Rollins
Michael Looney
John Gibson
Charles Ellisson
John Agnew
James Donahoo
David Belew
Andrew Rogers
Robert Fierrell
Andrew Harrison
George Zimmerman
Thomas Wilson
Alexander Caldwell
William Gillias
Edward Ross
Matthew Ratcliff
William Glass
John Fitzhugh
Thomas Reid
Joseph Whittaker
Isham Fienquay
David Condon
Richard LeMaster
James King
John Hutson
William McCalister
Jeremiah Jenkins
Edward Carther
Martin Baker
James Lynn
Captain Thomas Bufords Company of Bedford County Rifle Company of
Thomas Buford, Captain
Thomas Dooley, Lieutenant
Jonathan Cundiff, Ensign
Nicholas Mead, Sergeant
William Kenedy, Sergeant
John Fields, Sergeant
Thomas Fliping, Sergeant
Abraham Sharp
Absalom McClenahan
William Bryant
William McColister
James Scarbara
John McClenahan
James McBride
John Carter
Adam Lynn
Thomas Stephens
Thomas Hall
William Hamrick
Nathaniel Cooper
John Cook
Mr. Waugh
John McGlahlen
John Campbell
William Campbell
Robert Boyd
Thomas Hamrick
William Kerr
Gerrott Kelley
James Ard
William Deal
John Bozel
John Welch
William Overstreet
Robert Hill
Samuel Davis
Zachariah Kennot
Augustine Hackworth
William Cook
Uriah Squires
James Boyd
James Dale
Robert Ewing
Francis Seed
William Hackworth
John Roberts
Joseph White
Joseph Bunch
Jacob Dooley
Thomas Owen
John Read
John Wood
The Fincastle County Battalion:
Captain Evan Shelbys Company of Watauga Valley Volunteers
Evan Shelby, Captain
Isaac Shelby, Lieutenant
James Robertson, Sergeant
Valentine Levier, Sergeant
James Shelby
John Sawyer
John Findley
Henry Shaw (Span)
Daniel Mungie (Mongie)
Frederick Mungie
John Williams
John Carmack
Andrew Terrence (Torrence)
George Brooks
Isaac Newland
Abram Newland
George Ruddle (Riddle)
Emanuel Shoatt
Abram Bogard
Arthur Blackburn
Robert Herrill (Handley)
George Armstrong
William Casey
Mark Williams
John Stewart
Conrad Nave
Richard Burck
John Riley
Elijah Robison (Robertson)
Reece Price
Richard Holliway
Jarrett Williams
Julias Robison
Charles Fielder
Peter Torney (Forney)
William Tucker
John Fain
Samuel Vance
Samuel Fain
Samuel Hensley (Handley)
Samuel Samples
Benjamin Grayum (Graham)
Andrew Goff
Hugh OGullion
Barnett OGullion
Patrick St., Lawrence
Joseph Hughey (James Hughey)
John Bradley
Bazaleel Maxwell
Captain William Campbells Company - partial
William Campbell, Captain
Philemon Hoggins
Benjamin Richardson
Joseph Newberry
John Johnston
Stephen Hopton
Richard Woolsey
John Lewis
Auldin Williamson
William Hopton
Coonrad Sterns
John Neil
William Richardson
Richard Lyhnam
William Champ
John Boles
Captain James Harrods Company of Kentucky Pioneers
James Harrod, Captain
James Blair
James Brown
Abraham Chapline
James Harlan
James Harrod
Thomas Harrod
John Clark
John Crawford
Jared Cowan
John Cowan
John Crow
Azariah Davis
William Fields
Robert Gilbert
David Glenn
Thomas Glenn
James Hamilton
Silas Harlan
Evan Hinton
Isaac Hite
James Knox
James McCulloch
Alexander Petrey
Azariah Reece
Jacob Sandusky
John Shelp
James Sodousky
Benjamin Tutt
James Wiley
David Williams
John Wilson
Note: The names, including corrections, are as found in original source.
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