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From: Robert Earl Woodham <>
Subject: [SASSER-L] Re: "Of One Dozen Sassers"
Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2000 09:58:16 +0000
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The book "Of One Dozen Sassers", as I have been explaining for many
years now, is a misnomer. I tried my best to convince the author to wait
on its publication because, as I told her, I had only "scratched the
surface". I already knew there were more than a dozen children but still
hadn't identified them as yet.

But, the author didn't want to wait. Within months after it was printed,
I already had the names of several more children and then found a
newspaper article printed in an Albany, Georgia newspaper proving my

My Sasser branch in Southwest Georgia was VERY prolific (to say the
least)!! Over 20 years ago, I designed my own family group sheet to type
information up on each individual family, with space for 13 children.
For MY branch, I still needed TWO family sheets. You see, instead of one
dozen children, my ancestors Thomas Sasser Senior and his wife Clarissa
(maiden name unknown) had 21 children!!! (that's right...21 --no typo)

One of their daughters did Mama even better...she had 24 (yes 24)
children!!! Another daughter had 19 !! Altogether, I know of more than
200 (repeat that...200) grandchildren of this couple. Ain't NOBODY going
to top that one today!

Despite bearing such a huge family, Clarissa was a strong enough woman
to live well into her 90's before dying. What a woman!

So you see, the "one dozen" is really way off. I am STILL finding "new"
descendants of this couple today.

Robert Earl Woodham
Sasser Family Association
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