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Subject: John SANDERS - 1600's and 1700's New England
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 16:16:52 -0700

Hello again Sandi and Sanders (Saunders) cousins,
The following are some exerpts from "The Genealogical Dictionary of Maine
and New Hampshire" by Noyes, Libby and Davis (1928-1939). It includes
information on my ancestor Edward and several John Sanders who lived for a while
in Maine and also are shown as living other places in New England.
Sandi - I had thought that these Sanders were somehow connected to the
John Sanders of Weeke, Downton, Wilts, England, but you are probably right that
they are not closely related. (There are so many Sanders and so many Johns, but
it's not as bad as another ancestor I'm trying to find information on .... John
Take care and keep up the good work,
Merle Saunders
Dixon, Illinois

“Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire” by Noyes, Libby, and Davis

Pages 605, 606 and 607.

SANDERS, SAUNDERS, frequent in South half of England, particularly in County
Devon. The North has Sanderson. See Hall (10), Hodsdon (4).

7. JOHN, fisherman, came to Richmond Island in the –Hunter- 1634 and lived at
Piscataqua in Nov. 1639; see Jonathan Weymouth’s will, New England Register ii:
261. J. S. Joiner, worked four weeks at Richmond Island between July 1641 – June
1642. List 21 (2).

8. LT. JOHN, Wells, Cape Porpus. Ipswich proprietor 1635; freeman 25 May 1636.
Admitted inhabitant at Hampton 13 Dec. 1639. Called of Wells 14 July 1643 when
he was granted 150 +50 acres by Thomas Gorges, but of Hampton 27 July 1643 when
he sold a house lot to John Brown, to take possession 1 May 1644. At Hampton in
1643, he was fined for offensive speeches against the court, and petitioned for
relief, having a wife and six small children for whom he could hardly find bread
or clothes, and was himself very sick. Hampton friends, however, were willing to
state he was fit to be made Sergeant. Of Wells 29 Sept. 1644, where a large
land-owner; often gr. And tr.j. (?); selectman 1647, 1654-55; Sergeant 1653;
Lieutenant by 1657. Removed to Cape Porpus 1663. Lists 391a, 392a, 252, 254(3),
255, 259, 261-263, 269b. Will, 13 June (inventory 23 Aug.) 1670, gives to wife
Ann for life, then entails homestead on son THOMAS and his heirs; to son JOHN
immediately 1000 acres 8 or 9 miles above Cape Porpus River Falls; remaining
property to all my children; neighbors Simon Booth of Winter Harbor and John
Barrett of Cape Porpus supervisors. Daughters appear: SARAH, married 1st Peter
Turbet (3), married 2nd Daniel Goodwin (4); GRACE, married 1st John Bush,
married 2nd Richard Palmer (18); ELIZABETH, married 1st John Batson (1); married
2nd one Walden (see 7), married 3rd John Grove (4 Jr.); leaving at least one
child unknown. Widow Ann had been dead about two years when her grandson (16)
sent her petition to Andros.

9. JOHN, had Exeter grant 1645. List 376b. One John apparently an Exeter witness
in 1670, about Nicholas Lissen’s note.

10. JOHN (8), fisherman, Cape Porpus. In York court July 1675 Sylvester Stover,
J. S. and Matthew Barton acknowledged a judgement to Richard Cutts payable in
dry codfish. Cape Porpus selectman 1679; lot layer 1681, 1689; coroner’s jury
1685, tho he and wife Mary (married before Oct. 1673) were of Boston in June,
1684, when he deeded to Thomas Kimble the 1000 acres willed him by his father
Scituate 1693+. He at least returned to Cape Porpus, was wounded by Indians 10
Aug. 1703, escaped by getting among the bushes and died of his wound about three
days after reaching Wells. Lists 256, 33, 39. See also Hunt (6). Later the
family throve in Gloucester, where widow Mary died 21 Dec. 1717, about 60. Known
children (6 from deeds): CAPT. THOMAS, shipwright, Gloucester, married 12 Jan.
1703 Abigail Corney (John); see Brown (23). He died 17 July 1742, about 67, she
11 Feb. 1767, in 91st year. Seven children recorded Gloucester, five of whom
brought an ejectment suit for 4/7 of 50 acres against John Fairfield and Paul
Shackford of Arundel in 1752; their father was ‘disseized’ by Samuel Averill’s
deed of 1728. NATHANIEL, shipwright, Gloucester. Wife Sarah. Nine children
recorded 1704-1720. ELIZABETH, married at Scituate 7 Feb. 1701 Jonathan
Springer. MARY, married at Duxbury 18 Jan. 1703 Samuel Pierce; both of
Gloucester 1713. JOHN, shipwright, Pembroke, married 23 Jan. 1709-10 Mary
Pierce, both of Duxbury. Two daughters born at Pembroke, where he died 10 Aug.
1724, and widow married Henry Perry. JOSEPH, died at Gloucester 18 Nov. 1712;
administrator to mother, later to brother Thomas. EDWARD, shipwright, Rowley,
born at Scituate 29 Dec. 1692-3, married at Rowley 18 Dec. 1716 Elizabeth Gage.
Thirteen children recorded. LYDIA, presumably died in Gloucester 15 Dec. 1713.

Sandi Goetze wrote:

> Merle Saunders wrote:
> >
> > Hello Sandi,
> > I just got back from vacation and have been trying to absorb all the
> > messages that you sent about John Sanders of Weeke, Downton, Wilts,
> > England. I just wanted to send you a short preliminary message to tell you
> > I appreciate all the information you have been sending out. I believe that
> > I am also a descendant, although I haven't been able to do much research
> > yet to prove it. I believe that I am a descendant of John Sanders 2nd, son
> > Edward Saunders, who was a ship builder in Rowley, Massachusetts and who
> > married Elizabeth Gage. Then Edward's son William (who married Anne
> > Lowell), lived for a while in Rowley, but then moved to New Brunswick
> > (then part of Nova Scotia) with the Pre-Loyalists. They were later chased
> > from New Brunswick by the Loyalists and settled in Hancock County, Maine
> > (including William's son Moses). I agree that John Sanders, Sr. and John
> > Sanders 2nd have been confused and I am not so sure that there may not
> > have been another John Sanders that sometimes gets mixed in (they have
> > been recorded as being in so many places). I have copied some pages of
> > "The Founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony" but haven't really had time
> > to try to sort out her information. I agree that there are definitely some
> > mistakes somewhere. I will try to get back to you when I have time to sort
> > out some of the information that I have.
> > Thank You for all your work,
> > Merle Saunders
> > Dixon, Illinois
> Hi Merle,
> You haven't missed much, as I haven't sent much yet. Here's more
> confusion added. John 2nd m. Elizabeth GRAFTON, dau. of Joseph
> GRAFTON. She was half sister to Priscilla GRAFTON, who was long
> held to be the wife of John 2nd. He didn't live long enough to
> have an Edward. She thereafter m. John KITCHEN, not John GARDNER
> that her sister Priscilla married. More on that later. John 2nd had
> 1. "John 3rd, bp. 1:9m:1640 C.R.1." Salem births 2:267,
> "John, June 9, 1694, a. 53 y. G.R. 1." Salem deaths 6:207
> m. "John & Hanna Pickman, Nov. 5, 1661, CT.R.1." Salem m. 4:285
> This John was the famous Quaker who went to England for the Quakers.)
> 2. "James, b. 1643/44, Salem, d. 1721, etc. for now. It's late.
> Even this James has been questioned, yet he is in the histories
> as a son of John 2nd.
> There were no further children of John 2nd of Salem. So, we'll
> have to figure where your Edward came from. The will of John 2nd
> is posted, but I will send it now to show that there was no James
> mentioned, let alone an Edward. I'll post more.
> -Sandi Goetze

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