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From: Ray Hedberg <>
Subject: [SAVAGE-L] Ancestors of Levin Savage (1750-1837)
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 11:08:06 -0700

Hello all -

I am researching the ancestors of Levin Savage and I have
summarized below what I have found. It is not consistent but that is not
unusual. I think the key open question is what source shows Levin Savage
as the son of Hamilton Savage. There is a Major John Savage who descends
from Hamilton Savage but I can find no source showing Levin and Major
John are brothers.

-- Ray
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Inconsistencies about the ancestors of Levin Savage:

I now have the following sources and information:

1. From my mother-in-law Frances Brent Killey (DAR forms) - Levin Savage
(born 1750 Accomack CO. VA - died 1837 Jackson Co. TN) married Sarah
(Martin ?) - no known ancestors of either

2. From Larry W. Smith (Celina, TN Jan 1998 email; is also a descendant
of Levin Savage through Levin Jr. to Elizabeth Savage / Jesse Rich) -
Levin Savage (Sr.) was the oldest son of Capt. Roland Savage of Accomac
Co., VA - married only once to Sarah Elizabeth Martin. Mary (Langdon)
Levin was Levin Jr.'s wife. More info will be sent later.

3. From Ron Turner genealogy on the Internet (viewed Jan 1998).
(same info in other FTM genealogy pages besides Ron Turner's)
Levin Savage (1750 VA - 1837 TN [age 87]) married to Mary Sarah Martin
about 1772 in Surry (Yadkin) Co. North Carolina. Married Elizabeth ____
in 1815.
Hamilton Savage (born about 1770) - father of Levin
Thomas Hamilton (born about 1642 - died about 1754[age 112 ??]) -
father of Hamilton
Thomas William Savage (born about 1621 in VA - died about 1721 [age 100
??]) wife Bridgett - father and mother of Thomas Hamilton.
Thomas Hamilton Savage (born about 1590 in England - died about 1654
[age 64]) wife Rebecca - father and mother of Thomas William
This appears suspect or missing some generations due to the ages of 112
and 100 at deaths

4. From Gale Judkins (email 10 Jan 1998 - Savage internet coordinator in
North Carolina) ; Gale is a descendant of Levin Savage through Levin Jr.
to Elizabeth Martha Savage / Jesse Rich - how related to Larry Smith ?)
Gale is researching Elizabeth Martin - wife of Levin Savage - Gale
suspects they met while Levin served in the War. "The Martins were quite
a clan" in Surry Co. NC

5. From Donna Stockton (Overton Co. TN) via Gale Judkins email - Levin
Savage married Elizabeth - children Martin (1776), Hamilton (1781),
Kendall (1784), John (1787), Levin Jr. (1789), Peter (1790), Sarah
(1785), Mary (1799), Elizabeth Martha or Martha Elizabeth (1783). Donna
Stockton also shows additional children 1801 - 1815 but Gale believes
they are a mix of Levin's grandchildren. Some of this information came
from the Bible Record of Levin Jr. which is on file in the TN State
Library in one of the DAR books. Gale also refers to a Ruby Majers of
Tupelo, TX who has much the same info except she excludes the 1801-1815
children listing.

6. From Debbie Hill, TX (via Gale Judkins email)
Roland Savage (born Accomack Co. VA - died 1785 same) - father of Levin
John Savage (born Accomack Co. VA - died 1751 same) - father of Roland
Richard Savage ( born ? died 1739 Accomack Co. VA) - father of John
Roland Savage (born 1663 Accomac Co. VA - died 1717 same) - father of

7. From Carey Rogers (via Gale Judkins email)
Hamilton Savage (born England) - father of Levin Savage (no

Preliminary analysis / conclusions:::::::::::::::::::

A. Levin Savage's spouse name is not consistent between sources - Mary
Sarah, Sarah Elizabeth, Elizabeth, .. ?

B. Ron Turner linage back from Levin to Thomas Hamilton Savage (born
1590 England) has missing generations - death ages of 100 and 112 highly

C. What are the sources for these differing sets of information ?

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