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From: "Carolyn Sigler" <>
Subject: [SAVAGE-L] Carolyn's line
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 16:18:52 -0600

Well, Hi y'all, Here is my line.

1st Gen- Levi Savage, Virginia
+ Mary Sarah Martin

2nd Gen- Hamilton Savage, B-1781, Surry Co., NC; d-1865, Hardeman Co., TN
+ Elizabeth Martin, b-1780, Surry Co., NC; d-1856, Hardeman Co.,

3rd Gen- Nancy Savage, b-1801, KY; d- ca 1865, MS
+ Daniel Jefferson Murley, b-ca 1801, KY; d-ca 1864, MS (need
help on his line)

4th Gen- Mary B. Murley, b-1828, KY, d-1896, Hardeman Co., TN
+ Jeremiah Hooper, b-1812, KY, d-1891, Hardeman Co., TN (need
help on his line)

5th Gen- Mary Sophronia Hooper, b-1864, Hardeman Co., TN, d-1940, Hardeman,
+ William Thomas Fish, Sr., b-1858, Hardeman Co., TN, d-1938,
Hardeman Co, TN(need help here, too)

6th Gen- John Hardeman Fish, b-1894, Jacks Co, TX, d-1985, Shebly Co., TN
(bur-Hardeman Co., TN)
+ Nora Maude Donaldson, b-1897, Hardeman Co., TN, d-1977, Shebly
Co., TN ( bur-Hardeman Co., TN)

7th Gen- Nora Iona Fish, b-1925, Hardeman Co, TN
+1st- William H. Sigler, Jr, b- 1927, Shebly Co., TN (need help
here, too)
+2nd- Hurley D. Marbry, b-1932, Shebly Co., TN

8th Gen- Carolyn R. Sigler, B-1949, Memphis, Shebly, TN (that's me)
+1st- Jeff W. Newman, b-1948, Memphis, Shebly, TN
+2nd- George E. Schellang, JR, b-1951, New Orleans, Orleans, LA
(he needs help on his line)
8th- Billie Linda Sigler, b-1950, d-1995, Memphis, Shebly, TN
+ D. Ronald Taylor, 1948, Memphis, Shebly, TN (div)
9th Gen- Carole Annette Schellang,b-1967, Memphis, Shebly, TN (adopted by
GES, 1972)
+ Christal Keith,IN (Now divorced)
9th - Tracey Lynn Schellang, b-1970, Memphis, Shebly, TN (adopted by
GES, 1972)
+1st- Terry Langman, IN (div)
+2nd- Jimmy D. Prater,b-1968, Memphis, Shebly, TN
9th - Michelle Chantel Schellang, B-1972, Memphis, Shebly, TN
+ Aaron Crespin, b- 1971, Denver, CO
9th - Georganna Elaine Schellang, b-1976, Memphis, Shebly, TN
9th - George Edward Schellang, 111, b-1979, Pensacola, Escambia, FL

9th- Robert Lee Taylor, b-1969, Fort Gordon, Augusta, GA
(given up for adoption- family told by DRT that he died- Linda
looked untill she died for him and Mother & I are still looking- PLEASE if
anyone knows any male born that year, see if he's adopted, Thanks)

10th Gen- Charles J. Schellang, b-1986, Pensacola, Escambia, FL
Colton W. Schellang, b-1990, Bowling Green, KY
Chad W. Schellang, b-1991, Pensacola, Escambia, FL
(above 3 last name changed from Keith to Schellang, 1998)

Micheal D. Schellang, b-1989, Pensacola, Escambia, FL
(name changed from Langman)
Kristina M. Prater, b-1992, Pensacola, Escambia, FL

Hinun Joseph Crespin, 5 Dec 1997, Fallbrook, CA

That's all, but can give ya more if ya want.

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