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The following website of Duncan Rea Williams has a great deal of information
on your Wrights--
. . . James [Wright] married Mary Bowater, daughter of John Bowater and
Mary Maunder, on 2 Feb 1707 in East Nottingham, Chester County Pennsylvania.
(Mary Bowater was born on 3 Feb 1689 in Nottingham MM, Cecil County,
Pennsylvania and was buried before 6 Mar 1764 in Hopewell Mm, Frederick County,

There's MUCH more there--go see.

And here are some others--

Frederick County, Virginia Hopewell Friends History []
The will of James Wright was probated March 4, 1764. He leaves to his son
Thomas "the Home plantation, being 194 acres of my patent Land." He makes
bequests to his sons John, James Jr., and Isaac, and to his daughters Lydia
Wright, Mary Ballinger, Hannah Ballinger, Martha Mendenhall, Elizabeth Matthews,
Ann McCool, and Sarah Pickering. His wife Mary is named executrix, who entered
into bond with Evan Rogers and James Ballinger as bondsmen. The will was
witnessed by Evan Rogers, James Ballinger, and Sarah Rogers.
The will of his wife Mary Wright was probated March 6, 1764, and made
bequests to her children, leaving the home plantation to her grandson Thomas, his
father being dead. Witnesses, Elinor Rogers, Sussannah Bevan, and Elizabeth
Pennell. The executors were Jesse Pugh and William Pickering, [p.28] who
entered into bond with James McGin and Joseph Babb as sureties.

* * * * *
_ (http:
Excerpts from "Pioneers of Old Monocacy:
The Early Settlement of Frederick Co., Maryland 1721-1743
by Grace L. Tracey and John P. Dern, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1987
The beginnings of a small Quaker settlement in the area near today's
Buckeystown paved the way for the organization of the first religious establishment
in western Maryland. The resulting "Monquesey Meeting" of the Society of
Friends thus preceded the churches organized by the far more numerous German
Lutherans and Reformed, as well as the Established Church of England.
The earliest of these settlers, Henry and Josiah Ballenger, were sons of
Henry Ballenger, Sr. of Burlington, New Jersey. They came to Maryland sometime
before November 4, 1725 when Josiah Ballenger had his first land surveyed. His
tract, which he called "Josiah," was located on the Monocacy River northeast
of present-day Buckeystown, some five miles south of today's city of
Frederick. It was surveyed in the same month as were John van Metre's "Meadow" and
Thomas Bordley's "Rocky Creek." The latter, in fact, made reference to its
beginning point as "a mile above the plantation of Henry Ballenger."
Also living in this settlement, eventually (on March 23, 1734) renting land
on "Carrollton," was the beloved Quaker leader James Wright, whose daughters
Hannah and Mary Wright were to marry, respectively, Henry Ballenger in 1726
and Josiah Ballenger in 1727.
James Wright's other children became active participants in the Monocacy
Quaker community. James Wright, Jr. and his wife Lucy, continued their
association with the Meeting until the 1750s when they moved with their children to
Virginia. Most of their children -- Ralph, Elizabeth, James, Ann Susanna,
Boyater (no doubt Bowater!-JR) and Micajah -- were born at Monocacy. John Wright
and his wife Rachel Wells, the daughter of Joseph and Margaret Wells of
"Boyling Springs," were overseers of the Monocacy Meeting in 1745, though
afterwards with their children -- William, Mary, Joseph, Margaret, Charity, Rachel and
John Wright, Jr. -- they moved on to North Carolina. Martha Wright
Mendenhall became an able Quaker leader and died in Martinsburg, (West) Virginia in
1794 at the age of 82. Elizabeth Wright married George Matthews, son of Oliver
Matthews. Oliver Wright moved to what is now Hampstead in Carroll Co. and
Sarah, Lydia and Ann Wright, though apparently born in the Monocacy area, left
for Virginia with their parents while they were still children.

* * * * *
Subject: [PaOldC] Chester folks in VA
Date: 11/9/05
From: (mailto:) [Sandra Newlin Ferguson]
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By 1735, 70 families moved into the Shenandoah Valley of Va, and were
issued patents for their land, and were considered the originators of the colony.
I've abstracted those who were actually from Chester Co, from HOPEWELL
FRIENDS HISTORY 1734-1934, by the Committee of Hopewell Friends;

Alexander ROSS, was granted 2373 acres, 6 miles north of Winchester. On
this tract lies the Hopewell Meeting House on land set aside by Ross for that
purpose. Alexander 'started' life as Caleb Pusey's "boy", who he began serving
at the age of 11 when he was brought to PA, and he continued his servitude
till he was 21.

Morgan BRYAN owned several tracts that totaled 2134 acres, and made his home
in what is now Berkeley Co, WV...he is said, by family lore, to have been
born in Ireland and married Margaret Strode, in Chester Co ca 1725 . What IS
known is that he was taxed in Birmingham twp in 1719, and Marlborough in
1720, '21, '22, and '26. Morgan does not appear to have been a friend so his
relationship with Ross is unknown before they purchased the large land tracts.
Morgan lived in VA till his wife's death, when he sold up and moved to the
Forks of the Yadkin River, in NC. Here, his granddaughter,
Rebecca, dau of his son Joseph, married Daniel Boone.

Richard BEESON and wife Charity, purchased land from John Peteate and
George Robinson, in 1737, and moved from the New Garden MM to Hopewell.. Their
son, Richard Jr and his wife, Ann Brown, had been living in West Nottingham, but
moved to the Shenandoah Valley around the same time.

John RICHARDS owned 500 acres on the south side of Cedar Creek. He was born
in Devonshire, England, but emigrated to Chester Co, where he lived in
Tredyffrin twp and was taxed there from 1720 to 1726.

Cornelius COCKERINE owned 172 acres in what is now Berkeley Co, WV, and
lived in Chester Co before moving to VA...he owned property in Fallowfield and

William HOGE owned 411 acres southwards of the village of Kernstown and
about 4 miles from Winchester. He had previously lived in Chester Co where he
was taxed in East Nottingham from 1718 to 1730, when he moved to VA, with his
first wife Barbara Hume.

James WRIGHT was taxed in East Nottingham, Chester Co, from 1718 through
1726, when he then moved to the Monocacy Valley in Frederick Co, Md, before
moving to VA, 4 miles north of Winchester. He was a distinguished minister
of the Friends and very well known. He and his family suffered great
hardships during the French and Indian Wars, the accounts of which are recorded in
the Philadelphia meeting. (this is one of my ancestors)

John LITTLER had 1332 acres, around 5 miles north of Winchester. He
married, in 1728 at Nottingham, Mary Ross, dau of Alexander and Catherine Ross.
He had a license to keep a Public house in Chester before moving to VA. After
his death Mary became a successful business woman and among other things
operated a tavern where she entertained the General Braddock's officers, in

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* * * * *
Fathers of the First Quaker Colony
in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia
. . .
WRIGHT, James 1,332 acres five miles north of Winchester on Littler's Run.
438 acres on eastern slope of Apple Pie Ridge about 5 miles north of
Winchester (partnership with John Littler)

* * * * *

I have followed some of these families because some were "Nicholites" as
were my husband's BEAUCHAMP ancestors. My husband is also a descendant of
Richard BEESON mentioned above.
I also think that my WILSONs may have been at Bush River.

Kim Beauchamp

In a message dated 3/28/2007 2:23:05 PM Central Daylight Time,

James, if you will put Wright in the Quaker-roots list archives, you will
come up with a message by Stewart Baldwin which gives some ancestry
about Mary Bowater and Mr. Baldwin's research which leads him to believe
was the wife of Jame Wright. Evidently, he posted other more complete
information on the same list which I have not run across yet. I truly am
certain if the wife of James Wright was Mary Davis or Mary Bowater. I am
both lines in my notes hoping some day more convincing or condemning
information will immerge on one or the other.
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