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From: Robert Cooper <>
Subject: [SC-BUSHRIVERQUAKERS] Coopers-Union SC-Pagette's Creek-
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 12:52:36 -0800 (PST)

Hello Bush River Folks,
I am very happy to see efforts being made to restore parts of our heritage. Thank You all for your energy. I am decended from Cowpers in England into Bucks County PA 1699. Currently I am looking to find any information regarding South Carolina mainly as Union, Union County seems to be a place with many Coopers. I will cut and paste what I have regarding the region. (See Below)
* I would like to information to gravesites and any pictures.
I have many grave sites from about 1830 to present. I also have a few pictures. The following two sections have been scarce regarding information.
* I would also like any information on descendents of those in two sections that anyone would like to share.
Joseph Cooper and Elizabeth Jordan have been a difficult to find info.
I will include some information after the two sections of names. I will share anything I have myself so, just ask.
First Section
 English Colonies Pennsylvania & South Carolina Underlined indicated direct lineage to myself
8. William Jacob Cooper b. Makefield, Bucks Co. PA Mar 1 1730 - Sep 8, 1781 or Jun 23 1775
Elizabeth “Lidy or Lydia”Clark born July 16, 1735 in RI Died 1810 Padgette’s Creek
Elizabeth daughter of Joseph Clark and Elizabeth – William in Revolutionary War
8.1 Jacob Cooper b: 1753 Children are born in PA
8.2 William Cooper Jr.  b: 1756 Bucks Co. PA horseman in Captain Mapp’s Company Revolutionary War,
and in Captain McBee’s Company Roebuck’s Regiment, in 1782.
8.3 Stacey Cooper b 1757 Fought in Revolutionary War.
8.4 Nathan Cooper b: 1759 Union Co. SC
8.5 Samuel Cooper b: 1761 - 1794 Union Co. SC
8.6 Jeremiah Cooper b: 1763 - 1795 Union Co. SC
8.7 Jonathan Cooper b: 1765 Union Co. SC
8.8 Sarah Cooper b: 1767 December 29, 1842 Union Co. SC
8.9 David Cooper b: 1769 Union Co. SC
8.10 Joseph Cooper b: 1771 Union Co. SC
8.11 Hannah Cooper b. 1773 Union Co., SC
Second Section
English Colonies & US TerritoriesUS States SC, GA, AL, West FL, MS
7. Joseph Cooper born 1771 Union SC
Elizabeth Jordan
7.1 Henry Cooper b. 1789, NC.
 7.1w Elizabeth b 1795 NC
7.2 James Cooper June 01, 1793 SC
 7.2w Elizabeth Rowland/RollinsJune 3, 1804
7.3 Stephen Cooper b. 1795, SC
  7.3w Elizabeth (Betsy) Hodges b: ABT 1800 in SC
7.4 Lewis Jurdan Cooper b. June 08, 1798, Union SC d. Baldwin Co. AL or West FL
7.5 WashingtonArnold Cooper b. 1800, GA
7.6 John Joseph Cooper b. 1803, SC
7.7 Michael P. Cooper b. 1804, SC
7.8 Thomas Jefferson Cooper b. 1825, Laurens Co. GA
This info is what I found regarding Bush River Quakers: 
Sections I. and II. are from link above
I. Early members of Bush River Meeting (names taken from the first pages of the minutes), in addition to those mentioned by Dr. Weeks, included Jacob Chandler, Samuel Chapman, Eli Cook, Isaac Cook, William Cooper, Enos Elleman, Moses Embree, Robert Evans, Armil Fincher, Nathan Hawkins, James Haworth, Richard Henderson, Elias Hollingsworth, Isaac Hollingsworth, William Hollingsworth, John Jones, Robert Merrick, Renry Millhouse, David Mote, David Mote, Jr., William Neal, John Nelson, Samuel Nelson, Enoch Pearson, Samuel Pearson, William Pemberton, Peter Ruble, David Smith, Henry Stedham, Jonathan Taylor, William Wright.
1775, 5,29. William dis.
1778, 6,27. Jacob, of Padget Creek, dis.
1779, 4,11. William, Dist. 96, S. C, m Mary Hunter.
1781, 1,27. Samuel, of Padget's Creek, dis.
1785, 9,24. Nathan, of Padget's Creek, dis.
1787, 1,27. Benjamin & w, Pharoba, & small ch, Isaac & Charity, rocf Wrightsboro MM, Ga., dated 1786,12,2.
1787, 4,28. Isaac & s, Isaac & Joseph, rocf Wrightsboro MM, Ga., dated 1787,4,-.
1797,10,28. Sarah rpd mou.

Special Note: Dates and Spellings seem to vary, if anyone notes a date or spelling they are certain is correct please let me know. I try to obtain correct info when possible.
Enjoy your day,


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