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Marilyn, I think that T.P. stand for Thomas & thats all I know!
Thanks, Derrell

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Did you get an answer for this request? I'm not getting any results
for T.P. PADGET or PADGETT anywhere in the 1880 SC index. Do you know what
the TP stands for or the names of any of the other
family members? People weren't enumerated with just their initials
very often -- it depended on how thorough the census taker did his
job -- so it would be helpful if you have names.


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<< Merry Christmas Everyone,
Need you help with this family please:
I have changed the ages as to what everyone should be in 1880.
Padget, Terrel HOH 41
M. A. 41 F W Keeping House
T. P. 23 M W at Home J. R. 21 M W
Home T. B. 19 M W at Home
J. H. 15 M W at Home W. R. 15 M W
L. V. 10 F W at Home

I'm not sure that T.P. is still at home but cant find him anywhere.
Thanks for your help,
Derrell Oakley Teat

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