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From: "Deborah Byrd" <>
Subject: [SC-DISSENTERS] Bowers & Eddings & Peters
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 12:07:25 -0600
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> I have Martha Bower's parents as William Bower and Martha Hext. I haven't
> found any siblings for her yet,
William Bower would make sense. He was witness to several of the Wills in
the area. And I believe that he was a trustee for the Edisto Dissenting

In her will dated 3 Oct 1737 Martha Hext Bower Miller Bee mentions her
daughter Tabitha Peter, grandson John Peter son of Tabitha, granddaughter
Elizabeth Peter duaghter of Tabitha, kinsman Wllm Eddings Senr, Kinsman
James Outhbert/Oakhbert, son William Bower, grandson Paul Hamilton, daughter
Mary Byran, last daughter Martha Hamilton. In this will Martha sr. doesn't
mention Abraham Eddings.

In his 7 Apr 1744 will John Peter husband of Tabitha Bower Eddings Peter
names Abraham Eddings as his son in law and lists daughter Elizabeth, wife
Tabitha who is left every thing she inherited from her first husband and her
mother, son John, brother John Peter, friends Royal Spry, Mr George Jackson
who I believe is Royal Spry's step son from Royal's first Marriage and 1/2
brother to Mary Spry who married Barnabe Reily, and Mr. John Bee.

Abraham Eddings in his will dated 2 Jan 1749/50 mentions wife Sarah,
daughter Tabitha and uncle William Eddings. Abrahma also mentions friends
Samuel and Joshua Easton of Edisto Island..

All of this ties to my Dunhams/Donnoms through the Spry's and Bees. Uncle
James Dunham married as his second wife Mary Bee. Grandmother Mary
Hendricks the daughter of Daniel Hendircks is either a 1/2 neice or Step
Niece of Royal Spry. And Grandfather Jacob Donnom married twice once to a
Margaret and the other to a ?. I have no idea on the families of Jacob's
wives or which wife was the mother of his children. Yet he lived in the
midst of all of these families I am hoping that somewhere one of them will
give me a clue to the Donnom wives.

Deborah Byrd

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