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Subject: [SC-Genealogy-L] Another Nathaniel Cobb
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 19:57:55 EDT

Descendants of Nathaniel COBB VA - 13 May 1998


1. Nathaniel COBB VA was born between 1740 and 1745 in VA.1 He lived on 18
Nov 1776 in Camden Dist, SC. He lived in the same section where many settlers
from Granville Co, NC came. and just across the river from Jo-seph Cobb. Deed
records show that on this date he bought 400 Acrs in Craven Co on a branch of
SAndy River called the Caney Fork, adjacent John Evans, Benjamin CArter and
Edmon Russell, which was granted to Richard WArring 23 Dec 1771 and conveyed
by same to David Pruitt who sold it to Nathaniel Cobb, 10 16 1775. Union Co
was founded in 1785. So we should look for Cobbs in Craven Co prior to that
time and should check land plats for this area and see when and to whom this
land was later transferred. His son James transferred it to William Boyd Aug
21 1791. He WD Union Co, SC on 12 Dec 1782 in Union Co, SC. Negro woman
Easter, to him after the decease of marriage of his mother Betty Cobb; my five
daughters and one that my wife is now big with shall have an equal part of my
land, Mary Cobb, Sarah Cobb, Fanny Cobb, Nancy Cobb and Betty Cobb and the one
yet unborn; my wife Betty Cobb and Thos Gordon and Samuel Otterson, exrs. His
mark. Wit. Benjamin Darby, Phil-lip Anderson and Francis Hockins. recorded 2
May 1814. He died on 17 Mar 1785 in Union Co, SC.1 His will dated
12-12-1782, probated 1814. Oldest Cobb will noted by researcher in Leonardo
Andrea file. Most items bought at his estate sale were by P. Anderson and a
document in the file mentioned a Philip Anderson. According to Andrea there
was much connection between the Cobb, Anderson and Tate families. Benjamin
Cobb and Howell Cobb must have been connected with this line because of their
being involved with guardianship for the children of Susannah Tate which would
imply that she was either a sister to one or both or a daughter of one of

Military service in 1785 Claim for 410 days as a Lt of Horse under Col.
Thomas Brandon and for my service under Capt Geo. Aubrey, recpt signed by
David Dickson "Who this day received the Indent of Nathaniel Cobb." He served
as a sergeant under Capt. George Aubrey and Col. Brandon during 1780 & 1782.
C. S.; A.A. 1320; X1173. From the Roster of South Carolina Patriots during the
American Revolution, p 180

His will in Union Co, SC is partially missing. The part that would define how
his estate would be divided between his sons and would tell if his wife would
have the estate until her death. It does mention "my sons, heretofore named".
Since his will was administered in 1814 the following scenerio is suggested.
He left his estate to his wife during her life time and then divided between
two or more sons at her death. This would explain why it was fi-nally
administered in 1814 and why his wife Betty wasn't mentioned in the
administration of the estate. SC rec-ords show that in 1790 his daughter Mary
married William Rogers who was co-admr with Edmund in 1814. In 1790 there was
a James Cobb in Union Co and a John in Spartanbury which is next county to
west of Union. Where was Edmund? Still a minor? The household of James Cobb
consisted of 2 males over 15, none under and one female. Possibly James and
Edmund with Edmund being younger and James' wife or their mother. If this is
the right family the girls are all married or some had died. In 1800 a James
Cobb sold land on the Brown Creek to Jeremiah Bentley. There was no dower
mentioned which means that he wasn't married. There was also 1 3/4 acres sold
by an Edmond Cobb in 1800 in Union Co to the Presbyterian Society probably for
church. Here again there was no dower right mentioned therefore no wife.
In 1803 an Edmund with dower by wife Peggy deeded to Elijah Anderson land on
the Brown Creek. So if this is the right one then he was of age and married.

Union Co, was created in 1798 from Old 96. The 1785 Act "Judge Pendleton's Co
Ct Act" setup Spartanburg, Un-ion, Laurens, Newberry, Abbeville and Edgefield
as part of Old 96, NW of which lay unorganized Indian Land taken from cherokee
during Revoultion. Greenville was formed there in 1786, Pendleton in 1789.
People living in theser areas wer referred to as uplanders.

He was married to Elizabeth (Betty) about 1760. Elizabeth (Betty) died before
1814. Nathaniel COBB VA and Elizabeth (Betty) had the following children:

+2i.Edmund COBB Abbeville, SC.
3ii.Henry COBB was born about 1768 in SC?. He died after 1839 in SC.
+4iii.James H. COBB.
+5iv.Mary COBB.
6v.Frances "Fanny" COBB was born about 1775 in SC.
7vi.Elizabeth "Betty" COBB was born about 1777. She died before 1814 in
+8vii.Sarah COBB 1779.
+9viii.Nancy COBB.
+10ix.Margaret COBB.


2. Edmund COBB Abbeville, SC2,3 was born about 1766 in SC?. based on idea
that he was a member of the family of James Cobb in 1790 but would be under 21
and younger than the James or he would be listed as the adult. He lived
between 1790 and 1800 in Union Co, SC. He was listed in the 1800 census with
3 girls under 10 and no boys. His age was 26-45. had one female 26-45. He
was a hotelkeeper in 1850 in Abbeville Co, SC. He died on 3 Oct 1859 in
Abbeville Co, SC. He died of suicide by laudenum according to the 1860
Mortality Sched-ule. Abbeville records show his estate was admin. 10-26-1859
by James H., Elizabeth and Nathaniel Cobb. He deeded land with no
dower...1-25-1800..a deed to James Caldwell, SR, Samuel Otterson, Thomas
Gordon and VAlentine Elders, trustees of the Presb. Soc in Union..a tract of 1
1/2 acres for to build a meeting house thereon... another deed with dower by
his wife Peggy a deed dated 12 27 1803 to Elijah Anderson..tract of 187 a on
Brown creek and originally granted to Amos Tines.

Samuel Otterson was the person his father chose as executor of his estate and
who later requested of the court that he be excused.

The inventory of his estate in 1860 showed rooms full of furniture which would
make sense if he was the hotel owner, the Marshall House, E. Cobb, proprietor
who was planning to put together a partnership with including a livery stable
in 1850 ad in a newspaper.

The 1860 mortality schedule listed cause of death as suicide by laudenem?

He was married to Peggy SELBY between 1800 and 1803 in SC. Peggy SELBY died
in 1827. Assumed from deed to Elijah Anderson in 1803, land on the Brown
Creek. Edmund COBB Abbeville, SC and Peggy SELBY had the following children:

11i.three girls COBB was born before 1800.
+12ii.James COBB Abbeville, SC.

4. James H. COBB was born about 1770 in SC?. He Resided in 1800 in Union Co,
SC. 1790 census showed a James living in Union Co.with two males over 15 and
one female. This could be James as oldest male and Ed-mund as younger and
their mother or James first? wife? 1800 census records show that he had 3 sons
and one daughter under 10, he was listed as 26-45 and his wife as 16 to 26.
This being the case how could he be the James and no dower who on 8 18 1800
sold land on Brown Creek to Jeremiah Bentley? Natty's marriage to Rachel
Bentley would suggest that the Bentley's moved to AL with them. He was a
farmer in 1850 in Franklin Co GA. He died after 1850 in Forsyth, GA. Assumed
from other documents and the fact that Edmund and Nathaniel lived in Abbeville
at the same time, and he bought from the estate of WM Anderson in 1827 in
Abbeville, along with Nancy Cobb Anderson, Edm. Cobb, Nathaniel Cobb, Joshua

His office bond was signed by Nathaniel Cobb and Edmund Cobb (Andrea suggests
that he is the son of Nathaniel who died in 1785), Owen Selby, Thomas E. Owens
Jr., Aaron Lomax, John C. Martin, Joseph W. Patterson.

A cousin in FL provided data that he was in fact the son of Nathaniel who d.

He was married to Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born about 1770 in SC. She died
after 1850 in Forsyth, GA. James H. COBB and Elizabeth had the following

+13i.Nathaniel Sylvester COBB Sr..
+14ii.Ellison COBB.
+15iii.Sarah COBB.
16iv.Edmund COBB Abbeville, SC was born about 1800 in Abbeville Co, SC. He
died be-fore 1839 in Abbeville Co, SC.
+17v.James Mitchell COBB.
+18vi.Mary COBB.
+19vii.Isaac E. COBB.
+20viii.Frances COBB.
21ix.Elizabeth COBB was born about 1810 in Abbeville Co, SC. She died
after 1850 in For-syth, GA.
22x.Henry COBB was born about 1812 in Abbeville Co, SC. He died before 19
Jul 1839.
+23xi.Ann "Amy" COBB.
+24xii.Andrew Jackson COBB.

5. Mary COBB was born about 1772.

She was married to William ROGERS of Union CO, SC on 28 Jan 1790 in Union Co,
SC. William ROGERS of Union CO, SC was born in 1767. He died in 1839. Mary
COBB and William ROGERS of Union CO, SC had the following children:

+25i.Levi ROGERS.

8. Sarah COBB 1779 was born about 1779.

She was married to Caleb JETER (son of Henry JETER for Union Co. SC and
Elizabeth BELL).

9. Nancy COBB was born about 1781.

She was married to Henry DAVIS in Union Co, SC. assumed from est. adm of Wm
Anderson in 1827 in Ab-beville, SC

10. Margaret COBB was born on 31 Mar 1783 in Abbeville Co, SC. She was
buried in 1871 in Pine Village Cem, Warren Co, OH. She died on 30 Dec 1871 in
Warren Co, OH.

She was married to Samuel CAMPBELL (son of John CAMPBELL and Hester CLARK) on
24 Dec 1799 in Union Co, SC. Samuel CAMPBELL was born in 1775 in SC. He died
in 1829 in OH. Margaret COBB and Samuel CAMPBELL had the following children:

+26i.Mary "Polly" CAMPBELL.

1. Pauline Dotson.
2. Pauline Dotson,
3. phone conversation on 9-13-1997.

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