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From: Frances Rouse <>
Subject: Re: [SC] Rev. War Records
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 21:47:02 -0500

Try to gather as much information that you can from sources that will
lead you to a location. I used the earliest census records and
statistical data and located where my ancestors lived. From that
information, I wanted to know the political climate of the area and how
long my ancestors had been in America. These two factors contributed to
the decision of a person to remain a loyal British subject or to join
the Rebels. After exhausting all the local resources, I wrote to the
state archives and located University Libraries that might have books
and resource material. There is a wealth of information concerning this
time frame and my work will not be completed in my life time. The more
I learn the more I want to know, it as if my ancestors are not resting
in peace but are knocking around in my brain telling me to write here,
ask there, check this and that. Crazy obsessive hobby we have here. The
Public records office of Great Brittain has microfilmed the records of
the Revolution, they can be accessed by hiring a researher.


Marriages & Deaths, Charleston Observer, 1827-1845, p.136
On Thursday 1st inst., by the Rev. Dr. Gadsden, William Nayler, Esq. to
Miss Harriett G., youngest daughter of Richard Lord, Esq., deceased.
Marriages & Deaths, Charleston Observer, 1827-1845, p.183
On Thursday evening, the 17th inst., by the Rev. Mr. English, Mr.
Richard N. Lord, of this city, to Miss Susan A. Taylor, of Georgetown,
S. C.

Happy Hunting,

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