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From: "Audrey Pool" <>
Subject: Re: [SC] CLARY family of Newberry, SC
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 08:55:58 -0500
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Hi Judy,

Here are the notes on the CLARY family. If you look closely you will see
the marriage of SWEARINGEN in the group. I was pleased to find this because
it supports the fact that Daniel CLARY, Jr is the one in SC.



"Daniel CLARY, son of John CLARY and Elizabeth HALY, was born circa 1710
in Maryland and married Eleanor DEVERON or DEVERN, daughter of William
DEVERON or DEVERN, by 1733 in Prince George's County, Maryland, at which
time the said William had died testate. Daniel and Eleanor had the
following children:
1. Ruth CLARY (born April 10, 1734 or 1735);
2. William CLARY (born 1736)
3. Eleanor CLARY (born 1738, married Joseph SUMMERS, and migrated to South
4. Elizabeth CLARY (born January 11, 1740 and probably died young);
5. Mary CLARY (born March 23, 1740; Levine CLARY (born March 3, 1744);
6. Sarah CLARY (born March 1, 1746; and married Samuel SWEARINGEN in
Maryland; their children included Massom SWEARGIN, born December 19, 1761 in
7. Daniel CLARY, Jr (born 1748; Ann CLARY (born May 2, 1750);
8. Kasandra CLARY (born April 7, 1752, married Timothy THOMAS, and died
March 23, 1827; both are buried in Newberry County, South Carolina);
9. Vachel CLARY (born 1755);
10. Basil CLARY (born December 25, 1756);
11. Linny CLARY (born July 12 or 14, 1761).

Daniel CLARY was listed as a resident of Prince George's County in 1740
as noted in his brother John CLARY'S testamentary proceedings in Anne
Arundel County (John CLARY's widow Mary married Benjamin BROWNE by 1743 as
noted in an administration accounty filed that year). The Rock Creek area
where Daniel lived became Frederick County in 1748 and he acquired a
100-acre tract called Buck Bottom to his younger brother Benjamin CLARY of
Baltimore County. In 1763 he sold the rest of this tract to Charles
HAMMOND*, Jr of Anne Arundel County.
After 1773 Daniel disappears from the Frederick County debt books and is
last mentioned in Maryland as a debtor to the estate of Col William YOUNG of
Baltimore County in 1774. Migrating southward to the Ninety-Six District in
South Carolina, he made his home in what is now Newberry County and acquired
land on the Saluda River. At the time of the Revolutionary War, sentiment
in the Carolinas was divided. In the backcountry, such as Ninety-Six
District, many citizens wanted no part of the Revolution and were
disaffected with the American cause. Those who lived in the Dutch Fork
between the Broad and Saluda Rivers were among them. A brigade of loyalists
was organized in Ninety-Six District and six regiments were formed in 1775,
one being the Dutch Fork Regiment of Col Daniel CLARY. Among the records of
South Carolina under the Acts of 1783-1784, which were acts to rescind the
order to confiscate property because of Tory sympathy, Daniel CLAREY is
listed. Also in the South Carolina Act of 1784 is a list of persons taken
off the confiscation list and disqualified from holding office and Daniel
CLAREY is listed. He died around 1795 in Newberry County.
(Ref: Information compiled before 1998 by Rosemary B. Dodd, 2 Oak Lane
SW, Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061-3461, citing Clary Genealogy: Four Early
American Lines and Related Families, by Ralph Shearer Rowland and Star
Wilson Rowland; Provincial and General Court Deed Index 139 (1658-1790),
Liber DD, No 2 (17266), folio 78; The Maryland Gazette, 1727-1761, by Karen
Mauer Green, page 133; Frederick County Will Book A, No 1, page 187; South
Carolina Loyalists in the Southern Campaign, Volumes I and III, by Murtie
June Clark.)
The will of William DEVRON was written on April 9, 1733 and probated in
Prince George's County, Maryland on October 11, 1733. He mentioned his wife
Eleanor CLARY, son in law Daniel CLARY, granddaughter Ruth CLARY and Mary
CLARY (daughters of Daniel CLARY), and grandson William CLARY. (Ref:
Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 9, 1744-1749, p. 3.)"

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From: Judy Ballard <>
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Subject: Re: [SC] CLARY family of Newberry, SC

> Would like any information you wish to share on the Swearingen who married
> Clary.
> Thanks
> Judy
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> > >Is anyone on the List researching the Daniel CLARY family of Newberry
> > County, SC? Daniel CLARY migrated from MD to SC.
> > >
> > >Also, included with notes of the CLARY are HAMMONDS-SWEARINGEN;
> > apparently, a SWEARINGEN married CLARY and moved to SC.
> > >
> > >HAMMONDS and CLARY names are both seen in our POOL family of SC.
> > CLARY lived on the Saluda River; so did John POOL and Mahulda HOLLOWAY.
> > >
> > >Audrey
> > >
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> > John Belton O'Neal in the ANNALS OF NEWBERRY, states that my
> gggrandfather,
> > Jeremiah Morgan, lived on the old Clary Place. Is this the same people.
> > He stated that it was on the Saluda.
> >
> > John Morris, Anderson, SC
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