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From: "Audrey E. Pool" <>
Subject: [SC] MITCHELL-GLOVER-WILLIAMS - Granville Co, NC to Upper SC
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 16:49:09 -0600

Sorry to post on two SC Lists, but some of these people settled in Edgefield, others in Abbeville, SC. Robert MITCHELL here is named on the will of John MITCHELL of Lunenburg, VA, having married the dau of John MITCHELL. MITCHELL wills posted yesterday, Nov 17, 2002. Audrey

Source: History and Genealogies of Old Granville County, NC, 1746-1800:

"MITCHEL, Robert of Gr. Co. Will, dated May 4, 1751; probate Dec 3, 1751. To wife Catherine, negro "Samboe" and wench "Lindar", but after her death the wench to return to son John, also to wife all his household goods; (2) to son Daniel (MITCHELL), negro wench "Sary", also one piece of land lying & being in Lunenburg County in Virginia lying opposite my old plantation on the River (where?), and also 135 A. on both side of Island Creek in Lunenburg Co.; (3) to son Robert (MITCHELL), negro boy "Peter", also 490 A. of land lying on the South side of Roan oak (Roanoak River/Roanoke) River in Lunenburg County; (4) to son Isaac (MITCHELL), negro boy "George", also better than 600 A. on both side of Island Creek in Gr. Co.; (5) to son John, 350 A. on both side of Island Creek in Gr. Co.; (6) to dau Susannah GLOVER, negro wench "Betty"; (7) to dau Phebe GLOVER, negro boy "Dick", (8) to dau Mary MITCHELL, negro boy "Singgoe"; (9) to dau Martha MITCHELL & Isaac MITCHELL of Lunenburg C!
ounty. Wit: Reubin (sic) SEARCY, David MITCHELL, Josiah MITCHELL. Id. P. 26."

"Daniel WILLIAMS, of Gr. Co. Will dated Nov 15, 1759, probate Dec 15, 1759. Wife Ursula; and my seven children Marya GOODMAN, Henry WILLIAMS, John WILLIAMS, James WILLIAMS, Joseph WILLIAMS, *Mary MITCHELL & Daniel John WILLIAMS; refers to son in law Benjamin GOODMAN. The will is lengthy and contains numbers of provisions, with bequests of lands, personalty (?) and slaves. Exs: wife, and sons John and James. Wit: Luke WALDROP, Wm SIMS, Id. P. 127. Inv. Ret. To Ct. Aug 12, 1760; it shows a large estate; among other items: 18 books x 26 negroes, 59 head of neat cattle, 11 sheep, 7 horses and mares, 53 tame hogs, and an unknown number wild hogs. Id. P. 50. Bond, Aug 12, 1760, ‘unto James PAINE, Charles JOHNSON, John POPE & Larkin JOHNSON, Esq’rs. Justices of Gr. Co. Ct., pen. L500; of John WILLIAMS, as guardian of Joseph, son of Daniel WILLIAMS, ded’d; sur: Benj’a. GOODMAN, James WILLIAMS. Id. P. 157. Deed of gift, Nov 9, 1761, Ursula WILLIAMS to her grandchildren Daniel GOODMAN!
, son of Benj. GOODMAN, and *Ursula MITCHELL, dau of *Isaac MITCHELL, each a feather bed; for love and affection. Gr. Co. Rec., 1760-62, p. 53."

*Note Isaac MITCHELL’s will in Abbeville, SC below. (Audrey)

Abbeville, SC Abstracts Wills and Books:

"JOHNSON, James—Box 50, Pack 1165:

Est. admnr. July 7, 1786 by Luke WALDROP, Mary WALDROP, James SAXON, Thomas GAFFORD bound to John Thomas Ord. 96 Dist. Sum 1,000 lbs. Cit. Pub at HAMMONDS Store on Bush River. Inv. Made July 17, 1786 by Henry PEARSON, Charles GRIFFIN, James WALDROP of Newberry County. Nancy MARTIN’S request that Luke WALDROP be administrator of said est."

"MITCHELL, Isaac---Box 65, Pack 1552:

Will dated June 29, 1789 in Abbeville Dist. Filed Oct 6, 1789. Exrs: Wife, Mary (WILLIAMS*) MITCHELL. Son: Isaac MITCHELL, Nathan SIMS, Rob’t, Richard POLLARD. Wife: Zachary MERIWETHER, Benj. MITCHELL, Rosana SWANSY. Wife, Mary MITCHELL. Chn: Ursula MITCHELL, Catharine MITCHELL, Mary MITCHELL, Sarah MITCHELL. Sett: Legatees: James COOK, Rob’t POLLARD, Wm MITCHELL, Levi RICE, Elisha MITCHELL, Richard POLLARD, Isaac MITCHELL, Daniel MITCHELL, Martha MITCHELL, John MITCHELL, James MITCHELL."

*I added Mary’s maiden name of WILLIAMS per her father’s will of Granville, NC (see will above). (Audrey)

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