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Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 16:08:28 -0500
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Hi, Herb.

This is to post additional information concerning Dr. Robert HENDRICK in the hope that someone will be able to connect to others of his proven family and help to confirm his ancestors. You and I have shared this information and more in the past few weeks.

Robert married Mary "Polly" DANIELL in Columbia, SC on 21 May 1795. Mary DANIELL is believed to be the mother of Louisa, b. abt 1796. Mary was the d/o James DANIELL of Richland/Fairfield Cos., SC and Hancock Co., GA.

Robert married cir 1801 Mary "Polly" Stanley HOWELL, widow of William HOWELL, d. 1799, of Richland Co. She is named as his wife "relict of Willam HOWELL", named as such in an 1803 Deed of Conveyance to William DANIEL of Edgefield Co. in settlement of the estate of Jose DANIELL of Richland Co. It could be said that Mary STANLEY was the daughter of Robert's brother-in-law, Samuel STANLEY & his first wife, an Unknown PAISLEY/PASLAY, but Samuel did not marry Martha Hendrick DUKE until after Robert had died.)

Robert HENDRICK's LW&T of 1805 names his mother, Mary HENDRICK, his wife, Mary HENDRICK, his daughter Louisa HENDRICK and his sisters Martha Hendrick DUKE and Sarah HENDRICK.

Robert's daughter Louisa and his wife Mary (now WILLIAMSON) settled their portion of Robert's estate in 1814. Louisa married in 1816 Michael J. RUDULPH, Jr. of Richland/Fairfield Cos. Michael was killed in 1821. One known child, Robert Hendrick RUDULPH. Louisa remarried in 1822 William H. GIBBS and removed to Lowndes County, AL. William H. GIBBS's household is in the 1830 census there.

Robert's sister Martha HENDRICK and Samuel STANLEY had issue: Robert Hendrick STANLEY, William Byrd STANLEY m. Harriet Louisa ZIMMERMAN, Martha STANLEY m. John STEELE, Samuel STANLEY (died young), and John Calhoun STANLEY.

Robert's sister, Sarah HENDRICK, married Daniel GRAY. Issue: Robert Hendrick GRAY m. Emma Courtois STONE, John Lewis GRAY, & David Lorimer GRAY.

As grist for the mill, a STANLEY descendant provides the following:

"Captain William HENDRICK who married Mary VANDERHORST was the son of John HENDRICK. In 1707 John HENDRICK received a land grant from the Lords' Proprietors of SC. He is listed in the 5th Infantry under Col. Isaac HUGER. Capt William HENDRICK was from Christ Church Parish, Charleston, SC. He was a member of the South Carolina 12th, 14th, 15th and 16th Royal Assembly from 1740-1747. (Ref Biographical Directory of the SC House of Representatives, Vol. 2, Edgar and Bailey). Captain William HENDRICK (I) had a son also Capt William HENDRICK (II) who married Mary BYRD about 1754 in Old Berkeley Co., SC. Captain William HENDRICK (II) fought in the American Revolution with General Francis MARION in or near Cheraw, SC (Ref Gregg's History of Old Cheraw). Captain William HENDRICK had a brother, Dr. Robert HENDRICK . Robert HENDRICK was appointed to the Board of Commissioners of Columbia, SC in 1802 . My great great uncle, Captain William Byrd STANLEY (3 times mayor of Columbia, S!
C and their grandson) was fond of saying that he was a direct descendant of the original William BYRD of Westover, VA through his maternal grandmother." Also, that Robert HENDRICK is said to be the son of William HENDRICK and Mary BYRD. Records directly linking him as William's son of have not been found. Robert named his mother as Mary HENDRICK and is proven to be a brother of Martha and Sarah HENDRICK. Both items support Robert's father as being William HENDRICK who married Mary BYRD. Robert's 1805 LW&T does not name William Byrd HENDRICK who may have died before then.

We have not found documentation on Dr. Robert HENDRICK prior to 1795.
All assistance in this endeavor greatly appreciated.

Robert Louis Daniell
Panama City, Florida
Descendant of William O'DANIEL, 1691?-1728?, of Stafford County, Virginia

VA surnames: O'Daniel, Daniel, Coleman, Gunnell, Halbert, Hurst, Jones, McIntosh, Moxley, Ratcliffe, Scutt/Scott, Talbot, et al.

SC Surnames: O'Daniel, Daniell, Daniel, Bell, Bond, Chappell, Cook, Goodwyn, Hatcher, Hendrick, Hill, Howell, Marlor/er, Marsh, Martin, Mobley, Pearson, Poole, Raiford, Taylor, Threewits

"To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research." Steven Wright

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> WE do have some HENDRICK/S mysteries in SC.
> Who is Dr Robert Hendricks of Columbia, SC? Whose family is he tied to? Where did he come from?
> Others:
> 1. Where did James Hendrick m Jane of old Newberry Co., SC (1770s-1800s) come from?
> 2. Where did John Henrick/Hendrick come from in 1700 Charleston, SC? Was he son of John Hendrick m Abigail Morse who later m Moses Pengry to SC late 1600s?
> 3. Where did Moses m Susanna (1773 Fairfield Co., SC) come from?
> 4. What happened to James Hendrick Jr b 1748 son of James Hendrick d1757 wife Elizabeth, Colleton Co., SC 1776 militia?
> 5. Who was wife of Tobias Hendricks d btw 1790-1800 Pendleton Co./, SC? Who were their children?
> 6. Who is the 1820 Pendleton District David Hendrix? Not son of James nor son of Moses.
> 7. Who is the James Hendrix 1800 census Pendleton District, SC?
> 8. Who is the William, James and Tiberius Hendrick (1790-1820) Chester Co., SC?
> 9. Who was Capt William Hendrick served with Francis Marion? Was he a VA or SC Hendricks?
> 10. What happened to the James and David Hendricks listed only as bounders on Indian Creek, Newberry Co., SC 1770-17675?
> 11. Who is the James Hendricks 96th Creek - 50 acre land grant in 1749 for service with Col. Vandersusson?
> 12. Who is John William Hendricks in Edgefield Co., SC late 1700s?
> Anyone know the answers?
> A free Frontier Hendricks Vol 1 & 2 CD, in PDF format for a substantiated answer, documented that is.
> God Bless.
> Herb Hendricks
> Retired NASA Physicist
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> 1210 Long Meadow DR
> Lynchburg, VA 24502
> 434 832 7246
> Major/Smith/Hendricks
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