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Subject: Re: [SC-Gen] FAMILY TREE MAKER question
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 17:31:42 EDT

Thank you friend. I use FTM Version 5, so that probably explaines that
when I add volumes of notes, the screen finally refuses to take any more.
I think that I use Windows XP


Harold C. Fisher
Yazoo City, MS

In a message dated 6/13/2010 3:23:06 P.M. Central Daylight Time,

You didn't mention what version of Family Tree Maker you were using.
Version 16 (2006) has an enlarged capacity for notes, up to the
equivalent of 250 hand-written pages. If you are using an earlier
version it might make sense to upgrade to a newer version.

Following are some of the notes from the help page referring to the
Notes Window:

The Notes window allows you to enter limited comments, stories, etc.,
that do not fit elsewhere in the available program categories. For users
of Windows XP, notes can contain up to the equivalent of approximately
250 typewritten pages of text.

Notes Window -- The Notes Window button located at the bottom of the
Edit Individual or Edit Marriage dialog box allows you to open a
separate window to display your notes. This window is resizable to allow
you to view more of the notes at once, and you can have it open at the
same time as the Edit Individual dialog box for easy comparison. Just
like in the regular Notes tab view, you can click the Increase and
Decrease button to make the text larger and easier to read (Increase
button) or smaller to fit more text (Decrease button). The Increase and
Decrease buttons are for viewing convenience only and do not affect
permanent settings or print jobs.


You should be aware that the Notes feature of Family Tree Maker Version
16 lets users of Windows XP save notes that are significantly longer
than those possible in earlier versions. If you save a Version 16 Family
File for use with an earlier version of Family Tree Maker (See Opening
FTM Version 16 files in earlier versions of FTM
<../a_Family_Files/pop_editperson.htm>), long notes will be shortened to
fit the capacity of that earlier version.

I hope this helps.

Mike Day

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