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From: "Lee and Billie Jones" <>
Subject: 1st Reply to Janice Craft re: Burnett, Cook, Forehand, Barnett post on Burnett-L
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 14:18:56 -0400

Janice Craft posted this message, and I am just getting to it. My comments
below her
post. The surnames show up in Old Edgefield Dist info. possibly proving a
connection to the Edgefield Cook and Burnett lines.

Billie Jones

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Subject: [[BURNETT ]] Jeremiah Burnett b. 1786 SC - living 1850 Tallapoosa Co,

> My Starling Barnett b. 1824 Perry Co, Ala married Sarah Ann Cook, daughter of
Fenton Cook. (How did he meet her - was it thru the neighbor Jeremiah Burnett?
Starling's father Glenn lived on the WEST side of the county and Fenton Cook
lived on the east side of the county.)
> In 1847 recorded Chambers Co, Ala Starling obtained a license to marry Sarah
Ann Cook. (They have a child buried on the Chambers/Tallapoosa Co line.)
> In the 1850 census Tallapoosa Co, Ala we find Fenton Cook living in house
#1821 and in house 1823 there is a JERAMIAH BURNETT age 64 (b.1786) b.SC and
wife Sarah living there. And next door in #1824 is Bryant Forehand with wife
Mary and then children Martha Burnett age 13 b.Ala, Sarah Burnett age 9, Thomas
age 6, and Mary A. Forehand age 1 b.Ala.
> I have always wondered if this Jeremiah Burnett could be descended from the
old Frances Barnett who married Benjamin Burnett.
> Janice Barnett Craft
> I have spent MANY days going thru old books in the Tallapoosa Co, Ala
courthouse and saw the name BRYANT FOREHAND many times in the records.


When I saw the Starling Burnett, I figured it must be one of the Starling
Burnetts that I have, but instead I might have found the early connection of
these folks to Old Edgefield Dist, SC families. This is just speculation,
based on the common names. I don't have a Barnett connections, but do have
Burnetts and Cooks, that also contains the name Starling.... Just read over it
and see what you think. I have notes and sources that I can send as an
attachment if you are interested in more on this line. I have court documents
etc to prove many of the connections, based on the combined research of several
Burnett researchers of the VA to Edgefield Dist families. And it si certainly
proven that many moved westward, altho my lines remained in Edgefield Dist, SC
until my grandfather, Odell Coursey, desc. of the Burnetts, moved to Augusta
Ga. and met my grandmother, of GA.

You will note that in the outline below, the son of the Jeremiah who married
2nd Elizabeth Cook was born ca 1785 per Diana Davis, <> 701
Fairway Lane, Columbia, SC 29210. She did not send me her sources. However, I
verified the info. from June Borks "Burnetts and their Connections, and found
Jeremiah Jr. in Carol Wells', Genealogical Abstract of Edgefield Equity Court
Records. Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, Inc., c. 2002, equity Suit # 80 & 83.

Descendants of Jeremiah Burnett, Sr.

1 Jeremiah BURNETT, Sr. b: Abt. 1761 d: December 29, 1817 in Cuffeetown Ck,
Edgefield District, SC.
. +Lurany GENTRY b: Abt. 1761 in Edgefield Co., SC m: Bef. 1784 d: Aft. 1807
in Edgefield Co., SC Father: Hezekiah Gentry Mother: Catherine Reynolds
..... 2 Jeremiah BURNETT, Jr. b: 1785 in SC d: October 31, 1864 in
Dadesville, Talapossa Co, AL
......... +Sarah H. HARRELSON b: 1787 in SC/VA. d: Aft. 1865 Mother: Mary
............ 3 Eli BURNETT b: Abt. 1806 in SC d: July 05, 1895 in Tallapoosa
Co, AL Burial: Eagle Rock Cem.
................ +Lucy A. UNKNOWN b: Abt. 1805 in SC m: Abt. 1828
............ 3 [Jeremiah BURNETT] b: August 1807 in SC d: in Dadesville,
Tallapoosa Co, AL.
................ +Julia Ann ADAMS b: 1808 in SC Mother: Marian Unknown
............ 3 Hardin "Hardy" BURNETT b: Abt. 1810
................ +Mary A. UNKNOWN b: Abt. 1816 in SC
............ *2nd Wife of Hardin "Hardy" BURNETT:
................ +Mrs. Elizabeth ___ VAUGHN b: Abt. 1820 in SC m: Aft. 1860
............ 3 [Alexander BURNETT] b: Abt. 1812 in GA.
............ 3 Mary BURNETT b: Abt. 1814 in SC d: Bef. September 05, 1884
................ +Bryant FOREHAND b: Abt. 1820 in NC m: November 09, 1848 in
Tallapoosa, AL
............ 3 [Martin C. BURNETT] b: Abt. 1816 in SC
............ 3 Sarah BURNETT b: Abt. 1818 d: January 27, 1859 in Tallapoosa
Co. AL
................ +James E. GUTHRIE b: October 22, 1820 in SC m: December 23,
1840 in Tallapoosa Co. AL d: November 29, 1898 in Tallapoosa Co. AL Father:
Benjamin Guthrie Burial: Center Port Cem, Tallapoosa Co. AL
............ 3 Jane BURNETT b: Abt. 1822 in SC
................ +William H. GUTHRIE b: Abt. 1822 m: April 10, 1844 in
Tallapoosa, AL Father: Benjamin Guthrie
*2nd Wife of Jeremiah BURNETT, Sr.:
. +Elizabeth COOK b: Abt. 1764 in probably Va. m: Aft. 1807 d: August 01, 1820
in Edgefield Co., SC Father: Unresearched Cook [She was 1st married to a
William Cook & they had two daughters.. Then married Jeremiah Burnett & had 3
children [Source: Will of Elizabeth Cook Abney Burnett Box 2 Pkg 61 Edgefield
co., SC, Filed 1 March 1821. Also children found in Carol Wells, Genealogical
Abstract of Edgefield Equity Court Records. Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books,
Inc., c. 2002, named in a part of Equity suit #83, children of deceased
Jeremiah Burnett. Sr.
..... 2 Martin Cook BURNETT b: 1810 in SC
......... +LUCY
..... 2 Mariam M (Mary) BURNETT b: 1811 in SC
..... 2 Elizabeth Lark BURNETT b: 1813 in SC

I deleted all the other children of Lurany Gentry, but added the children of
2nd wife Elizabeth Cook, so I could show the Jeremiah Jr. who had a daughter
Mary married to Bryant Forehand.
1. June Baldwin Bork, <>, 519 W. Taylor St. 408, Santa Maria,
CA 93458 (805-349-8049) ,<>.
2. Probate Record, "Some Early Pioneer Settlers" by Sandra Wilson, Pg 112: 13
Oct 1865 Jeremiah Burnett, deceased, Petition of Dower Recorded Vol 4 Pg 656
Tallapoosa Co. AL, as sent to me 2005 by Pat & Orren Gilbert

So we have 2nd wife as Elizabeth Cook

Descendants of Elizabeth Cook

1 Elizabeth COOK b: Abt. 1764 in probably Va. d: August 01, 1820 in
Edgefield Co., SC
. +William ABNEY m: Bef. 1800
..... 2 Martha ABNEY
......... +PENNINGTON
..... 2 Celia Frazier/Frances ABNEY
*2nd Husband of Elizabeth COOK:
. +Jeremiah BURNETT, Sr. b: Abt. 1761 m: Aft. 1807 d: December 29, 1817 in
Cuffeetown Ck, Edgefield District, SC. Father: [Thomas Burnett] Mother: [Alice
..... 2 Martin Cook BURNETT b: 1810 in SC
......... +LUCY
..... 2 Mariam M (Mary) BURNETT b: 1811 in SC
..... 2 Elizabeth Lark BURNETT b: 1813 in SC

[Pat & Orren Gilbert <>sent me the following]
From "Some Early Pioneer Settlers" by Sandra Wilson Pg 112: 13 Oct 1865
Jeremiah Burnett, deceased, Petition of Dower Recorded Vol 4 Pg 656 Tallapoosa
Co. AL , Petition of Sarah Burnett states Jeremiah d. intestate 31 Oct 1864 and
estate being administered by the Court .... mentions the following children and
grandchildren: Eli BURNETT over age 21; Mary FOREHAND, formerly BURNETT, wife
of Bryant; Hardy BURNETT over 21; Jane GUTHRIE, widow of William GUTHRIE
formerly Jane Burnett and grandchildren to wit; Oliver S. BURNETT, William
BURNETT, Thos. H.B. BURNETTE and Sarah A. BURNETTE, all of whom age 21 yrs
except Oliver who resides in Chambers Co. , Martha SS. BURNETTE who is the wife
of David LANGLEY; Melissa TEAL wife of Thomas TEEL, formerly Malissa GUTHRIE,
Rebecca CARLISLE wife of George formerly Rebecca Guthrie; Pinckney M. GUTHRIE,
James GUTHRIE, Sarah GUTHRIE and Columbus GUTHRIE, all of who are children of
Sarah GUTHRIE...reside in Tallapoosa Co. ......goes on to ask for permission to
sell lands of Jeremiah.
NOTE- The Guthrie names were children of James Edward Guthrie and Sarah
I have another note in my paper files that there was an 1866 application to
sell lands which made reference to "following named grandchildren, viz. Oliver
S. Burnett, Thos. H. Burnett, and Sarah A. Burnett all of whom over 21 years of
age and reside in Tallapoosa Co. except Oliver who is in Chambers Co. AL and
who are children of ______ (blank) Burnett, this Sarah
is not the daughter Sarah who married James. In a Genforum message, they show
these were children of a Thomas Jr. (brother of Jeremiah?).

Regarding the name Starling: Jeremiah Sr had a brother, Isaac Nuel Burnett who
named a son Starling Burnett. He lived and died in SC. He in turn named a son
Starling Burnett, Jr., lived and died in SC. But the Starling name may have
come from one of the families
that are shared in common by your family and this Burnett line, which is not
my direct line, but I have worked on it a good bit in trying to place the right
Burnetts together. June Bork's book is marvelous at this if you want to really
research the Burnett's. I wish I had all of it, but only have some pages on my
main lines.

Let me know what you think of the "coincidence" of the surnames. Hope June
might respond too!

Billie Jones
Camden, SC

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