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Subject: McNair History this is what I have so far
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Surname: McNair

My name is Edward Walter McNair, my family line goes (GOD first and foremost
then) Walter Cole McNair; his father was Walter Owens "Teby" McNair; his
father was James Walter McNair; his father was (?)(?); his father was Francis
(?) "Frank" McNair. Some information contained herein may be wrong so if
you have the correct information or more information please...give me a

+(1) Francis (?) "Frank" McNair who was born about 1825 died about 1879
married Catherine "Cate" Frith born about 1835 and they had children: (1a)
Mary Elizabeth McNair born about 1857, (1b) John C. McNair, (1c) George
Washington McNair, (1d) Fannie (?) McNair, (1e) William H. "Will" McNair
and (1f) Emma Irene McNair.

Francis (?) "Frank" McNair had a brother Jeff (?) McNair that had a falling-out
at home so he left when he was just a young man. Jeff (?) McNair's descendents
include Robert Evander McNair born December 14, 1923 in Cades, S.C. He
served in the U.S. Navy during WWII; member of S.C. state house of representatives
1951-1962; Lieutenant Governor of S.C. 1962-1965; Governor of S.C. 1965-1972.

The parents of Catherine were Jacob (?) Frith from Virginia and Betsy (?)(?).
The parents of Jacob (?) Frith were Frank (?) Frith and Kate (?)(?).

(1a) Mary Elizabeth McNair born about 1857 married (?)(?) and they had
children: (1a-1) James Walter McNair, (1a-2) Chester (?) McNair, (1a-3)
Irene (?) McNair, (1a-4) Ula (?) McNair and (1a-5) Bob (?) McNair. Mary
Elizabeth McNair later married George (?) Lawton and they had children:
(1a-6) Ada (?) Lawton and (1a-7) Alvie (?) Lawton.

(1a-2) Chester (?) McNair had children: Oscar (?) McNair, Albert (?) McNair,
Ruth (?) McNair, George (?) McNair and Edward (?) McNair.

(1a-3) Irene (?) McNair married John (?) Lankford and they had children:
Florence (?) Lankford and Pearl (?) Lankford.

(1a-4) Ula (?) McNair married Gilley Giksy and they had children: Sealey
(?) Giksy, Albert (?) Giksy and Johnny (?) Giksy.

(1a-5) Ada (?) Lawton married John (?) Stansey and they had children: Johnny
(?) Stansey, Mary Joe Stansey and Bobby (?) Stansey.

(1a-6) Alvie (?) Lawton married Lum (?) Leverett and they had children:
Ebb (?) Leverett, Johnny (?) Leverett, Beatrice (?) Leverett and another
little boy that died. Johnny Leverett married a Wiley, Beatrice (?) Leverett
married a Childs (?) Underwood and also had children by Johnny Wilson.
Ebb (?) Leverett married a woman from Norfolk, Virginia and had children.

(1b) John C. McNair who was born about 1859 married Martha "Mattie" Bradshaw
and they had five children: John Frank "Bud" McNair born November 7, 1885,
Willie J. "Dink" McNair born October 9, 1896, Maggie (?) McNair, Liem (?)
McNair and Minnie Lee McNair. Liem McNair had one child that died at birth.
Bud McNair had one boy child. Maggie McNair had one son John Henry Frith
and she was married to Ed (?) Harvey when they both died. Minnie Lee McNair
married Elick (?) Lawton and had five boys and five girls: Lizzie, Ted,
Foster, Viola, "Jug" Reggie, Mattie, Mary, Willie, Otto and Francis.

(1c) George Washington McNair born January 25, 1864 married Margaret Elizabeth
Loftis and they had children: Arthur (?) McNair and Ada (?) McNair. Arthur
(?) McNair married Mamie Patrridge and they had three children. Margaret
Elizabeth Loftis parents were Hutson (?) Loftis and Jane (?) Black and
Margaret Elizabeth Loftis was the sister of Chester Partridge father. Ada
(?) McNair married Sam (?) Bonds and had one child Foster (?) Bonds.

(1d) Fannie (?) McNair born about (?) married Bill (?) Prince and they
had children: Willie (?) Prince, Alsata (?) Prince, Raymond (?) Prince,
Ike (?) Prince and Lizzie (?) Prince.

(1e) William H. "Will" McNair born about 1870 had one child: Gertrude (?)
McNair who married a man by the name of Wright from Georgia and had eight
or more children.

(1f) Emma Irene McNair born about 1873 had children: Roberta Irene McNair,
Effie McNair, E.J. McNair and Cole L. McNair. Emma Irene McNair married
Henry A. Loftis born August 28, 1862 and they had one child: Pearl (?)
Loftis that died. Emma Irene McNair married Jim (?) Lawton and they had
children: Earnest (?) Lawton and Johnny (?) Lawton. Emma Irene McNair married
John C. Hutchison who was Jim Lawton's half brother after Jim (?) Lawton
died. Henry A. Loftis was the son of Hutson (?) Loftis and Sarah L. Gilliam
who also had other children: Luther Black Loftis, John Alexander Loftis,
Clayton H. Loftis and Mary M. Loftis.

On the 1880 census a grandson named Walter (?) McNair was listed as living
with Francis "Frank" McNair and Catherine "Cate" Frith. Walter (?) McNair
was a year old so he must have been born about 1879.

(1a-1) James Walter McNair born Oct 12, 18?? died June 13, 1959 and he
married on January 25, 1899 to Mary Ila Elizabeth Powell born August 24,
18?? died October ??, 1962. I think both of my great-grandparents were
from Calhoun Falls, S.C. and they had seven boys (one was adopted) and
two girls (one girl died as a baby): (10-1) Olian Percy McNair, (10-2)
Walter Owens "Teby" McNair, (10-3) Charlie Floyd "Jake" McNair, (10-4)
James Edward "Red" McNair who was adopted, (10-5) Mary "Iola" McNair, (10-6)
Blant Sims "BS" McNair, (10-7) Robby Ezara McNair and (10-8) Lawrence Osborn
"Boobie" McNair.

+(10-1) Olian Percy McNair born February 13, 1901 died February 15, 1940
married Mamie (?) Hardy born February 27, 1909 and they had three children:
(10a) James Leonard McNair, (10b) W.O. McNair and (10c) Audrey (?) McNair

(10a) James Leonard McNair born September 23, 1925 died December 24, 1944
(killed in World War II) was married to Leona Saxon born February 27, 1923
and they had one child: James Leonard McNair Jr. born March 31, 1945 who
may have married a German Lady and after having four children: Robert (?)
McNair, Michael (?) McNair, Sheila (?) McNair and David (?) McNair may
have divorced.

(10b) W.O. McNair had no name, just initials born in July and has two children:
Joan (?) McNair and Jennifer (?) McNair. W.O. McNair may have lived in
Florida, but that information may have been confused with Walter Owens
McNair who did live in Florida or both may have lived in Florida.

(10c) Audrey (?) McNair married Dewey Bird and had four children: Dewey
(?) Bird Jr., Walter (?) Bird, Eddie (?) Bird and Frances (?) Bird. Audrey
lives in Prosperity, S.C.

+(10-2) Walter Owens "Teby" McNair, a machinist by trade drove to Aiken,
S.C. everyday where he worked in the Bomb Factory. He was born December
23 1905 in Abbeville, S.C., died November 1982 and is buried in Brooksville,
Florida. He married his second cousin Roberta Irene Hutchison both from
Abbeville, S.C.

Walter Owens "Teby" McNair and Roberta Irene Hutchison had three children:
(10-2a) Robert Lee McNair, (10-2b) Walter Cole McNair and (10-2c) Wibert
Ownes McNair. Roberta Irene Hutchison was previously married to Dewitt
Waters and their son was named Dewitt Waters Jr. age 77 and his wife Loretta
age 61, live in Alabama. Roberta died while driving her 1957 Chevy home
from work in Abbeville, SC on April 1962. Roberta's father was John C.
Hutchison of Abbeville, South Carolina (he may have moved there from St.
Louis, Missouri?). Roberta's mother was Emma Irene McNair (half-Cherokee
and her mother was full-Cherokee). Emma Irene McNair was previously married
to a Henry A. Loftis who was her first husband. Walter Owens "Teby" McNair
married Gladys (?) Bell 13 months after Roberta Irene Hutchison died. Gladys
had children from her previous marriage--known children are Harvey Bell,
Harold Bell and Francis Bell.

(10-2a) Robert Lee McNair may have been born December 19, 1927 and may
have died in Childersburg or Talladega, Alabama on May 2, 1991. He may
have been married to Dot Robeson or Robertson and they may have had two
children: Diane (?) McNair and Carolyn (?) McNair--then they divorced.
Robert Lee McNair then moved to Alabama where he remarried and had a son
named Robert Lee McNair Jr.?

(10-2b) Walter Cole McNair born June 6, 1936 in Abbeville, South Carolina
died February 1983 and is buried in Greenwood, South Carolina. Walter Cole
McNair died as a result of Mr. Hall shooting his 00-Buck shotgun fire at
Walter Cole McNair, his two sons (Edward & Walter) and a family friend
while they were working on a piece of property in Cross Hill, South Carolina
on Lake Greenwood.
Walter Cole McNair married Hazel Jean Holbert who was born in Chesnee,
South Carolina on April 28, 1939
Hazel's father was James Almond Holbert an electrician by trade was born
in Johnson City, Tennessee and died in Abbeville, S.C. Hazel's mother was
Ethel Irene Miller born in Gastonia, North Carolina and died in Abbeville,
South Carolina in 1968. Ethel's mother was Nettie Miller from Gastonia,
North Carolina. James and Ethel Holbert had ten children: Ed Holbert, Eli
Holbert, Dewey Holbert, James Holbert, Helen Holbert-Boyd, Hazel Jean Holbert-McNair,
Larry Holbert, Betty Holbert-Fulmer, Sam Holbert, Gail Elizabeth Holbert
born Oct 29 1948 and Carol Irene Holbert-Martin born Jul 22, 1950.

Walter Cole McNair and Hazel Jean Holbert had five children: Curtis Dale
McNair born September 26, 1955 in Abbeville, South Carolina-- Allen Eugene
McNair born October 9, 1956 in Abbeville, South Carolina-- Tammy Irene
McNair born 1961 in Greenwood, South Carolina-- Edward Walter McNair born
March 18, 1965 in Columbia, South Carolina-- and Walter Cole McNair, Jr.
born March 26, 1968 in Columbia, South Carolina.

Edward Walter McNair born March 18, 1965 in Columbia, South Carolina Richland
County married Tracy Delynn Gilliam (adopted name Lyman) on November 13,
1984 at 12:05pm in Union, South Carolina. Tracy Delynn Gilliam was born
on June 12, 1966 at Bailey Memorial Hospital Laurens County, South Carolina.
Edward and Tracy have four children--Jill Alexandria McNair born on May
22, 1989 at 3:22pm weighting 6lbs. 5oz. 20in. at Fort Bragg, North Carolina--
Evan Edward McNair born on November 18, 1990 at 1:03p weighting 7lbs. 11oz.
21in. at Fort Bragg, North Carolina-- Austin Matthew McNair born on April
22, 1993 at 04:08am weighting 7lbs. 2oz. 20.25in. at Morristown Hamblen
Hospital Hamblen County, Tennessee-- Justin Dean McNair born on February
5, 1996 at 11:05am weighting 6lbs at Fort Hood, Texas Bell County.

(10-2c) Wilbert Owens McNair born (April 22,?) married Margaret A. Glace
and had one child-- Roberta Marie McNair-Mobly born on October 4, 1969.
Wilbert and Margaret were later divorced. Wilbert married Francis (?) in

+(10-3) Charlie Floyd "Jake" McNair born March 16, 1911 married Mary (?)
"Big-Mary" Cleveland born March 21, 19?? from Georgia and they had seven
children: (10-3a) Wildth June "Molly" McNair, (10-3b) Jimmy Wayne McNair,
(10-3c) Sandra Patricia McNair, (10-3d) Kenneth Merritt McNair, (10-3e)
Bonnie Dale McNair, (10-3f) Ronnie (?) McNair and (10-3g) David (?) McNair.

(10-3a) Willdist June "Molly" McNair born November 1, 1932 died February
21, 1989 who married James Cader Moss and they had two children: Steve
(?) Moss and Rita Faye Moss born December 30, 1958,

(10-3b) Jimmy Wayne McNair born December 15, 1939 who married Shirley (?)
Turner and they had three children: Joyce, Jimmie Ann and Bobby.

(10-3c) Sandra Patricia McNair born February 16, 1943 died February 9,
1999 who married Douglas (?) Scott and had three children: Laura (?) Scott,
Travis (?) Scott and Brandon (?) Scott.

(10-3d) Kenneth Merritt McNair who married Judy (?) Norman and they had
one child: Merritt (?) McNair.

(10-3e) Bonnie Dale McNair married Tommy (?) Jordan and they had one child:
Dallas (?) Jordan.
(10-3f) Ronnie (?) McNair died as infant.

(10-3g) David (?) McNair died as infant.

+(10-4) James Edward "Red" McNair, who was adopted at age 5, married Geneva
(?) Owens and they had four children: Brenda (?) McNair born November 10,
1945, Dewey (?) McNair born November 10, 1947, Barbara (?) McNair born
March 30, 1948, Frances (?) McNair born September 13, 1949 then they divorced.
James Edward "Red" McNair then remarried and had one child: James Walter
McNair who before the age of 8 went to live in a foster home Illinois.

+(10-5) Ida Mary "Iola" McNair born October 12, 1903 died July 23, 1973
married Boyd (?) Brown and they had one adopted son named Jerry (?) Brown
that lives in Atlanta, GA.

+(10-6) Blant Sims "BS" McNair born December 15, 1913 died February 1979
married Shara Brown Frost and they had four children: (10-6a) Barbara Louise
McNair, (10-6b) Joann (?) McNair, (10-6c) Maxine (?) McNair and (10-6d)
Lorna Jean McNair.

(10-6a) Barbara (?) McNair born on October 31, 1935 died about 1939.

(10-6b) Joann (?) McNair born January 16, 1942 married Larry Bowen and
they had two children:

(10-6c) Maxine (?) McNair born April 10, 1944 married Franklin (?) Edwards
and they had two children: Jay (?) Edwards and Jeff (?) Edwards.

(10-6d) Lorna Jean McNair born February 3, 1955

+(10-7) Robbie Ezara "DOB" McNair born November 2, 1916 in Willington,
SC died February 17, 1975 married on January 19, 1935 to Mary (?) "Little-Mary"
Wideman born May 21, 1920 died July 20, 1990 and they had three children:
(10-7a) George Walter McNair, (10-7b) Mildred Elizabeth McNair and (10-7c)
Patricia Lee McNair.

(10-7a) George Walter McNair born November 14, 1937 married on February
20, 1966 to Sandra Jean Covil born August 18 and they had three children:
Robbie Rhae McNair, Tessa Elaine McNair and Chadwich Heath McNair.

Robbie Rhae McNair born March 30, 1967 married Robert (?) Cochran and had
two children: Justine Jaymes Sheline born February 26, 1987 and Ryan Gregory
Sheline born December 11.

Tessa Elaine McNair born September 2, 1969 has one child: John Allen Rhodes
born January 18, 1990.

Chadwich Heath McNair born April 8, 1974 married Kelly (?)(?).

(10-7b) Mildred Elizabeth McNair born February 5, 1960 married on October
24, 1959 to Bobby Carol Hughes born February 9, 1938 and they had four
children: Donna Elizabeth Hughes, Robbie Carol Hughes, George Michael Hughes
and Karen Lynne Hughes.

Donna Elizabeth Hughes is not married.

Robbie Carol Hughes born May 24, 1964 married on September 25, 1982 to
Robert (?) Fisher Jr. born November 16, 1959 and they have two children:
Courtney Michelle Fisher born August 23, 1988 and Bethany Michaela Fisher
born June 2, 1999.

George Michael Hughes born October 30, 1967 died at birth.

Karen Lynne Hughes born June 2, 1970 married Hayward Dwight Polattie born
October 13, 1974 and they have one child: Ashley Nicole Polattie born December
31, 1997.

(10-7c) Patricia Lee McNair born November 23, 1957 married on May 27, 1978
to Marshall Douglas Holmes born March 27, 1957 and have two children: Robert
Douglas Homes born November 10, 1982 and Christy Lynn Holmes born June
14, 1986.

+(10-8) Lawrence Osborn "Boodie" McNair born June 1908 died December 5
married Emma Louise Bonds August 2, 1930 and they had two children: (10-8a)
Conrad Herbert McNair born May 22, 1933 who died in Helen, GA on October
17, 1999 at the age of 66 and (10-8b) Lawrence Everett McNair born June
1, 1931 of Anderson, SC who married Connie (?) Herbert and had two children:
Steven (?) McNair and Larry (?) McNair. Conrad Herbert McNair had one son
by the name of Scott "Scottie" Eades McNair of Florence, SC.

Marie (?) Powell married (?)(?) and they had children: Mary (?), Millie
Jane, Sally (?), Dock (?), Billy (?), Jim (?), Ed (?), Tom (?) and Ora

+Mary (?) Powell married Bob (?) Terriel and they two boys: Olian (?) Terriel
and the other who was killed by lightning while in the field. Olian (?)
Terriel had two girls and one boy.
+Millie Jane Powell married an Ashworth and had children: Emma (?) Ashworth,
Ada (?) Ashworth and Ben Jack Ashworth who was rough and drank alot. Ben
Jack Ashworth shot and killed his Aunt Millie Jane Powell.
+Jim (?), +Ed (?) and their dad were in the war between the states. +Ed
(?) and his dad were killed and +Jim (?) was wounded so bad that he died
after he returned home.
Emma (?) Ashworth married Jack (?) Stalnoker and they had children: Lula
(?) Stalnoker, Pete (?) Stalnoker, Maud (?) Stalnoker, Walter (?) Stalnoker,
Lena (?) Stalnoker, Cal (?) Stalnoker and Harry (?) Stalnoker.

Sally (?) Powell married a Crafts and had children: Rosa (?) Crafts who
married John Waters, Lilla (?) Crafts who married Bob Shaw, Ila (?) Crafts
who married James Walter McNair, Nealie (?) Crafts who married John (?)
Patterson and John (?) Yeagern, Vesta (?) Crafts who married Payton (?)
Gaines and Jack (?) Crafts who married Maud (?) Newton and Etta (?) Nixson.

Rosa (?) Crafts married John (?) Waters and they had children: Mary Lue
Waters, Lester (?) Waters, Paul (?) Waters, Ula May Waters, Jim West Waters,
Harce (?) Waters, Mittie Florence Waters, Rat (?) Waters, Ethel (?) Waters,
Lilla (?) Waters, Lamar (?) Waters, and Thomas (?) Waters.

Mary Lue Waters married Charlie (?) Manning.
Lester (?) Waters married and had 8 children then he drown in Savannah
River on Easter Sunday in 1920.
Paul (?) Waters married Maggie (?) Wiles.
Ula May Waters married Grady Hill's brother
Jim West Waters married and had one girl.
Harce (?) Waters married Livie and had two boys and two girls.
Mittie Florence "Shine" Waters married Albert (?) Kidd.
Rat (?) Waters married Andrew (?) Canon and had one boy Joe (?) Canon.
Ethel (?) Waters married Clark (?) Frost and had a boy and girl.
Lilla (?) Waters married Bob (?) Shaw and they had children: Carlia (?)
Shaw who married Claud (?) Green, two boys and Bessie (?) Shaw who married
Andrew (?) Green.
Lamar (?) Waters married Newtie (?) Williams and had a boy and girl.
Feaster (?) Waters married Claire (?) Powell and they had 2 boys then divorced.
Feaster married again and had twins.
Thomas (?) Waters don't know who he married.

Neiley (?) Crafts married John (?) Patterson and they had children: Estell
(?) Patterson and Roberts (?) Patterson. Then Neiley (?) Crafts married
John (?) Yeagern.

Vesta Betsy Crafts married Payton (?) Gaines and had one son: Colie L.
Gaines then they divorced. Vest Betsy Crafts then married John (?) Ashworth.

Jack (?) Powell married Maud (?) Newton and they had children: Odis Lee
Powell, John Denver Powell, and Odessa (?) Powell. Jack (?) Powell latter
married Etta (?) Nixson and had Johnny (?) Powell, Albert (?) Powell, Gearldene
(?) Powell and Babara (?) Powell.

Dock (?) Powell was married twice. His second wife was Jemaer Teller and
they had children: Janie (?) Powell who married Ed (?) Madox and a boy
who married Braham.

Billy (?) Powell married Elizer (?)(?) and they had children: Jim (?) Powell,
Isom (?) Powell, Lucy (?) Powell, Ada (?) Powell, Wylie (?) Powell and
Tensley (?) Powell. Tom (?) Powell went to Oklahoma City and never came

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