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From: "Rodger Scadden" <>
Subject: [SCADDEN] Descendants of John Scadding of Devon/Dorset
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 21:29:23 +0100

Recently we have been able to link some of the Scaddings who are at present
living in West Dorset to
John Scadding ["cordwainer"] who arrived in Dorset from Devon c 1739
[following his marriage with Hannah
Barnes of Symondsbury]. Most of the early descendants are documented in
Alan Scadding's excellent web-site at so I'll concentrate on names in the direct line down to
these "newly discovered" Scaddings !

It seems that during the 1800's the spelling of the family name in Dorset
frequently changed between "Scadding" to "Scadden" ...and back again !
In the case of my own branch of the family it finally became fixed at
"Scadden"...but many others have retained the "more correct" version of

My theory for this is that in Dorset dialect it was common for words ending
in "ing"... e.g., "pudding " to be pronounced as "pudden" ... in the same
"Scadding" could have become "Scadden" !

The "tie-up" between these "new Scaddings" and my "Scaddens" is William
Scadding/Scadden, b. at Chideock on 12 June 1785 [No 51 on ]
who married Phebe Farwell. Two of their sons were Thomas Warren
Scadding/den [b. Chideock on 5 January 1820], who became a "Master
and Robert Warren Scadden [my ancestor] .

Thomas Warren Scadding married Lucretia Hoskins and their sixth son was
Benjamin Bishop Scadding [b. 1867 in Symondsbury],who also became a

Benjamin married twice...firstly Harriet White..and they had three children
[all born at Askerswell]. Then he married Florence Alberta Record...
Benjamin and Florence also had three children...[these were all born at 7,
Victoria Place, Portland.]

Benjamin and Harriet's second son was Percy Thomas Scadding [b Askerswell,
1893] ...Percy became a seaman, then a gardener... and he married Annie
Ellen May Stevens.
[see ]
Their children were :-

Gordon Scadding b.1924 [Gordon and Freda celebrated their 60th
wedding anniversary on 29 January 2004].
Frederick John Scadding b.1927 [Salwayash]
Owen Scadding b. 1929... d.10/12/05... [see note dated 13/12/05 on ]
Donald Scadding b. 1931
and Pamela Scadding b. 1935

Frederick Scadding married Maria Ventilla
and they had the following children:-

Allan John Scadding b. 1950 Bridport
Paul Anthony Scadding b. 1952, Gardeners Arms, Dottery
Phillip Michael Scadding b. 1957 Bridport
Andrew Thomas Scadding b. 1960 Bridport
and David Richard Scadding b. 1963 Bridport.

Paul married Linda Trenchard and their children are :-

Jennifer Scadding b. 1986
Samantha Scadding b. 1988
Sarah Scadding b. 1990
Lisa Scadding b. 1990.

In addition to Benjamin Bishop Scadding, [son of Thomas Warren Scadding,
Master Blacksmith], who became the blacksmith at Askerswell, it seems that
Thomas W. Scadding
had at least one other son who became a the following
extract from the Salway Ash marriage register, [kindly provided by Geraldine
Gasparelli], shows:-

" 2nd August, 1877, John Scadding, of full age, bachelor, blacksmith of
Salway Ash, son of Thomas Scadding, blacksmith, and Sarah Helen Gudge,
spinster, daughter of
Samuel Gudge, carpenter. Witnesses: William Scadding and Elizabeth
Elswood Frampton".

This John Scadding is the Great Grandfather of Jennifer Scadding ,of Sussex,
who recently visited the "Old Forge" at Salway Ash, when she was able to
find more Scadding "cousins".

We hope to be able to link some more of these together shortly..

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