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Subject: More John Major and Rebecca Chandler
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John Major and Rebecca Chandler


1. Searched the Major Families of Virginia

2. Most probable indisputable data

3. Various Family Traditions

4. Analysis of John Major m Rebecca Chandler Children according to 1790-1810 Census data.

5. Summary of data not shown in this document

6. Most probable lineage of John Major m Rebecca Chandler

1. Searched the Major Families of Virginia

I have searched the Major and Majors families of Virginia.

See Virginia Archive Document, "Major Family Genealogical Notes" #35792.

Also "Major Family Finders Aid", Basset Research center Basset, Henry Co., VA

and Jones Library, Lynchburg, Va.

I find it interesting that The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation published incorrect

information on their web site about two remaining Major families of old Charles City

County Virginia. When you send them copies of wills and Published abstracts of the

Major family of Charles City Co, VA they ignore it. A lot of Major family genealogist?

don't search the records they just take and grab names to embellish their genealogy.

I speak in particular of the James and Bernard Major families that were first confused

by James Branch Cabell in his book Majors and their Marriages. This has been used

as sort of a Bible for Major family researchers but it was published in 1915 when a lot

of Charles City Co., VA records were and still are not available due to being a burned

County. James Branch Cabell did not have access to Bernard Major's will.

However in 1955 a Mr. C. T. Major took to the Virginia Archives, Richmond, VA a copy

of Bernard Major's will that was written 4 February 1777. Now Va. Archives file # 24384. This will

was a genealogical treasure. It named sons, grandson and in-laws by marriage. If

you were familiar with the Stephen West and John Major data of Charles City County

Virginia you would immediately see that John Major d 1810 in Charles City County was

the son of Bernard Major b 1710 d 1777 and not the son of James Major b 1720 d 1780.

I have been researching this Major clan in Charles City Co., Virginia for about 25 years.

If you search the Charles City Co., VA records you will find another very interesting document.

James Major's final probate in 1793 in Charles City Co., VA names his children. Most interesting

are the sons Ballard (the oldest inherits the vast majority of his father's estate), other sons

James and John Major inherit about 10 pounds each.

If you had searched the Major family records of Virginia you would find that the given

name of James has only been used up to about 1775 by only Charles City Co., VA Major families.

What is most interesting is that you find two dirt poor farmers beginning in middle 1770s in Pittsylvania and

later Henry Co., VA named James Major and John Major. If you further search all the records

for John Major in Virginia you find one that remains to be identified. The John Major of Pittsylvania

and Henry Co., Virginia. Searches of the records of Pittsylvania and Henry Co., VA shows this

James Major to remain there until at least 1793. A much younger second James Major appears marrying in Henry Co. in 1815.

The John Major is found connected to the Chandler family of New Kent, Henrico, Goochland and Cumberland Co., VA. He is cited as a patriot, in Henry Co., Court cases and as a tax payer (1778-1783).

If you search in 1787-1793 Wilkes Co., NC Court records you will find a John Major and wife Rebecca suing Robert Chandler, beginning 1787, exor. of Joell Chandler's estate of Cumberland Co., Va. From the Joell Chandler estate file in Wilkes Co., NC you find that Rebecca Chandler married John Major 1769/1771 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. John Major and Rebecca won the court suite with Robert Chandler.

If you further search the Major/Majors of Surry, Wilkes and Stokes Co., NC you can sort out the two Major/s families there. The one who stays in Stokes Co., NC is from MD and married Rebecca Pollard. A daughter of theirs Susanna Majors marries David Sloan in Wilkes Co., NC in 1784. Another son of John Majors, John Majors Jr. marries Nancy Wright in 1782.

In 1787 Bailey Chandler, Robert Chandler's son, disappears from Wilkes Co., NC records. By 1793 this John Major and the Robert and Josiah (Robert's son) Chandler family including in-laws Uriah Hardiman and Abraham Eddins all disappear from Wilkes Co., NC.

If you search SC Archives records you will find; Abraham Eddins, Josiah Chandler, Bailey Chandler, Abraham Eddins and Uriah Hardiman all in Newberry Co., SC or nearby. In addition you will find two Hendricks brothers Henry and David. From these records David Hendricks Sr. married Sarah Major about 1796/1797 (first child, Rebecca, born early 1798). You also find John Major witnessing land deeds for his son in law David Hendricks 1798-1803.

You also find in land deeds for Henry Hendricks Sr. m Nancy Major; a bounder in 1801 named John Major.

In 1800 census of Newberry Co., SC you find John Major. You also find John Majors in Fairfield Co., SC in 1800, however he has been there since at least 1790 census. This John Majors dies in 1805.

In 1810 census of Newberry your find John Major Sr. living next door to John Perry Major, his well documented son. Later you find this John Major as a bounder in an 1810 deed on Long Cain Creek in Abbeville Co., SC. Later documents on the family affirm the Major family moved to Abbeville Co., SC (after 1810 and up to 1837)and later to Anderson Co., SC (land deeds beginning in 1823 through 1850s and John Perry Major's will of 1853).

Now what is this all about?

If you are the least connected to a Major family in SC you will find tremendous confusion documented from at least the early 1900's on as to who was which John Major and who were his children in SC. Nora Fields and Leonardo Andres decided to rewrite Virginia Revolutionary War history and the Epps family relations in Virginia.

The John Major d 1810 Charles City Co., VA mentioned above son of Bernard Major, was the John Major of Newberry Co., SC father of John Perry Major, Nancy Major, Sarah Major, Epps Major, Mary Chandler Major, Kittura Major and many more (according to some) children. Some Rootsweb genealogies show as many as 14 children. If you track John Major of Newberry Co., SC backward using the census you find that he could not have had much more than 7-8 living children.

Now to the Epps thing. John Major is supposed to marry Martha Eliza Epps (first name varies depending on who is writing the family history). If you join the Virginia Epps society and have them do their search of literally volumes upon volumes of Epps history in Virginia you only find one Epps marrying a Major in 1834 in Charles City Co., Va. If you study Richard Epps' Family you don't find an unaccounted for daughter of Richard Epps.

Therefore if you want to set the record straight on the John Major of Newberry Co., SC you need to consider what the records say not what Aunt Millie or Uncle John thought or what some wannbees sought to have the family ancestors be.

2. Most Probable Indisputable Data

1.. John Major was born in Virginia
2.. Rebecca Chandler was born Either Henrico, Goochland or Cumberland Co., VA
3.. Her Family is listed in the 1755 will of Joel Chandler of Cumberland Co., VA.
4.. Most likely she married John Major between 1769-1771 from Wilkes Co. deposition and records of Robert Chandler, her brother.
5.. John Major and James Major are in Henry Co. Virginia at the same time.
6.. Records show John Major in Henry Co., VA from at least 1778-1783.
7.. In 1780 a lawsuit between Gribsy and Scruggs about ownership of a slave, requires depositions from Robert Chandler who has moved to Wilkes Co., NC in 1778. The lawsuit also requires the witnesses John Major and Jesse Chandler, brother to Robert Chandler.
8.. John Major gave a rifle gun for use in the Militia of Henry Co., VA between 1776 and 1782 and was paid for his RW public service in 1783.
9.. James Major gave Bacon to Henry Co. hospital at Henry Co. Courthouse two times between 1776 and 1782 and was paid for his RW public service at Henry Co., VA in 1783.
10.. Records show a James Major in Henry County Court records until at least 1793.
11.. Jesse Chandler stays in Henry Co., VA until 1793 when he is shown having moved to Newberry Co., SC via his selling of his land in Henry Co., VA from Newberry Co., SC.
12.. Remember this date of 1793 as we go ahead to Wilkes Co., NC.
13.. A James Major marries in 1815 in Henry Co., Va. Possible son of above James Major, this item a TBD.
14.. Abraham Eddins and Uriah Hardiman marry daughters of Robert Chandler.
15.. John Major and his wife Rebecca show in 1787 in Wilkes Co., NC lawsuit against her brother, Robert Chandler, Exor. of estate of Joell Chandler, their father.
16.. John Major and Rebecca win lawsuit against Robert Chandler in Oct 1790.
17.. A son of Robert Chandler, Bailey Chandler, leaves Wilkes Co., NC in 1787 and shows in 1790 and 1800 census of Newberry Co., SC.
18.. Two John Major shows in Wilkes Co., NC in 1790 census. One owns slaves and has twelve children. The other owns no slaves and has 7 children.
19.. By the end of 1793 Josiah and Robert Chandlers and Major families have moved out of Wilkes Co., NC.
20.. David Hendricks Sr. marries a Sarah Major in 1796/97. Their first child named Rebecca is born in 1798. In 1798 David Hendricks is shown buying land in Newberry and with wife Sarah.
21.. From 1798-1803 in Newberry Co, Sc a John Major is shown connected with David Hendricks Sr. and his wife Sarah in land transactions.
22.. In the 1800 census of Newberry Co., SC there appears two elderly people in Bailey Chandler's family. Most probably Robert and Parthenia Chandler.
23.. Uriah Hardiman and Abraham Eddins also appear in 1800 census of Newberry Co., SC
24.. A number of estate sales before 1800 show a John Major in Newberry buying from the sales.
25.. A John Major also appears in the 1800 census of Newberry Co., SC.
26.. In 1800 Census of Newberry Co., Sc for Henry Hendricks Sr. it shows he is probably married. This from family tradition Nancy Major. An older woman is also shown in the household.
27.. In 1800 Census of Newberry Co., SC David Hendricks is shown with wife and two children Rebecca and James and an older woman in the household.
28.. In 1801 Henry Hendricks is shown buying land with John Major as bounder in Newberry Co., SC.
29.. In 1801 John Perry major marries Mary Ann Marshall in Newberry Co., SC.
30.. In 1802 Epps Major married Susannah Teague in either Newberry or Laurens Co., SC.
31.. In 1802 Abraham Eddins leaves will mentions Josiah Chandler, son of Robert Chandler
32.. David Hendricks SR. and Henry Hendricks Sr. move out of Newberry Co., Sc to Pendleton Co., Sc after 1803 and are shown buying land in Pendleton Co., SC.
33.. In 1806 Kittura Major marries Joseph Nimmons in Newberry Co., SC.
34.. In 1807 Epps Major sells out his land in Newberry Co., SC and moves to Pendleton Co., SC.
35.. In 1808 Johsua Teague in Laurens Co. Mentions Susanna Major.
36.. In 1810 census of Newbery Co, SC John Major Sr. is listed with wife and 3 children. John Perry Major is listed with 4 Children and wife.
37.. John Major is mentioned inland deed as bounder on Long Cane Creek, Abbeville Co., SC in 1810.
38.. David Hendricks Sr. and Henry Hendricks Sr. show in Pendleton Co., SC in 1810 census.
39.. John Perry major is mentioned as bondsman for John Marshall in 1816 in Abbeville Co., SC
40.. In 1823 John Perry Major is show buying his first land in Pendleton Co., SC (later after 1827 Anderson Co., SC.)
41.. 40 John Perry Major is shown buying more land in Anderson Co., SC in1830s but still in Abbeville Co., SC until finally moving to Anderson Co., SC and listed in1840 census of Anderson Co., SC.
42.. In 1840 Mary C. Holland is shown in Pickens Co., SC as being born between 1781 and 1790 in the 50-59 age bracket (1820 and 1830 census confirms this age range). The child found in the less than 10 bracket in 1820 can be followed up until 1860 in Pickens and is named Mary Holland and she is in the home of Wm Anderson in 1850. Could not find Mary C. Holland in 1850 census. Weyman Holland born approximately 1775 and dies 1837. Moves to Pickens from Laurens Co. between 1820 and 1830, see land deeds.
43.. In 1850 census of SC John Perry Major says b VA, Kittura Nimmons says born VA. John Perry b 1775 d 1853. Kittura born 1776 VA. Both James Major of Pickens Co. says b 1789 in SC and James Major of Anderson Co., SC say b 1782 in SC in 1850 census. Mary Ann (Marshall) Major says b Ireland.

3. Various Family Traditions

1.. John Major and Family from Virginia
2.. No mention of North Carolina
3.. Only a hint of connection to Chandler Family
4.. There is a William Major who is father of Mary Chandler Major and a whole list of his children.
5.. William Major goes West.
6.. John Major married Martha Eliza Epps d of Richard Epps of Virginia.
7.. John Major is a Revolutionary War soldier from Charles City Co., VA.
8.. John Major is the son of Samuel Major m Jones from Virginia.
9.. John Major is the son of Samuel Major of Culpeper Co., VA.
10.. John Major is the son of James Major from Ireland that came into Virginia.
11.. John Major dies in 1805 in SC.
12.. John Major had 12-18 Children.
13.. John Major had two wives the last one was an Epps.
14.. John Major is son of John Major, dies 1789 near Augusta, GA., Iterant Preacher for Francis Asbury.

4. Analysis of John Major m Rebecca Chandler based on 1790-1810 census data.

1.. In 1790 in Wilkes Co., NC there were 7 children in the family.
2.. There was 4 boys and 3 girls.
3.. All information is that 4 boys were under 16 years of age in 1790.
4.. Note by 1793 one boy could be at least 19-21 years.
5.. John Perry Major would have been 18 in 1793 m 1801.
6.. Epps was b 1772 would have been 21 in 1793 m 1802. Note his wife is down in Laurens Co., SC.
7.. The three girls could have been, Sarah, Nancy and Mary Chandler.
8.. The four boys; 1. Epps, 2. John Perry and 3. ??? 4..???
9.. Sarah was b 1773 m 1796/97 (Lemuel Hendricks Bible).
10.. Nancy was born 1778 ( 1771-1779 by SC Census Data)
11.. Mary Chandler was born between (1781 and 1790 by SC Census data)
12.. In 1800 census of Newberry Co., SC there were 2 boys and 2 girls plus John and Rebecca.
13.. Two boys are missing from the household; 1. Epps, 2. ???
14.. One boy at home could have been John Perry Major; the other??
15.. One girl could have been Mary C., The second girl could have been Kittura.
16.. In 1810 census there was 1 boy and 2 girls and one girl less than 10 years.
17.. The boy ???, The youngest girl ???, The oldest girl could have been Mary C.
18.. So in order of birth Children of John Major m Rebecca Chandler:
19.. 1. Epps 1772
20.. 2. Sarah 1773
21.. 3. John Perry 1775
22.. 4. Kittura 1776
23.. 5. Nancy 1770-1780
24.. 6. Mary Chandler 1781-1790
25.. 7. & 8. Two boys <16 in 1790; on boy 10-15 in 1800; one boy 16-25 in 1810. Family tradition says that a Joseph and Barnett died young.
26.. 9. One girl less than 10 in 1810. This TBD.
27.. This accounts for all the Children shown for John Major according to the 1790, 1800 and 1810 census for John Major m Rebecca Chandler.
28.. The James Major m Elizabeth Ellis b 189 would fit for one of the boys however he says in both 1850 and 1860 census born in SC. Not so according to John Major's migration route.
29.. The James Major b 1782 m Margaret Breazeale could also fit the age brackets but he also says in 1850 census born in SC.

5. Summary of Data not shown in this document


What is given immediately below will be a summary of the findings based on attached data and other some time not supported data from family traditions.

John Major b... Charles City Co., VA d Aft 1810 SC m Rebecca Chandler b Cumberland Co., VA


1. John Perry Major b 1775 VA. d 1853 SC m 1801, Mary Marshall, Newberry Co.

2. Sarah Major b 21 July 1773 d 1812, m 1796/7, David Hendricks Sr., Newberry Co.

3. Nancy Major b ~1778 d aft 1840 ( census shows her born in the 1770-1780 time frame)m ~1799/1800 Henry Hendricks Sr. , Newberry Co.

4. Kittura Major b 1776 VA. d 16 Mar 1865 in Pickens Co., SC; m 19 Feb 1806, Joseph Nimmons

5. Mary Chandler Major b 1788 (1781-1790 NC?). 1840 Pickens Census in 60/70 age bracket; d in 1852 family tradition.. m 1818 Weyman Holland b MD 1775 (census) d 1837 in Pickens Co., SC buried Cokesbury, Abbeville Co., SC.

6. Jane Major b... d... m... John Swinford, (No paper trail for this marriage; was a John Swinford but can only support finding a wife named Phoebe - Census and Swinford Family data.

7. Rebecca Major b 1785 d 1862 (?) m ... John P. Neighbor (Note John Neighbor in Pickens married Ellis, see Gideon Ellis' Will Pickens Co., SC), John P Neibuhr and wife Rebecca shown in Pickens were German Immigrants. Note names of children were not consistent with Major family.

8. Epps Major b 3 Jan 1772 VA d 12 April 1827; m 28 Oct 1802; Susanna Teague b 5 Aug 1776 d 12 Jan 1852.

9. James Major b 1782 SC; d 1852 Anderson Co., SC m .Margaret Breazeale. Note: John Major would have been in Henry Co., Virginia during his birth year.

10. James Major b 1789 SC; d 1864 Pickens Co., SC m Elizabeth Ellis, says b SC in both 1850 and 1860 census. John Major would have been in Wilkes Co., NC during his birth year.

11. William Major m Mary Chandler - cannot find a supporting record. There is a William Major b NC with wife Rachel belongs to MD Majors clan. 1820 Census record book shows a William Major resident there in 1820. See searches made below.

12. Barnett Major - No know records in SC or elsewhere to date to fit John Major's children..

13. Joseph Major - no records with any acceptable age to fit John Major's children to date.

John Major's age unknown ( he would have been at least 16-21 when married in Virginia; he would have been born probably between 1740-1750 and he died after 1810.; He got married to Rebecca in 1769-1771 range. James Major his most probable father was born in 1720 and got married in 1740.

Susannah Majors b 1763 MD marries 1784 David Sloan in Wilkes Co., NC; Susannah is daughter of John Samuel Majors m Rebecca Pollard. David and Susannah Sloan show in Cornercoss Creek area of Pendleton Co., SC in 1786. In 1785 David Sloan Received land bounty from state of NC. David Sloan is last shown in Wilkes co., NC Nov 1785.

6. Most probable Lineage of John Major m Rebecca Chandler

John Major b Charles City Co., VA

Married 1769/71 Rebecca Chandler b Cumberland Co., VA.

Most Probable Parents of

John Perry Major b VA 1775 m Mary Marshall,

Sarah Major b VA 1773 m David Hendricks Sr.,

Nancy Major b VA 1778 m Henry Hendricks Sr.

Epps Major b VA 1772 m Susanna Teague,

Kittura Major b VA 1776 m Joseph Nimmons,

Mary Chandler Major b NC 1788 m Waymon Holland,


(The less than 10 year old girl in family in 1810 Census of Newberry Co., SC)

**Rebecca Major m John P. (or Thomas) Neighbors (no documented connections),

**James Major says b 1789 SC in 1750/60 Census m Elizabeth Ellis (not possible as John Major was in NC at that time),


**Jane Major m John Swinford (Swinford Family says no connections - no data in SC records supports this)

John Major m Rebecca Chandler's most probable lineage.

1.* Edward Major b England bef. 1615 m Martha Butler; Edward Major, Lt. Col. In Virginia Militia, Charles City
Co., VA; Member of House of Burgesses

2. Edward Major b ca 1636

2. Martha Major b ca 1637

2. Robert Major b ca 1640

2.* William Major b bef. 1639 d 4 Oct 1716 m Elizabeth Mason

3. Lemuel Major b ca 1670

3.* William Major b ca 1667

4.* John Major b ca 1677 of York Co., VA d bef. 1737 Charles City Co., VA m 1705 Anne Ballard b ca 1690 d aft 1743 Charles City Co.

5. John Major b 1705 d 1768 Westover Parish, Charles City Co., VA

5. Edward Major b 1707 York Co., VA m Sarah

5. Miss Major b ca 1722

5. Bernard Major b ca 1710 Charles City Co daft 1777 m 1712 Sarah Sorsby

6. John Major b 21 Sept 1740d 1810 Charles City Co., VA m Martha Marable b 3 August 1759{This is the John Major confused by many in SC to be John Major of Newberry and Abbeville Co., SC {see below John Major m Rebecca Chandler.}

6. Many others found in Bernard Major's will of 1777 Charles city Co., VA. (Children, in-laws and grandchildren)

5.* James Major b ca 1720 died at his home in Charles City

Co., VA 1780 from RW wounds as a soldier; m Mary Ballard [see Charles City Co., final probate of James Major estate in 1793]

6. Ballard Major m Ann Hillard disappears from Charles City Co., VA 1799.

6. Sarah Major

6. James Major found in 1778-1793 in Henry Co., VA

6.*John Major m 1769-1771 Rebecca Chandler [Found in Henry Co., VA 1778-1783 with Jesse and Robert Chandler brothers of Rebecca.

Court and land documents confirm. Relationship confirmed with Joell Chandler's will of 1755 in Cumberland Co., VA. John Major and Rebecca are found in 1787 in Wilkes Co., NC (Estate papers of Joell Chandler - Wilkes Co., NC Estate File) suing Robert Chandler for Rebecca Chandler's inheritance from her father. The results of the suit are found in the Civil Action papers of Wilkes Co., NC. John and Rebecca on Oct 1790 got L32+ from Robert Chandler. Jesse Chandler

stayed in Henry Co., VA until 1793 where he removed to Laurens Co., SC. Bailey Chandler leave Wilkes Co., NC 1787 and is found in the 1800 census of Newberry Co., SC. Robert and his son Josiah leave Wilkes Co., NC 1793 for SC. No Chandler or Major family are found

in Wilkes Co., NC after 1793, (see Wilkes Co., NC tax lists.)

*Direct Lineage

John Major is found in Newberry Co., SC 1796-1810 as his son in law David Hendricks Sr. m Sarah Major, John Major's daughter. See Newberry Co., SC land deeds. He is listed as a bounder to Henry Hendricks Sr. m Nancy Major in Newberry Co., SC in 1801.

John Major is found in Newberry Co., SC in SC 1800 census and again in 1810 as John Major Sr. and next door with John Perry Major, his son b in VA 1775 per 1850 census of Anderson Co., SC, m Mary Marshall.

John Major's daughter Sarah Major married David Hendricks approximately 1796/7. Their first child Rebecca Hendricks was born

in Newberry Co., SC in 1798. One logically concludes that John Major and Rebecca Chandler Major and family came into SC between 1793/4 and no later than 1795/6 from Wilkes Co., NC.

If you survey all the State Censuses available from 1790-1820 with what is know about the Major families in all States, the only John Major left to be in SC 1800 &1810 census is John Major m Rebecca Chandler leaving Wilkes Co., NC 1793/4.

A lot of SC Major family descendants have tried to find a John Major from the Culpeper, VA Major family. No such thing they all marry and go to Kentucky.

John Major m 1st Porter, 2nd Ursee Sleet to KY son John Jr. to KY

John Major m Betsy Redd to KY son John Jr. to Ky., son James to Ky.

A continual train of thought is that our John Major is a son of a Samuel Major. True there are many Samuel Major's to go around but all about John Major's age or younger. The one that is old enough is the father of the John Major going to Kentucky.

Two John Major men were found in the area of Wilkes Co., NC.

One was from MD the other from VA. The John Mayjours from MD first had land in Surry Co., NC, then when Wilkes was split out they were in Wilkes. When Stokes Co., NC was formed they ended up there. John Mayjours (Listed as John Majours or Majors in Wilkes Co., NC records) b MD d 1805 Stokes Co., NC m Rebecca Pollard. His son John Majors m Nancy Wright 1782 in Wilkes Co., NC. A Thomas Mayjours a brother to the above John Mayjours was early on into Wilkes Co., NC. He is shown in TN with his family in 1777-1780.

In 1784 David Sloan is shown marrying Susanna Majors in Wilkes Co., NC. Stokes is not formed until 1790s. Some SC researchers say that Susanna Majors Sloan's father is Thomas Major since they named a son Thomas Majors Sloan. My William Ebert Welborn named a son Judge Major Welborn as his next door neighbor was James Major. Thomas Major was not in Wilkes Co., NC in 1784 and was in TN. Susanna Majors was born 1763 in MD so says Susanna in the 1850 census of Anderson Co., SC. In 1777 she would have been only 14 years old. She got married to David Sloan when she was 21.

As a number of families kin to John Mayjours m Rebecca Pollard say Susanna is a daughter of theirs. Methinks this has high probability also. David Sloan disappears from Wilkes Co., NC in 1785 and a David Sloan appears in the Cornercross Creek area of old Pendleton County/District, SC in 1786 and thereafter.

The Kentucky Pearce Family claim Major kin. They claim James Major b 1720 died 1780 from RW wounds m Mary Ballard moved to SC and had a son born in 1775 in SC. Not likely since he was dead. More than likely kin to the James Major of Poor Irish Immigrants who were granted land in 1767 in old Belfast Township (Newberry Co./96th District area). A James Major can be traced through SC to Richland Co., SC area where he is listed in 1790 census. However James Major Poor Irish Immigrant dies in 1787 and leaves his land to his son John Major. This John Major son of James Major Poor Irish Immigrant dies in 1805. The James Major Richland Co. disappears after 1790 from Richland Co. The set of Majors families, Elijah, John, and Nathaniel in Fairfield Co. have a James Major Jr. that appears in 1820. Another James Major appears in 1790 in Chester Co. probating the estate of a John Major who dies in 1790. This family remains to be determined. The James Major of poor Irish Immigrants had !
at least four children; John, Mary, David, Sarah, Ester and probably a William and a wife, named Elizabeth, in 1767. His son David Major is listed in land deeds in SC.

John Perry Major b VA in 1775 d Anderson Co., SC 1853 m Mary Ann Marshall b Ireland.

Their Children: (data from John Perry Major will Dated 19 Jan 1853)

John N. Major deceased at time of will.

John Westly Major

Samuel B. Major Apparently stayed on land JPM owned in Abbeville.

Martha Eliza Major m Nimrod Tillman Smith

Nancy Major m Black

Rebecca Major m Tolbert Stayed in Abbeville

Isabella Major m Tolbert stayed in Abbeville

Mary Ann Major m David Hendricks Jr. parents of Mary Assenath Hendricks m Samuel Whittaker Smith

Jane Major m Carpenter Note - (this could be daughter of J. N. Major)

More later, have almost depleted Abbeville Co. SC records and part way through Newberry Co., SC records. Richland, Edgefield, Fairfield, Chester, Union, Laurens, and Pickens plus Anderson have been partially searched.

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