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Subject: Re: John C. Calhoun and Abraham Lincoln
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 15:08:47 -0700 (PDT)
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Yes as far as all the information around here, that is true about great statesman John C. Calhoun and that scumbag Abe Lincoln.
The Lincoln family tried to cover it up and burned Abe's papers and some books that were written.
If you write me personally, I have some articles on that as I live about 12 miles from Craytonville, SC.
In fact if you go to and type some of those names in you will find lots on that too.
I have some of this Hanks/Calhoun/Lincoln in the below outline.

Descendants of Luke Hanks I

1 Luke HANKS I b: 1679

.. +Elizabeth GLASCOCK

2 Joseph Luke HANKS b: Dec 20, 1725 in Richmond Co. VA

.. +Ann SHIPLEY m: May 26, 1756

3 Mary Elizabeth "Betty" HANKS b: Aft. 1756 d: 1815

... +Jonathan WELDON m: Abt. 1770 d: Bef. 1782

*2nd Husband of Mary Elizabeth "Betty" HANKS:

... +William PEARMAN, Sr. b: 1730 in VA m: Aug 18, 1785 in Pittsylvania Co. VA d: Feb 09, 1788 in Halifax Co. VA Military service: Rev War, 3rd VA Regiment, Private. Served 1776 -1789

4 Weldon PEARMAN b: Jul 07, 1786 in Pittsylvania Co. VA d: Feb 15, 1868 Burial: Little River Church

.... +Letitia "Lettie" SHIRLEY b: 1789 m: Dec 15, 1806 d: Feb 02, 1841 Burial: Little River Church

5 Jonathan PEARMAN b: Oct 28, 1807

..... +Leta WAKEFIELD b: 1812 m: 1827

. 6 Weldon Chester PEARMAN b: Nov 18, 1830 d: Mar 1863

..... +Nancy Catherine PARKER b: Nov 30, 1832 in Franklin Co. GA m: Oct 02, 1856 in Hart Co. GA d: Dec 21, 1902 in Hart Co. GA Father: Lewis PARKER, * Mother: Matilda SWANN, *

5 Benjamin J. PEARMAN b: Aug 17, 1812 in Abbeville Co. SC d: Mar 13, 1880 in Anderson Co. SC Burial: Mt Bethel Baptist Cem. Military service: CSA

..... +Drucilla MCGREGOR b: Dec 27, 1815 m: Mar 08, 1838 d: Apr 21, 1885 in Anderson Co. SC Burial: Mt Bethel Baptist Cem. Father: William MCGREGOR Mother: Miriam DEAN

. 6 Letitia L. PEARMAN b: 1843 d: in Telfair Co. GA Burial: Mt. Galilee Cem.

..... +Stephen Humphrey STONE b: 1840 m: Nov 01, 1860 d: 1919 in Telfair Co. GA Burial: Mt. Galilee Cem. Father: Asbury STONE Mother: Asenith L. MASSEY

5 Catherine Narisa PEARMAN

..... +Andrew Bryson ARMSTRONG m: Aft. 1843

. 6 Margaret Louanny ARMSTRONG b: 1845 in Anderson Co. SC

3 Luke HANKS III b: Oct 1774 d: Apr 1856 in Anderson Co. SC Burial: Ebenezer Cemetery

... +ANN d: in Anderson Co. SC Burial: Ebenezer Cemetery

3 Nancy HANKS b: Feb 05, 1784 in VA d: Oct 05, 1818 in IN

... +John Caldwell CALHOUN b: Mar 18, 1782 in Abbeville Co. SC Friends: Bef. 1809 d: Mar 31, 1850 in Washington, DC Burial: Apr 26, 1850 St. Phillip's Episcopal Church Cemetery, Charleston, SC

4 Abraham LINCOLN b: Feb 12, 1809 d: Apr 15, 1865 in Washington, DC

.... +Mary Ann TODD b: Dec 13, 1818 in KY m: Nov 04, 1842 in Sangamon Co. IL d: Jul 16, 1882 in IL

*1st Husband of Nancy HANKS:

... +Thomas LINCOLN m: Aft. 1809

Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 15:26:51 EDT
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Subject: John C. Calhoun and Abraham Lincoln

Hi folks,
Being a descendant of ole John C., I was amused at this article that appeared
in the Charleston Post and Courier this am..April 12, 2005.

Calhoun's history as 19th-century defender of slavery, hater of taxes and The
Great Nullifier of federal laws is well-known.
A Friend of GMLc (name of article) from Camden, however, recently leaked to
us the Old Rumor about John C. Calhoun and Abraham Lincoln. Maybe it's
well-known, too, but we'd never heard of it.
Lincoln's early years have had a lot of press recently thanks to new
biographies, one of which claims Honest Abe was gay. (We don't think so.)
South Carolina families around Abbeville, where Calhous was born, or
Craytonville, where our story takes place, have handed a story down generation to
generatin that speculates on Lincoln's VERY EARLY years.
It goes like this:
Around 1807, Ann Hanks owned a tavern in Craytonville, about halfway between
Anderson and Abbeville. Her neice, Nancy Hanks, was a barmaid there.
Calhoun, a Yale graduate and a young lawyer in Pendleton and Abbeville,
stopped at the tavern frequently, chatted up the lovely Nancy, took her on buggy
rides and go her pregnant. The Hankses asked for money. To avoid scandal,
Calhoun hired a man named Thomas Lincoln, who worked for a stock driver named
Abraham Enloe, to take pregnant Nancy out of this tate in his one-horse wagon.
Tom and Nancy settled in a log cabin in Kentucky. They named the baby
Abraham, after Lincoln's employer.
Therefore, according to this tabloid version of history, Lincoln was the
illegitmate son of John C. Calhoun!
(We don't think so).
Most sources say Nancy Hanks Lincoln was from what is now West Virginia, not
South Carolina. Lincoln wrote that both his parents were from Virginia.
Nancy Hanks Lincoln died when Abe was 10 years old from milk sickness, poisining
by milk from cows that have eaten white snakeroot."

From my knowledge, some of this is true and it encompasses some of the North
Carolina myth as well.

Joy Skipper Cornwell
Charleston, SC

David S. Payne, 1614 Chapman Rd., Anderson, SC, 29621 : My websites: ,


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