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Mr. Kankula, I know I promised you a copy of the Mt. Pisgah
History and just this week got and extra copy out of storage
where it's been since I move to Florida.
First , Slabtown was the cemetery of Slabtown Presbyterian
Church which was quite active for years there on Hwy 88. It began
to loose members when the railroad came above the area in Easley
and Liberty and with it came businesses. The farming appears to
begin to have problems- some say it is because so many of the
farmers were trying to grow cotton on soil that just was not rich
enough to support this crop. The farmer often just planted cotton
over and over until it just wasn't producing enough for them to
survive so they saught work elsewhere. Finally, the Presbyterian
Officials just closed the church. Later, I it burned after
falling into a sad condition.
I have written several articles concerning this section of
Anderson County- especially the legend concerning the name Slabtown.
The legend was handed from generation to generation.
The area was originally called Equality . A stage coach passed
through the area on its way to Pendleton. One passenger-he legend
says on seeing so many slab outbuilding on each farm- remarked:"We
certainly must have reached Slabtown." The slabs were from my
ancestors saw mill on Little Creek which flows into Three and
TwentyCreek just above the bridge of Hwy 88. It was operated first
by William Rankin from Augusta Co. Va and David Smith of the area.
Then they were joined by my great, great, grandfather-George Rankin,
a nephew of William, who operated it until his death.
I lived in the area until I married and then just moved
over to the Wren Community. I moved out of SC in the early 90's
after my husbands death and my first bout with cancer. But this
area has a
firm grasp on my heart with all its history. ( a Yankee soldier
rested for many years in a grave in the farm just across 88
from the Cemetery. When I was a little girl,( I'm now a old
retired school teacher 73 years old) the soldiers family somehow
found his burial site and removed the remains to be buried in I
believe PA. or one of the states in the "North". Please send me your
address so I can send you the Mt Pisgah book. I filed it so
carefully, I hid it from myself. Thank you. JoAnn R.Wigington
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> Slabtown Memorial Cemetery off Highway 88, was originally started as a
church cemetery. One local resident thought that it was called the Carmel
Presbyterian Church. Can you confirm this fact?
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