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From: "Audrey E. Pool" <>
Subject: Re: BURTON-BEVILL-HALL of Southside VA to Edgefield, SC
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 13:14:22 -0600

Source: Early Settlers of Mecklenburg County, VA, VOL II:

"BURTON, Abraham Deed Book 1, Page 277

Abraham BURTON to John WILSON…cons. 200 pounds…350 acres on both side of ALLENS Creek…adjoining Joseph RAGSDALE, Elisha BROOKS and Edward BEVILL. Witnesses: Zachariah (X) BEVILL, Edward BEVILL, William BELL /s/ Abraham BURTON

Dated 15 Aug 1766 Recorded 8 Sept 1766"

Robert BURTON and Abel BURTON are witnesses to a deed of John HAMMOND, 1766, Mecklenburg Co, VA.

Abram BURTON and Edward BEVILL and Thos GREEN are witnesses to Thomas WHITWORTH deed, 1766.

Abram BURTON is a witness to deed of John TUCKER, 1765.

"Edward BEVILL to Abraham BURTON…cons 70 pounds…65 acres on south side of ALLENS Creek, adjoining John WILSON, John COLEMAN, Edward BEVILL and BILBO. Witnesses: John WILSON, James HALL, Martin TUREMAN. /s/ Edward BEVILL

Dated 13 Oct 1766 Recorded 13 Oct 1766."

"COLEMAN, John Deed Book 1, Page 512

John COLEMAN to Abraham BURTON…cons. 30 pounds…220 acres on both sides of ALLENS Creek…adjoining John WILSON, Edward BEVILL, James MURRAY and Richard TALLEY. Witnesses: John MURPHY, Junr., W. MURPHY, Edward BEVILL. /s/ John COLEMAN. Dated 11 May 1767 Recorded 14 Sept 1767."

"BURTON, Mary of Amelia County to Abraham BURTON of Mecklenburg County…for good causes and other cons., a slave. /s/ Mary BURTON"

1800 Personal Property Tax List

BURTON, Allen 1

BURTON, Charles 1

BURTON, Charles, Sr 1

BURTON, Elisha 1

BURTON, Hutchins 1

BURTON, John 1

BURTON, Capt Peter 1

Source: Mecklenburg County, VA Will Book 1765-1799:

"BURTON, Peter, Junr Will Book 3, Page 365

Names: Father – Abraham BURTON

Mother – Ann BURTON

Left estate to father, if he dies, then to mother.

Executors: Father Abraham BURTON and friend Joseph QUINICHETT. Witnesses: Edward NEAL, John HUDSON, Samuel ALLGOOD and Francis M. NEAL. Codicil: bequest to nephew Abraham BURTON, now living with me, son of my brother Thomas BURTON of Georgia. Witnesses: same as above

Will dated Feb 11, 1796 Recorded July 11, 1796."

"BURTON, Robert Will Book 4, Page 76

Names: wife – not named and evidently deceased

Children: Archer BURTON, Robert BURTON, Elisha BURTON, William BURTON, Miney ROLFE, John BURTON, Allen BURTON.

Specific bequests to all of children. Remainder of estate to be divided between sons, Robert, Elisha, William, John and Allen BURTON.

Executors: Son John and friend William ROWLETT. Witnesses: David HUDSON, Herbert HARDY and Elizabeth HUDSON.

Will dated March 29, 1798 Recorded Dec 10, 1798. Note: Executors named refused to qualify and William BURTON qualified as administrator with will annexed."

"BURTON, Noel Will Book 1, Page 29

Names: Wife not name and evidently deceased.

Children: * Allen BURTON, Judith YOUNG, John BURTON, Josiah BURTON, *Robert BURTON, Benjamin BURTON, Hutchins BURTON.

Specific bequests to all except son Hutchins BURTON. Remainder of estate to son Hutchins BURTON. Refers to land in Halifax County, and to debts owed him by John BURTON of Cumberland County and Samuel BUGG and John C. GOODE of Mecklenburg County.

Executor: Hutchins BURTON

Witnesses: John BURTON, George BASKERVILL and Robert BURTON. Will dated July 31, 1766 Recorded Oct 1, 1766."


1. The YOUNG family of Southside VA m. PETTYPOOL. (aep)

a.. GOODE. One of the GOODE men m. a HOLLOWAY.
b.. Bennett GOODE , Amos HIX/HICKS, Jacob BUGG and Sherwood BUGG are executors to the will of Samuel BUGG, 1777, Mecklenburg County, VA
c.. BASKERVILL is seen on other family records of Southside VA. (aep)
5. *See Allen and Robert BURTON in Edgefield, SC records below.

Emigration to Other States from Southside VA by ELLIOT:

"BURTON, Hutchins, et als Franklin County, GA

Know all men by these presents that we, Hutchins BURTON and John RAGSDALE of Franklin County, State of Georgis, do appoint our friend Drury RAGSDALE of Mecklenburg County, State of Virginia, our lawful attorney to receive our parts, or moity, of a certain tract of land in Mecklenburg County containing 180 acres, it being the premises where John RAGSDALE, deceased, formerly lived, coming to the heirs of the said John RAGSDALE, deceased. Dated 9 March 1813 Recorded 17 Feb 1817. Ref: Mecklenburg County Deed Book 16, Page 404."


1. Martha RAGSDALE m. one of the PETTYPOOL men, perhaps it was Seth PETTYPOOL. (aep)

a.. James POOL of Mecklenburg Co, VA m. Ursula HUDSON or Elizabeth HUDSON, most likely the same person, Ursula Elizabeth HUDSON, d/o William HUDSON. James POOL migrated to Laurens County, SC. (aep)
Edgefield District, SC Will Book, 1787-1836 by James E. & Vivian Wooley:

"P. 247. 22 Nov 1807. I, Allen BURTON, being in a weak and lanquishing condition but of sound mind & memory. I direct that my just debts to be fully paid off. I give to my beloved wife Mary BURTON seven negroes during her life then to return to my children, viz. Big Ned, Silvy, Stephen, Little Peter, Sucky, Nanny & Aggy. Also negroes Rafe & Ben to be sold with two young horses and the money to pay off my just debts. Likewise I give my horses, cattle, hogs & household furniture and plantation tools unto my beloved wife during her natural life & then divided between my children. I give to my son Allen BURTON when he marry one negro that shall be valued for $500. I give to my son Washington BURTON when he marry one negro valued at $500. I likewise will that the rest of my negroes & their increase be equally divided when my son John BURTON become of age which will be 2 Sept 1815. I likewise order that when the division is made that my three youngest sons viz. John, Beverly & Rob!
ert BURTON be made equal with my three oldest sons viz, Allen, Washington & Benjamin BURTON. I appoint my beloved wife Mary BURTON as executrix and Allen and Benjamin BURTON as executors. Wit: william THORMOND, John PAIRS & William (x) HUSTON. Signed: Allen BURTON, Senr. Proved by the oath of John PAIRS the 4 Dec 1807 & at the same time qualified Mary BURTON as executrix & Allen BURTON as executor. Recorded the 18 May 1808."

Edgefield County, SC Deed Book 9, 1793-1794:

"Pp. 227-233. 3 Nov 1793: Robert BURTON, House Carpenter, of Turkey Creek to James HALL, planter of Turkey Creek, both of Edgefield Co, SC for 20 pds. sold 220 acres on Turkey Cr. Leading from CHAPPEL’S Bridge on Saludy (sic) to Augusta adj. Arthur SIMKINS, Esq. & said BURTON. S/ Robert BURTON. Wit: Benjamin RYAN, Junr., Daniel ROGERS, William HALL, who swore by oath 11 Mar 1794 before Joseph HIGHTOWER, JP. Rcd. 11 Mar 1794. 11 Mar 1794: Sarah BURTON wife of Robert relinq. Dower bef. W. ANDERSON, J.C.E., Richard TUTT, C.E.C."

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