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Bridges Brenan/Brannon did not operate a plantation in Edgefield, because he
owned no slaves in 1810-30. The Edgefield Co deeds and other records do not
include a large number of references to Bridges, but there are enough of
them to place him within the yDNA-specified Caron Brannon line, via the
Thomas and Catherine Croucher Brannon branch through Johnston Co NC, and
most-likely via the Caron Brannon II branch from there (because of migration
patterns, availability of sons by 1790, recurrence of the name Thomas, and
availability of nearby Brantl(e)y and Bridge(r)s families for marital
purposes). A potential link via Spartanburg Co SC would be the family of
William Brannon (b. 1745)/James/Caron, but William Brannon's children were
named in his estate papers, and he had no son named Bridges.

First, the McGinnises (variously-spelled, none being literate): Thomas
McGinnis was single when he petitioned for 100 acres of land in SC in 1767.
The land was on Bigg Creek of Turkey Creek; he also purchased land on Logg
Creek of Stephens Creek, very slightly north of the later town of Edgefield.
On that one, he lived very near a number of my ancestors, which is why I'd
run across a batch of his documents (one 5g surveyed his land, another 5g
purchased the second tract, a 4g from a different line witnessed its resale,
etc.). He married Hannah MNU at some point during or shortly after the
Revolution, in which he participated as a militiaman. They had three
children, Nancy, Joseph and Hester, all born 1784<90. A transcript of the
wills of Nancy Brannon's mother Hester and brother Joseph (listing Nancy's
children as heirs and naming several of them) is online at The index-entries are <McGennis, Hannah> recorded
2 Mar 1824, and <McGinnis, Joseph>, recorded 16 May 1816. Bridges
Brenan/Brannon (b. 1784<90) necessarily came down from NC in time to marry
Nancy McGinnis in/by 1803, since their oldest child was born in 1804.
Joseph McGinnis died single in early 1816, his sister Hester being unmarried
at the time. She married Jesse Payne in time to have daughters Mary and
Addeline Payne before Hannah McGennis marked her will on 31 Dec 1823.

The five oldest children of Bridges and Nancy Brenan were named in a Deed of
Gift of 1 March 1817, Edgefield Deed Book 37, p. 293:
Hannah McGinnis, Hester McGinnis, and Bridges Brenan to Nancy Brenan,
Deed of Gift, 1 March 1817, love of Nancy and her five children James Alfred
Brantly Thos Albert and Louisa, part of real estate of Joseph McGinnis Decd
agreeable to will of decd, 57 1/2 acres on Turkey Creek of Stephens Creek on
Cambridge road. /s/ Hannah (x) McGinnis, /s/ Hester (x) McGinnis, /s/
Bridges (x) Brenan. Wit John (x) Goalman, Jesse Blocker. Proven 6 Nov 1820
by Jesse Blocker. Proven 6 Nov 1820 by Jesse Blocker; M Mims CCP. Rec. 6
Nov 1820.

Three of those children (and two perhaps-later ones) appear after 1830 with
their parents in adjoining counties along the Chattahoochee River. The
adjoining-county lineup, from north to south, is Harris Co GA and Muscogee
Co GA, then across the river at Columbus GA to Russell Co AL and Barbour Co
AL. Harris Co GA was not actually where Bridges Brannon and sons lived, but
where his probable-brother John Brannon (3 Jan 1775 in Johnston Co NC - 27
Jan 1858 in Ellerslie, Harris Co GA) went after a 10-year stay in Newton Co
GA. The family tradition in that line is that this John Brannon had first
moved ~1810 to SC, "possibly Abbeville Co". He did not--no time between the
last child born in Wake Co NC in 1824 and the first child born in Newton Co
GA in 1826. However, "somebody did", so presumably that was Bridges. John
Brannon had to go "through" Edgefield Co SC in order to get from Wake Co NC
to Newton Co GA, since there was just the one road in the 1820's.

The five children named in 1817 were evidently the oldest ones:

1. James was James W., born 4 Mar 1804 in Edgefield, died 5 May 1887 in
Cleburne Co AL. On 16 Nov 1830, he married Dempsey Thompson in Edgefield Co
SC. Dempsey was born May 1810, died in Oct 1895 at Bell Mills, Cleburne Co
AL. They moved to Columbus (Muscogee Co GA) shortly after marriage, then to
Russell Co AL across the river until 1857, then to Bell Mills AL (per
Dempsey's obituary).

2. Alfred is a mystery, who does not appear to have survived after the 1820

3. Brantly was William Brantley, born 1814 in Edgefield, died 12 Jul 1873
in Eufaula, Barbour Co AL. On 16 Oct 1834, he married Rebecca Perrin
Belcher, daughter of Edmund B. Belcher, in Edgefield. Their first five
children were enumerated in 1850 in Edgefield. Rebecca had twins, Robert
Belcher (for her grandfather) Brannon and Susanna Rebecca Brannon, on 17 Jan
1851, died on 16 Feb 1851 at her home near Hamburg SC. Her obituary in the
Edgefield Advertiser said that she was survived by six children, so one of
the twins had died. The other twin died shortly afterwards. William
Brantley Brannon moved west to join the family. On 15 Apr 1858, he married
Mary Ann Kaigler in Eufaula, Barbour Co AL. She was the daughter of Reuben
and Anne Catherine Lowerman Kaigler from Lexington Co SC.

4. Thomas Albert was born ~1813 in Edgefield, died ~1884 in Barbour Co AL.
His Edgefield neighbors Drury (Jr.) and Charlsey Edwards Mims left for
Muscogee Co GA by 1830 (per his obituary), taking their daughters with them.
Thomas Albert Brannon married Julia Mims on 9 Apr 1835 in Muscogee Co GA.
His parents, Bridges and Nancy McGinnis Brannon, arrived in Russell Co AL in
time for the 1840 census, and Drury Mims Jr. moved across the river to
Russell Co before the same census. By 1850, Thomas Albert and Julia Mims
Brannon also moved to the Russell Co AL side of the Chattahoochee. Julia's
father, Drury Mims Jr., moved in with them prior to his death in 1858.

5. Louisa, born prior to 1817, either did not survive to maturity, or else
she underestimated her age later.

6. Martha Brannon was born between 1817 and 1820, because two daughters
were listed in the 1820 Bridges Brenan household, and Martha was named in
the 1823 will of her grandmother Hannah McGinnis.

7. A second daughter named Louisa is suggested only by the 1860 census of
Barbour Co AL. The household of T.A. (Thomas Albert) Brannon (p. 294)
includes a Louisa aged 30 (b. ~1830), and the household of William B.
(Brantley) Brannon (p. 295) includes a Louisa aged 31 (b. ~1829). That was
surely the same unmarried sister, who lived alternately with the two nearest
brothers. Two unmarried daughters were resident in the B. (Bridges) Brannon
household in Russell Co AL in 1840, one born 1810<20, and one born 1820<25.
Those were perhaps Louisa and Martha, born in that order. The census-age in
1860 for spinster-sister Louisa, apparently born ~1815 (so 45-ish), may have
been a polite fraternal fiction.

Harriet Imrey

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Can anyone provide me with any information on this family Bridges Brennan
was reported to be a large plantation owner in the early 1800s Edgefield. He
removed to Russell County Alabama where he first appears on the 1800 Russell
County Alabama census as B. Brannon and died in Russell County in 1848.

Nancy was the daughter of Thomas and Hannah McGinnis of Edgefield.


Clarence Brannon

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