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From: James W Green III <>
Subject: Re: [SCFAIRFI-L] Wateree Creek
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 19:00:41 -0500

On Sun, 2 May 1999 16:51:08 EDT
>Hi James:

You all please don't take my comments personally.
I mean no disrespect.

>Regarding your request for a more detail location
>where the Wateree Creek is shown entering the
>Broad, I checked the maps you addressed and didn't
>locate the subject creek. The map I referenced
>shows Wateree Creek on the Newberry County side of
>The Broad Approx. 5 to 10 miles upstream of the
>confluence of Little River with the Broad. Above
>the Wateree is shown Crime's Creek and the
>Cannon's Creek.

Following your directions, I checked the Newberry
side, namely the current highway dept. maps of
Newberry & Richland Counties. I found Wateree
Creek in northern Richland County flowing into the
Broad from the west. You taught me something. :-)
Creeks south of the Enoree River flowing into the
Broad River from the west that are shown on the
current county maps are:
from Newberry County Map
Hellers or Second Creek.
Cannons Creek
Rocky Creek (which Crims Creek flows into)
continuing from Richland County Map
Wateree Creek
Boone Creek
Hopes Creek
Nicholas Creek

I do not think I'd heard of any of those in
Richland County. They are tiny creeks.

>On the Fairfield side of the broad between Little
>River and Beaver Creek is shown Wilkinson Creek.

On the 1876 map of our county the creeks flowing
into the Broad River starting with Beaver Creek &
going south are:
Beaver Creek
Rocky Cr.
Terrible Cr.
Wilkinson Creek
Good Oaken Cr.
Harris Br.
Mile Br.
Hunts Br.
Little River

Looking at the 1908 map:
Beaver Creek
Rocky Creek
Terrible Creek
Pole Creek (at Dawkins)
Frees Creek
Mayo Creek
Little River

I cannot easily match all of the above creeks on
the 1876 map to the creeks' alternate names on the
1908 map.

If one of you can track down these maps and scan
them in, we could have them on the web. 1908 is
well over the 75 year limit of copyright so neither
are under copyright. I would put them on the web
but have no scanner. I will provide the web space
or make a link. Besides having no money to buy a
scanner, the Historic Map of 1970 has me busy.
Reprints of the 1876 sell for about $18. If
interested, I will put up a web page for the vendor
Col. Hinnant.

>Regarding Diltchman/Dutchman Creek on the Catawba,
>I reviewed the map referenced in your email, then
>rechecked the spelling on the map I referenced,
>and find it to be one and the same. The spelling
>on the map I have could well be "Dutchman" and not
>"Diltchman." The Beaver Creek that I referenced as
>entering the Wateree is a few miles down stream of
>the Dutchman Creek confluence with the Wateree and
>on the East side.

Checking the recent highway dept. Kershaw County
map going south along the Wateree River I find
Singletons Creek
Beaver Creek
Stillhouse Branch
White Oak Creek
Grannies Quarter Creek

I guess I was just looking to quickly & only on the
Fairfield side of these rivers.

>Again, I hope I didn't cause any confusion, only
>wanted to be helpful.

You cleared up possible confusion by us over the
2 Wateree Creeks.

I think it is helpful for us to know our creeks
since creek names are how our ancestral lands'
locations are described & they are often buried on
their own land. Maybe we should stick to the
Fairfield side of the rivers, though my 1st Broom
in SC got 150 acres on Little Cedar Creek in what
became Fairfield probably plus 400 acres on one of
those creeks you mentioned in what is now Newberry
County, all 550 acres in one grant & one Memorial!
I don't know why the acreage was split into 2

It is very important to know there is another
Wateree Creek nearby but not in Fairfield County.
That Wateree in Richland County being west of the
Broad River should be in 96 District, rather than
Camden District. (Thank heavens for small favors.)
Is that right about it being in 96 District? The
grants some times list the county we are in
(Craven) & sometimes list the District we are in
(Camden). When the grant gives the county or
district it keeps us from confusing 2 creeks of
the same name which are not in the same
jurisdiction. Right? Right! :-)

Wateree Creek of present Richland Co. & Wateree
Creek of Fairfield Co. were settled at the same
time & I am surprised if some Fairfield folks did
not get grants on Wateree of current Richland Co.
just like my Brooms got land in Fairfield &
Newberry at the same time.

So Mr. Leitner has warned us about Wateree Creek in
current Richland Co. That would be old Lexington
County. I checked by looking at the county name
given on the edges of Fairfield County on the
Fairfield County maps of 1876 & 1908. After 1908
Richland got hungry & ate Fairfield's Blythewood
(old Doko) in 1912 I think & sometime in the 1900s
ate a bit of Lexington Co. west of the Broad River.

>I agree, "It was interesting."
>Robert Leitner

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