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From: "Lee and Billie Jones" <>
Subject: Death Cert: HAZEL, POWELL, TROTTER, TIMMERMAN connections
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 13:49:30 -0500

Found these Death certificates in a different notebook. Looks like I never
posted them. I have also added commentary on my research for clarification,
correction, or for information. Corrections appreciated. Post to list will
make sure everyone corrects the data if needed.

Billie Jones
Camden, SC


1951 - Death Cert. #9325 - Liza Hazel Powell
Female, White, widow of Yancy M. Powell
b. Feb. 23, 1968, Saluda Co, SC [Edgefield Co. at that time]
father: John Hazel mother: Mary Bodie
d, July 19, 1951, Rural Saluda Co, SC
cause: Acute Pulmonary edema
informant: J. H. Powell
Buried: Bethelehem [Methodist church], Rural Johnston, SC
UT: Edwards Funeral Home.

Problem, I have father as James W from all my census work on the Hazel family
and the death certificate of her brother John Bland Hazel lists parents as
James W. Hazel and Mary Bodie:

1916 - Death Certificate #35412, Saluda Co, SC
John B. Hazel
Male White farmer
b. March 9, 1854, Saluda Co, SC*
father: James W. Hazel, Saluda Co, SC*
mother: Mary Bodie, Saluda, SC*
d. May 20, 1916, Saluda #4, Saluda Co, SC
cause: thyphoid fever
informant: N. B. Hazel [most likely his brother Nathan]
buried: Bethelhem Church [Methodist, Saluda Co, SC]
UT: R. L. Ramey

The obit of another brother also states he is the son of James W. Hazel and
Mary Bodie:

The following obituary was found in the scrapbook of Mrs. Ella Ruth Hazel
Trotter., granddaughter to John Bland Hazel thru their son John Henry and
Jamesanna Timmerman Hazel. The newspaper and date of the obit are not given.
"Tribute Paid to *Mr. James B. Hazel (By Miss Zena Payne) -- In the
passing of Mr. James B. Hazel, on September 5, all who knew him have been
saddened. He was the son of the late Mr. J. W. Hazel and Mrs. Mary Bodie
Hazel, being born August 24, 1870, in the Bethlehem community where he lived
until manhood, taking an active part in community lift.
He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Mary Workman Hazel, two sons, Mr. W. S.
Hazel of Tampa, FL and Mr. Clifton Hazel of Greenwood; a daughter Miss Flema
Hazel of Johnston; also 10 grandchildren; two great-grandchildren, and a
sister, Mrs. Y. M. Powell of Johnston.
(Summarized) Christian man, loyal and consecrated, giving his heart to the
Saviour in early boyhood. He was faithful in his work, never speaking anything
but good of others, a wonderful loving and kind husband and father....
The body was laid to rest Tuesday afternoon, four o'clock, a beautiful
service conducted by the Rev. B. R. Cannon held in the dear old church where he
worshipped and served God so long. The body was then laid to rest by graves of
other loved ones gone on before under the huge old trees that have stood
sentinel so long...."

I have other documentation on this family and all points to father as James W.
Hazel, rather than John Hazel. The informant is probably Her son James H.
Powell b. March 15, 1895 m. Ashley Bledsoe. Grandfather James W. died April
06, 1912, so he may not have remembered him. When my sons had their children,
I remember one of them asking me what their "Pop"s name was to put in the baby

We need to educate out families on the names we know to keep them accurate when
information for death certificates are needed.

1951 - Death Cert. #1226, Saluda Co, SC
Otis E. Powell
Male, white, farmer, married to Mrs. Willie Crout Powell
father: Yancey Powell mother: Mrs. Lizie Hazel Powell
d. Sept 29, 1951, Rural Johnston, Saluda Co, SC
cause: coronary thrombosis
informant: O. Eugene Powell
buried: Bethlehem [Methodist Church], Saluda Co.
UT: Joe E. Edwards, Johnston, SC

This is a son of the above Liza Hazel Powell.

The following obit was included in the Scrapbook kept by Ella Ruth Hazel
Trotter. No dates or name of newspaper given. (Some of the other obits
included in the scrapbook are from the Saluda Standard and some are from the
State newspaper)
OTIS E. POWELL -- Johnston, Sept 30 (Special) - Otis E. Powell, 55, died at 5
o'clock this morning at his home near Johnston. Mr. Powell's death was sudden
and unexpected. He attended the Johnston-Saluda football game last night here
and retired iin apparent good health, although he was said to be subject to
hear attacks.
Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Willie Crout Powell of Johnston; one
daughter, Mrs. Herbert Rushton of Johnston; one son, O. Eugene Powell of
Columbia; five brothers: J. H., Boyce, Wilbur, Elzie and Clarence Powell, all
of Johnston, and four grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held at 3:30 Sunday afternoon from Bethlehem
Methodist Church near Johnston. Interment will be in the Bethlehem cem.
Mr. Powell was a native of Saluda Co. He was a farmer and was also employed
with the Ridge Fertilizer Co. here.

Altho the obit does not include dates, his dates are included in the Bethlehem
Cem. Records:
Powell, Otis Eugene Nov 5 1896 Sep 29 1951
Powell, Willie CROUT Dec 25 1898

HELP NEEDED: Does anyone iknow the daughter who married Herbert Rushon?


A Timmerman/Hazel connectiion that fits into both the lists I am sending today.

1952 - Death Certificate #12201, Greenwood Co, SC
Mrs. Maggie Timmerman
Female, White, Widow of George Timmerman, runs a boarding house
b. Oct 25, 1888, SC
father: John Hazel mother: Matilda Edwards
d. July 12, 1952, Self Memorial Hosp, Greenwood, Greenwood Co, SC
cause: broncogenic carcinoma
informant: Virgil Setzler
buried: Bethlehem [Methodist Church. Saluda Co, SC]
UT: Ramey Funeral Home

Informant is son-in-law. Margaret "Maggie" Hazel Timmerman is the
granddaughter of the James W. Hazel m. Mary Bodie thru their son John Bland
HAZEL b: March 09, 1854 in Edgefield Co, SC d: May 30, 1916 Burial:
Bethlehem Methodist Church Cem., Saluda Co, SC married Matilda Louisa EDWARDS
b: April 06, 1858 in Edgefield Co, SC d: July 06, 1936 Father: Benjamin
Edwards Mother: Julia A. Suddath Burial: Bethlehem Methodist Church Cem.,
Saluda Co, SC.

Sources: Scrapbook of pictures and obits kept by Ella Ruth Hazel Trotter
(1905-1963), d/o John Henry & Jamesanna Timmerman Hazel, (Copy provided by
Betty Trotter, May 2004), obit of Mrs. J. B. Hazel, mother; obit of Mrs. Julia
Hazel Simmons, sister.

The following census shows her father-in-law living with her to help attach her
to her husband's family.
CENSUS: 1920 Saluda Co, SC [Soundex - ED 124, Sh 1, line 15]
Maggie Timmerman m. w Saluda 30 1888 SC
Mary Timmerman d 13 1907 SC m. Warren M. Berry
Theodore Timmerman s 11 1909 SC m. Statia DOWD
Corrine Timmerman d 9 1911 SC m. F. Ansel Crouch
Edith Timmermand 5 1915 SC m. G. Virgil Setzler
Ransom B. Timmerman Father in L 64 1856 SC m. Ella J. TIMMERMAN

She is called Mrs. Maggie Timmerman of Saluda, SC in the obit of her sister,
Mrs. Julia Hazel Simmons.

Descendants of Margaret 'Maggie' Hazel

1 Margaret 'Maggie' HAZEL b: October 25, 1888 in Bethlehem Community, then
Edgefield Co, now Saluda Co.,SC d: July 12, 1952 Burial: Bethlehem Methodist
Church Cem., Saluda Co, SC
. +George Meadows TIMMERMAN b: October 02, 1881 d: January 02, 1919 Father:
Ransom B. Timmerman Mother: Ella Virginia Timmerman Burial: Bethlehem Methodist
Church Cem., Saluda Co, SC
..... 2 Edith TIMMERMAN b: March 05, 1914 d: December 31, 1987
......... +George Virgil SETZLER b: January 17, 1910
..... 2 Ransom Theodore TIMMERMAN b: August 02, 1908 d: May 28, 1965
Burial: Bethlehem Methodist Church Cem., Saluda Co, SC
......... +Stacia DOWD Father: James Milton Dowd Mother: Maggie Ophelia
..... 2 Mary Irene TIMMERMAN b: April 03, 1906 d: October 11, 1976 Burial:
Sunset Gardens Memorial Park Cem., Edgefield Co, SC
......... +Warren Martin BERRY, Sr. b: August 12, 1900 d: August 20, 1958 in
Johnston, Edgefield Co, SC Burial: Sunset Gardens Memorial Park Cem.,
Edgefield Co, SC
..... 2 Eva Corrine TIMMERMAN b: September 23, 1910 d: July 25, 1982
......... +Frank Ansel CROUCH b: February 07, 1906

1952 - Death Cert. #1006, Saluda Co, SC
Ernest B. Trotter
Male White Farmer, married Leona Rodgers, WWI vet.
b. June 6, 1893, Rural Saluda Co, SC [then Edgefield Co]
father: John R. Trotter
mother: Susie Snelgrove
d. Jan 23, 1952, rural Saluda Co, SC
cause: cerebral hemmorhage
informant: Truman Trotter, Saluda, SC
buried: Red Bank [Baptist church Cem., Saluda, Saluda Co, SC]
UT: Ramey's, Saluda, SC

Undated obit from the Ella Ruth Hazel Trotter scrapbook states:
E. E. Trotter - Ward Resident, 58, died, Rites from Red Hill Baptist Church
Saluda, Jan 23 (special) - Ernest E. Trotter, 58, died early this morning
at his home at Ward, after an illness of three days. He was a native of Ward
township all his life and was a member of Ridgeland Springs Baptist church.
Funeral services will be held at 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon from Red Bank
Baptist Church....Interment will follow in Red Bank Cem.
Survivors include the widow, Mrs. Leona R. Trotter; three daughters, Mrs.
Conrad Banks of Saluda, Mrs. Platts of Ridge Spring and Mrs. Marion Reams of
Johnston; four sons, Truman and Hayward Trotter of Saluda, and Billy and Ansel
Trotter of Ward; five brothers, John and Ira Trotter of Columbia, Hammond
Trotter of Trenton, George Trotter of Johnston and Carl Trotter of Ridge
Spring, and five sisters, Mrs. Eugene Becknell of Pomaria, Mrs. Myrice Rushton
of Johnston, Mrs. Buster Story of Ward, Mrs. Otto Styron of Saluda, and Mars.
Lester Monarch of Alabama.

He is named as Earnest Buster Trotter, the deceased father of Ansel Bernard
Trotter, in his marriage announcement found in the Scrapbook of pictures and
obits kept by Ella Ruth Hazel Trotter (1905-1963), d/o John Henry & Jamesanna
Timmerman Hazel, (Copy provided by Betty Trotter, May 2004)

Both he and his wife are found in the Red Bank Baptist Church Cem. Records as
Trotter, Ernest Jun 6 1893 - Jan 23 1952
Trotter, Leona RODGERS Apr 20 1898 -

His ancestry per Betty Trotter's research is:
Direct Descendants of John T. Trotter

1 John T. TROTTER b: Abt. 1837 in SC d: May 15, 1905
. +Martha BOZIER b: March 07, 1835 in SC d: August 20, 1890 Burial: Red
Bank Baptist Church Cem., Saluda, Saluda Co, SC
..... 2 John Rufus TROTTER b: February 18, 1868 d: January 06, 1949
Burial: Red Bank Baptist Church Cem., Saluda, Saluda Co, SC
......... +Susan Anna Rebecca SNELGROVE b: October 15, 1873 in Edgefield Dist,
Saluda Division, SC d: February 15, 1942 in Ward, Saluda Co, SC Father: Jim
Snelgrove Mother: Barbara Elizabeth Edwards Burial: Red Bank Baptist Church
Cem., Saluda, Saluda Co, SC
............ 3 Ernest Buster TROTTER b: June 06, 1893 in Ward, then Edgefield
Co, SC, now Saluda Co, SC d: January 23, 1952 Burial: Red Bank Baptist
Church Cem., Saluda, Saluda Co, SC

So far, she has not been able to attach John T. Trotter to the other Trotters.
Can anyone help.

Ernest and his wife had the following children:
1 Ernest Buster TROTTER b: June 06, 1893 in Ward, then Edgefield Co, SC, now
Saluda Co, SC d: January 23, 1952 Burial: Red Bank Baptist Church Cem.,
Saluda, Saluda Co, SC
. +Leona RODGERS b: April 20, 1898
..... 2 Ethel Lenora TROTTER b: December 21, 1920 Burial: Red Bank
Baptist Church, Saluda, Saluda Co, SC
......... +Conrad BANKS b: August 06, 1911 m: November 30, 1949 in Ward,
Saluda Co, SC d: March 13, 1972 Burial: Red Bank Baptist Church, Saluda,
Saluda Co, SC
..... 2 Doris Leona TROTTER
......... +Edwin Loadholt 'Eddie' PLATTS
..... 2 Willie Winifred TROTTER
......... +Marion Lake REAMS
..... 2 Truman Ernest TROTTER
......... +Arzelle DORN Father: Ed Dorn
..... 2 Hayward Rodgers TROTTER
......... +Maidie POU Father: Phillip Pou
..... 2 Billy Donald TROTTER
......... +Jane MABUS
..... 2 Ansel Bernard TROTTER
......... +Mary Lynn MATTHEWS Father: Garner W. Matthews, Sr.

I removed all dates that I had for a couple of them, as I do not know if they
are living or not.


Additional information on any of these folks would be appreciated.

Billie jones
Camden, SC

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