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From: "D. Derr" <>
Subject: Re: Petersen
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 23:36:05 -0800


Not sure about Nebraska, but many counties in other states had records
of immigrants that perhaps would list the area in Schleswig-Holstein
that your ancestors came from. Hans as a first name and Petersen as a
last name is very common in S-H. I have a couple of Petersens in my
lines. Do you know what port that he entered from? Have you checked to
see what the censuses, (both State and US) to see if it would give any
clues. The records in much of S-H are very good, but of course they are
in old scrip, and also a mixture of German, Danish, Freisen, and a few
dialects thrown in. With some effort you can readily select the entries
that you are interested in and then find someone to translate the
details for you.

We have a great group on the list of over 400 subscribers. Many will
help if asked. Hopefully you will not mind, for I am sending a copy of
this reply to the list. Let us know what you can find and perhaps
someone can help you get started in Schleswig Holstein Records.

Donald, List coordinator

Richard and Linda Ploch wrote:
> Donald,

> I am just starting research on my grandfather's family. His name was
> Hans Petersen. He was born in 1886 in Schleswig-Holstein. His
> parents were Thomas and Bertha (or Rebecca) Petersen. He came to
> America in 1906 with 2 brothers and settled in Nebraska, farming. I
> have no idea where to start looking. Any suggestions? Have you run
> across these names? I have just subscribed to the Schleswig-Holstein
> Mailing List.
> I'd appreciate any info you might have.
> Linda Petersen Ploc

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