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From: "Patrisia Manusos" <>
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 1999 14:14:32 -0800

Thank you so much, Hans Peter! I would love to know where you find all your
information! I have so many names/people I am searching for. There are no
known relatives alive still who could help me except a cousin, Frauke
Schnoor von Trapp, who last lived in Dusseldorf. I have not been able to
find her, and I know she would have most of the family records.

Perhaps you could tell me where I would find most of the information for the

Again, thank you! You are a very helpful and popular fellow on this list!

Patrisia Rawlins Manusos, Lynnwood, Washington USA,
Researching in Germany

BEENKE/BEHNKE, ~1787+, Grossenrade, Burg/Dithmarschen, Suederhastedt;
BORHANS, 1800s, Toenning, USA
BRAKERN, ~1787+, Suederhastedt; BROCKMANN, 1802-1962, Moordorf, Bramstedt,
Munsterdorf bei Itzehoe
GEHRT, ~1791+, Nutteln, Burg/Dith.; GOETTSCHE, ~1803-1842+, Bramstedt;
GRELL, ~1817-1902, Breitenburg, Westermoor
GROTH, ~1832, Vilz; HOLST, Vollerwieck, ~1798; JAEGER, ~1829-1964+, Teterow,
Toenning, USA-New York, New Jersey
JEBENS, ~1804, Suderhastedt, Freidstedt; JUERGENS, ~1816, Vollerwieck;
JUERUSS, ~1829, Teterow?
MEHRENS, ~1813-1910+, Hennstedt, Westermoor, Breitenburg; NORDMANN, ~1787,
Suederhastedt; OERTZEN, ~1817, Vollerwieck
SCHAU, ~1816, Vollerwieck, Toenning, Teterow; SCHNOOR, 1766-1991+?,
Burg/Dith, Munsterdorf, Dusseldorf; SUHR, ~1817, Breitenburg, Westermoor
VOSS, VOSSEN, ~1804+, Suederhastedt, Freilingen; WOHLERS, 1700s, Nutteln

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