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From: Hans-Peter Voss< >
Subject: Re: [S-H-RTS] Deutsches Familienarchiv
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 00:54:42 +0100

To Jim and Linda,
The CD is the INDEX of the in the books listed surnames (it includes the
index of the Ahnenlistenkartei= 150thousend names, plus the Index to the
books of the Deutsches Familienarchiv). It include not the full
informations of the books. You can imagine it, if You noted that ONE
book cost more as the CD does cost.
Hans Peter Voss

Jim & Linda Hedlund schrieb:
> Thanks to all who replied to my query on the Deutsches Familienarchiv books. It was a great help. I would bet that the CD would have to be more than one if there are 100 books. It sure would be a good one to own.
> Linda

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