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From: "Patrisia Rawlins-Manusos" <>
Subject: Re: [S-H-RTS] Deutsches Familienarchiv
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 00:20:56 -0800

I would appreciate any info on Gunter Finke, or any other Finkes
as well. My gggrmo was Augusta Finke, and I've found absolutely
NO information on her or that family name anywhere.

Patrisia, Rootsweb Sponsor


Hi everyone!

I'm intrigued by the discussion of Deutsches Familienarchiv and
the book by
Gunter Finke.

I have an ancestor, Sebastian Fischer, who according to Dr.
Charles Adam
Fisher, a descendent of Sebastian's and a professional
genealogist, that
Sebastian came from Hadamar, Germany. Dr. Fisher died before he
was able to
publish his book on the Fishers but I do have his notes. It was
Gunter Finke
who told Charles Fisher about Sebastian's ancestry. What I am
trying to find
out is, if Gunter Finke's information is included in the
Familienarchiv. I understand that Gunter Finke is deceased, but
does someone
have more information on him and the research that he did? The
letter to Dr.
Fisher from Gunter Finke is all that I have regarding this
research. I
realize this is complicated, but I jumped when I saw the name
Gunter Finke.
I sure would appreciate any information that anyone might have.

Lois in Lexington, KY, USA

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