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Subject: [S-H-RTS] Angeln
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 12:41:24 EST

Whereas the so-called Güterdistrikte of Angeln can be clearly identified, the
western boundary is more difficult to specify. But should be possible to work
it out by locating the parishes outide the Güterdistrikte that were
considered part of Angeln. The following book lists and gives lengthy
description of all the Angeln parishes and their villages:
Dr. H.N.A. Jensen, Dr. phil., Pastor zu Gelting, _Angeln. Zunächst für die
Angler historisch beschieben_. Flensburg: Verlag von Christ. Andersen, 1844.
(Unveränderter Neudruck des Textes von 1844 mit einem Kommentar von Svend
Aakjær. Flensburg: Schleswigscher Verlag, 1922.)

Pastor Jensen gives a lengthy historical description of Angeln, lamenting the
fact that the old Angeln is disappearing. He then provides descriptions for
each parish and village, giving the number of "Hufen" and "Katen", both in
the free peasant villages of western Angeln and the villages dependent on the
Güter (estates) in the eastern part.
I read the book last summer in the British Library but was interested only in
one particular parish, Taarstedt. So I have no record of all the parishes
covered by this 1844 account of Angeln.

R G Tiedemann

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