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From: "Maggie Nelson" <>
Subject: Re: [S-H-RTS] German Bread Recipe
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 20:12:39 -0600

I love this discussion on "futjens". This is a traditional food in our
family at Christmas and I didn't think that very many people in this country
continued with this tradition. Boy, was I wrong. My parents always called
them "fritters" but when I talked to my dad recently, he said that they were
always called "futjens" in his family! This has been a huge surprise to me
as I'm in my late 50's and never knew this! Fran Bumann sent the recipe to
me and it certainly matched our "fritter" recipe.

My parents have the traditional pan for frying them but I just deep fat fry
them (in lard) and they are wonderful. Now, I'd like to know if this
tradition was continued in Schleswig-Holstein or just held onto by

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