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From: (Wolfgang Boock)
Subject: [S-H-RTS] Re: Hamfelde
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 21:05:18 +0200
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Hi Eunice,
i did a look in the Topographie of Schleswig-Holstein from 1855 and this is
was i found:

Hamfelde: (former Honvelde, Hannfelde), village at the river Bille, in the
duchy Lauenburg, in the Gut Basthorst, 2 1/4 miles ( old german miles )
southwest of Mölln, parish Kuddewoerde. In the village are 1 Farm, 5
Halfhufen, 2 threequarterhufen 4 Brinksitzerstellen ( don`t know how to
translate) and 10 Kathen (small houses). One school, 1 windmill, 3 hosts, 1
blacksmith. Until the year 1850 there was a extra-poststation, today ( 1855)
there is a station for the riding Mecklenburger post. Citizens: 240 people.
The ground is partly loamy soil, or sandy. Until the year 1801 there was a
Meierhof ( an external part of the Gutshof) Near Hamfelde are remainder of
a high rampart ( fortification).

Hoping this information can help you,

greetings from

Ute and Wolfgang
Bordeshlom, Schleswig-Holstein

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> Dear Ute and Wolfgang,
> I am an Australian with German ancestors, and would love to know more
> about the town of Hamfelde which I think is near Hamburg. My great
> grandfather was listed as coming from this town. He would have lived
> there in the year 1865.
> Many greetings from
> Eunice Heinrich
> Country NSW, Australia

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