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Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 15:14:36 +0200
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Hi Harlen,
the Topographie of Schleswig-Holstein contains the following information
about Barsbek in the year 1855:

Barsbek, village 3/4 miles northeast of Kiel, on the almost dry stream
Baarsbek near the Baltic-Sea, in the Probstei, belonging to the monastery
Preetz, parish Schoenberg. One part of this village with the mill, was buyed
by the monastery from Marquard Barsbek in the year 1379 and the other part
1383 from Eler Aale; in the year 1410 give as a present of the former
Klosterprobst, in those days Domherr, Heinrich Konemann, der wohl das
village für einen Vorschuß früher an sich gebracht hatte, es abermals dem
Kloster. It contains 15 Farms, 2 Halbhufen, 2 Viertelhufen, 16 small houses
with and 5 small houses without land. - School: 120 children, citizens:
611 - 1 host, 1 blacksmith and several craftsman. - 112 Tonnen (old german
measure) meadows, even here was a monastery oaktree plantation. The bigest
part of the meadows are Salzwiesen (Saltmeadows) on the Barsbeker-Binnensee
( inland lake), on a shallow bay of the Balticsea, there are often floodings
from the Balticsea.The effort to dam this landed property takes a lot of
money, without any succsess.The remainder of the Barsbeker Deichs (dike) are
present. In the north of the Barsbeker Salzwiesen (Saltmeadows) was a
elevated sandy area named Bothsand (former Boz).This place was used for the
hunting of seabirds. On the same area stand a shepherdhut which belonging to
Wisch. The hut is occupiet in the summer. Near Barsbek was a OPFER- oder
GRABHÜGEL., named Steinhorst; a verry large stone lies on five other stones,
from this stones a part was taken in new time for the wall of a
HUFE.Außerdem sind hier noch sehr viele zerstörte Grabhügel..- The former

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> Harlen B Bland schrieb:
> > Hi Wolfgang,
> > I have been trying to locate Basheck, Probstei, Schleswig-Holstein. I
> > relatives named Kuhl that migrated to the USA from there in the late
> > Thank you for any information you may be able to give me.
> > Harlen Bland
> >
> Hi Harlen,
> this village must be Barsbek, not Basheck. This small village belongs to
an area
> called the Probstei, northeast of Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein. Barsbek
belongs to
> the Schoenberg parish. Kuhl or in German Kuehl is a common name in this
> I've done a lot of research there 'cause almost my whole maternal
ancestors are
> from this area. If you have concrete questions please email me privately
> ().
> kind regards
> Otto from Husum (family researching in the Probstei)

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