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From: (Wolfgang Boock)
Subject: [S-H-RTS] Estate Quarnbeck
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 01:28:44 +0200
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Hi Russel,
here is information concerning the village of Quarnbek:

Quarnbek, (former Quarnebeke), noble Estate at Eider-canal and Flemhuder
lake. It lies 1 ¼ miles western of Kiel, within Kieler Estatedistrict,
parish Flemhude. - Owner of this Estate , whose name was mentioned already
in Kieler townbook of 1264 to 1289, were: 1439 Schack Rantzau; 1469 his son
Claus; 1515 his son Bendix; 1543 Christopher Rantzau; 1584 Christopher
Rantzau, who had a litigation with the city Kiel concerning townsland
Duvenhorst and Russee, he got died 1596, 93 years old; After him was G. von
Ahlefeld owner; 1616 Jürgen von Ahlefeld (died 1641); after him his son C.
von Ahlefeld, who lost his live 1658 in a duel. 1653 was this Estate of the
principality, appertained to the office Kiel and was sold by the duke
Frederick to the Domprobsten J.F. von Winterfeld; it came 1666 to bankruptcy
and was sold together with Marutendorf for 64000 ??? to the baron H.H. von
Kielmannsegge. 1673 Jürgen von Rumohr owned it; 1690 Hans Rantzau, who 1696
was knifed to death by Hans Blome in Hamburg. The Estate was sold shortly
before his death to D. von Reventlow, who 1701 died. 1705 purchased it B von
Ahelfeld zu Bothkamp for 200,000 ???. 1708 was J. von Ahelfeld owner,the
Estate came to the bankruptcy and 1733 it was sold to the Geh. Conferenzrat
J.H. von Desmercieres zu Warleberg. 1777 the earl Reuß owned it, who in
those days raised there a Fideicommiß (in trust)(?????), which was 1810
annuled. 1811 was the chamberlain von Neergaard owner; 1827 purchased the
Desmercieres'sche Fideicommiß the Estate again, whose owner, the austrian
field marshal prince Heimrich LXIV. von Reuß-Schleiz-Köstritz it now owns. -
This Estate consisted except of the main farm, the both Meierhöfen
Dorotheenthal and Mettenhof, of the villages Flemhude, Melsdorf, Rajensdorf,
Stampe and Strohbrück. The particulate Stellen purgatory (in part), Holm,
Karrkamp, Klink, im Dom, Hohenberg, Landwehr (in part), Weißenschaaf,
Schwarzenbock, Ziegelhof and the Holzwärterstelle Kählen. - residents 1855:
1185. - The residents are (except for 2 small hereditary tenants) leasers. -
The area of the whole Estate amounts after the measuring from the year of
1846: 4383 Tonnen 4 Scheffel 7 Ruthen, 240 Quadrat Ruthen each. - The main
farm has an area of 1267 Tonnen 4 Scheffel 4 Ruthen, under which 1128 Tonnen
6 Scheffel 29 Ruthen fields- and meadows, 89 Tonnen 6 Scheffel 10 Ruthen
forests, 3 Scheffel 14 Ruthen pools and 1 Scheffel 10 Ruthen sandpits. To
the Estate belonging about 2/3 of the Flemhuder-lake and on this share the
Fishery and Reet extraction. The soil is really good and for all field crops
applicable. A moor at Flemhuder lake is called Holmsmoor and 2 pools are
called Müschenteich and Hochwohldsteich; a paddock is called Schweden; a
forest is called Kählen, where the Holzvogtsflat lies. A leased farm is
called Karrkamp, another one near at hand of Stampe is called Klink, a Kathe
is called im Dom, a Stelle at the lock of the Eider-canal is called Landwehr
and some Stellen northeasterly of the Estate are called Ziegelhof. - The
privy councillor Desmercieres ordained in his testament yearly 78 ??? off
his property to distribution to the landsoldiers in service, from the Estate
Quarnbek, Warleberg and Rathmannsdorf. There is also a Desmercier'sche poors
foundation and the owner of Quarnbek distributes money to poors Insten of
this Estate. - The Estate provides 2 Reuterhorses (????).

The source of this information is:
Johannes von Schröder,
Topographie von Holstein und Lauenburg 1855

Best regards,
Ute and Wolfgang

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> Hello Wolfgang and Ute
> Thank you for all the wonderful work that you are doing looking up
> and towns.
> Is there anything in your books about the "estate Quarnbeck"? Its
> size, etc. Did it encompass various villages?
> (I had sent this message earlier but had forgotten to address it to you
> folk. Sorry.)
> Russel Groh
> Canada

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