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From: (Wolfgang Boock)
Subject: [S-H-RTS] Seeth bei Friedrichstadt
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 23:57:39 +0200
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Hello Steve,
here is information concerning the village of Seeth:

Seeth, (yore Zethe), village ½ mile easterly of Friedrichstadt in the
landscape Stapelholm, parish Süderstapel. This village belongs according to
its ages to the youngest in the landscape and was founded, as a flooding had
destroyed the parish St. Johannis and whose surviving residents settled
here. The village lies in the Geest and includes 68 fullstaven (staven =
hufen), 3 threequarterstaven, 13 halfstaven, 5 quarterstaven, 11 Kathen and
8 Freistellen (52 plows). - Distriktschule. - 2 poorhouses, 3 hostelries, 2
smiths and a few hand craftsmen. - There are here 2 shootersguilds, which
already 1682 and 1792 have been founded. - Area: 2100 Demat( 1 Demat is app
6800 qm=square meter), of which 329 Demat Geestland, the remaining are
marshland ( 1890 taxtonnen). - A lot of, and for the most part the best,
marshland is owned by outside contractors, who contribute nothing to the
staff- and communally expenses, which is the reason that the prosperity of
the residents is much decreased. - From Seeth leads a country road according
to Friedrichstadt.

The source of this information is:
Johannes von Schröder,
Topographie des Herzogtums Schleswigs 1854

Best regards


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