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From: "L.I.Johansson" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2001 09:37:34 -0700

Dear list , I`m hopping that one of the US folk will take up my course . I have this chap that came from the US to Australia in 18-- we don't know when he got hear or when exactly he was born.
He died in Brisbane in 1944 so if I take of say 80 years we are looking around 1864 give or take 20 years .
EUGENE OSCAR HENRICKS we do have that he was town Baltimore in America.
Is this the right spelling for this name Henricks the ones from the USA have a D in it what would it be in German.
OK I hope that this well awaken the detective in someone . He has left a large leagues behind but no one knows any thing about him .
Thank you for the help
Regards Ivan Johansson

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