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From: (Wolfgang Boock)
Subject: [S-H-RTS] Frosle, Handewitt, Schrosterup
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 22:07:07 +0200
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Hi Jane,
here is information concerning the village of Froeslev:

Froeslev, (Fröslee), village 1 mile northwestern of Flensburg, office
Flensburg, Wiesharde, parish Handewith. - It's the largest village of this
Harde and contains 1 Anderthalbhufe, 1 Vollhufe, 5 Dreiviertelhufen, 22
Halbhufen, 1 Viertelhufe, 10 Kathen (small houses), 2 Instenstellen and a
herdsman dwelling (12 Pflüge). On the Westerfelde lying 3 Kolonistenstellen
which belongs to Julianenau. - A lot of Turfbarns in the Field looks like
distant villages. - Distriktschool. - Inn, forge. - Area: 1270 Steuertonnen.
The soil is sandy, but several areas of heath are cultivated. -
Northwesterly of the village is located a line of hills, which is east
westbound almost 1 mile long.

The source of this information is:
Johannes von Schröder,
Topographie des Herzogtums Schleswigs 1854

Now Froeslev belongs to Denmark, located next to the German border.

Best regards,
Ute and Wolfgang

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