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Subject: Re: [S-H-RTS] HENRICKS Via USA
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 11:45:30 -0700
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Hi I have not been on board for a wile so that is the reason for the delay
in contacting you.
Thank you for the information I have parts it around the family .
On our holiday down south we found out a little moor about them.
this is what I came up with from a search.
Eugen Osca Louis HEINRICHS
Sex: M

Christening: 4 Oct 1864
First German Presbyterian Church Rivington Street, New York, New York, New

Father: Louis HEINRICHS
Mother: Louise BOLL
I don`t know if you can try this in I have not followed up on Louis yet we
think he became a Mormon this could mean a lot of offspring.
Can you tell me what the NY, NY, NY is . Is it a misprint?
Do you know how to find decadence for them?
thanks for the help Regards Ivan
Queensland Australia
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> Hello, Ivan,
> Your messages certainly got my attention!!
> My husband's great-grandfather, Garrett Frederick Henricks, born 27
November, 1841, in Denmark/Germany, was the son of Otto & Caroline,
according to his death certificate, dated 18 June 1921,
> in Alameda County, California.
> He told his family that he had worked as a crew member, on a ship
across the Atlantic, and that he had "jumped ship", in New York.
> I have copies of his citizenship papers, dated 31 October 1864,
Calaveras County, California. These papers refer to him as both "Gerant
Hendriches" and "Geo. Hendrics", but are signed very
> clearly, "Gerhard
> Hinrichs". He states that he is a native of the "Kingdom of Denmark" (no
village or town, given), and that he arrived in New York in 1858. He lived
the balance of his life as "Garrett Frederick
> Henricks".
> My mother-in-law had photos of two young men, supposed to be brothers
of G. F. Henricks. One fellow was wearing a uniform, and both photos were
taken in a studio in Flensburg,
> Schleswig-Holstein.
> This man has become a brick wall, in my research. Wouldn't it be
wonderful, if we could locate some little hint of a connection, here?
> Joan Tharp
> Auburn, California
> "L.I.Johansson" wrote:
> > Dear list , I`m hopping that one of the US folk will take up my course .
I have this chap that came from the US to Australia in 18-- we don't know
when he got hear or when exactly he was born.
> > He died in Brisbane in 1944 so if I take of say 80 years we are looking
around 1864 give or take 20 years .
> > EUGENE OSCAR HENRICKS we do have that he was town Baltimore in America.
> > Is this the right spelling for this name Henricks the ones from the USA
have a D in it what would it be in German.
> > OK I hope that this well awaken the detective in someone . He has left a
large leagues behind but no one knows any thing about him .
> > Thank you for the help
> > Regards Ivan Johansson
> > Australia

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