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Hi Janiece,

In doing my research today, I came across the following website regarding
the Truchsess. Hope this helps:

Don Buchwald

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Subject: [S-H-RTS] I'm searching for....

> information on my father's family.
> Hi, I just found this group and I've never written anything here before.
> name is Janiece Pfeiffer and my family and I live in the San Francisco Bay
> area of CA, USA.
> >From what we know, from information my dad gave my sister one day when
> were just talking several years before he died in 1990, our family name
> changed sometime in the 1600s. I discovered this when I was trying to get
> family crest made for my dad for Father's Day one year and our name wasn't
> in any of the Germanic name books. Of course I was looking for it spelled
> the way I knew it, not like, as I explain below, it is most likely spelled
> in Germany.
> Sometime in the 1600s, my great great great grandfather was in some
> of authority in Schleswig Holstein. During an uprising/war he and his
> fled their castle and land, left behind all their belongs and fled to
> Germany to spare their lives. They also changed their name to Trucks, or
> more probably Truchses, I have recently learned from a German man who
> in the area and has his own family story on a website. He actually called
> the two families by the name of Trucks who live in Hamburg now and they
> the spelling was probably TRUCHSES, which means governor.
> I don't have their names or anyone earlier than my great grandparents.
> My great grandparents were Anna and Heinrich Trucks (or Truchses)
> they lived in Schleswig Holstein
> I only know of one son. We think he was an only child.
> My grandparents were Olga and Ewald Heinrich Trucks (or Truchses)
> lived in Harburg/Hamburg He was born May 11, 1886 in Schleswig Holstein
> Hohenaspech (Prussia Germany)
> He was a mechanical engineer for the research division of Damiler Benz.
> He left his job 3 months before WW I began to join the German army. He was
> declared Missing In Action 3 months after actual combat began and declared
> dead by the German government one year after the war ended. My
> came to the US, and settled in Cleveland, Ohio, sometime around 1916.
> My father was their only child.
> My parents are Lillian Hawley and Dr. Helmut Ewald Heinrich Trucks
> was born May 11. 1911 in Hamburg. When his mother came to the US, she
> him with his Tante Anna and Uncle Gustav Liedtki, her sister and
> brother-in-law, who became his guardians. She left him in Germany because
> appeared to be of very high intelligence (it was confirmed a few years
> that he was a genius) and they felt that boarding school in Germany would
> the best place for him. She wasn't sure what she would find in the US. She
> was going to live with some of her family who had come to the US earlier.
> age 11 he entered the University of Jena (not sure of the spelling) but
> was taken out and sent to study with Albert Einstein for several years,
> before returning to the University for a year to get his degrees, which
> included several PhD's and MS degrees in subjects such as Mathematics,
> Physics, Engineering, and other sciences. Later, when I was a young girl,
> earned an honorary MDiv in Theology from Augistana University. He said
> Albert Einstein was a wonderful man and teacher and much different than we
> hear about. He immigrated to the US in 1917 or 1918. He settled in
> Cleveland, Ohio. He married a friend of his family here and had 2
> a boy and a girl. He was divorced at some time, but I have no idea when.
> In 1945 he met my mother in Detroit, MI and they were married in 1946.
> They have 2 daughters, myself and my sister Linda. My sister was
> by our half-brother several years ago but he has no interest in getting to
> know us. Linda and I didn't even know our dad had been married before,
> my grandmother died and we saw some pictures she had, of our dad and 2
> children. My father was too embarrassed about being divorced to tell us.
> I know my father's story is hard to believe and as a teen I thought it was
> just family talk. That was until I saw his resume which listed all of his
> degrees and during the years of WW II there was a blank area that said Top
> Secret. For further information, contact the Dept. of Defense. What we
> didn't know, until about 1985 when he could finally reveal the facts, was
> that during those years he was working on the Manhattan Project, with his
> old teacher, Dr. Einstein, who had recommended him for the team. He later
> did top secret work for General Dynamics in their Atomic Boat division and
> after retirement did research and taught engineering. He was called the
> "grandfather of cryogenics in the U.S." in the area of metal fabrication.
> I have a very interesting family history but a large part of it is
> I would very much like to be able to fill in those blanks. Part of the
> reason is because my dad was receiving an inheritance until W.W.II . When
> was contacted and told to return to Germany to be a scientist, he refused.
> At that time his checks stopped coming. If there is any way to find out if
> that money is still in Germany I would love to be able to get it for my
> She has been living on a fixed income since my dad died and I wold love to
> be able to help her.
> If anyone has any information on the Trucks or Truchses family it would be
> gratefully appreciated. Also any information on where I can look would be
> great. I am aware of the LDS genealogical website and but
> is about the extent of my knowledge in this area.
> Thank you,
> Janiece
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