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From: "Dorothea Sanderson" <>
Subject: Re: [SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN-ROOTS] grammatical form of the word for"late"
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 13:25:51 -0700
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The text reads "Cigarrenarbeiter Heinrich Peter Wilhelm Köpke
Lutherischer Religion Geboren den 26 Juni 1855 zu Hamburg, wohnhaft zu
Hamburg, Teilfield,??? Nr. 2 2 Sohn des verstorbenen Peter Kopke und
dessen Ehenfrau Catharina Geborenen Schulz, letztere Wohnhaft zu
Hamburg 2. Dorothea Margaretha Juliane Schulz, der Personlichkeit nach
durch Geburtsschein Anerkannt, lutherischer Religion ,geboren den 3
October 1899 zu ottensen Wohnhaft zu Hamburg Teilfeld No. 2 Tochter
der verstorbenen Eheleute Johann Joachim Gottlieb Schulz und Anna
Margaretha geb Hamm, Fruher wohnhaft zu ottensen"

After Teilfield, there is a word, maybe a written number that I
couldn't read, and the kind lady that sent the document to me in
Germany records couldn't read it either thus the ???.

I will keep trying to find out what it is. What I can't quite figure
out is what is the difference that tells me that both mother and
father are dead in the Schulz, and only the father is dead in Köpke.
I think it is the "und dessen" and in the case of the Schulz it is
only und.


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