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Hi Faith,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories.

Bob Armbrust

On Apr 25, 2010, at 10:50 PM, wrote:

Bob, When I was about eight years old, living in Middle Tennessee, the
Army, I think it was, was having field maneuvers all around us. One
day my
dad, a WWI veteran of the war in France, came home and told my mama
and me
to get in the car, if we wanted to see something big.

Thirty minutes later, we were standing in the middle of a field,
as what seemed to be hundreds of planes flying over and from those
soldiers began dropping in their parachutes, some landing, literally,
at our

I'll never forget that day, nor will anyone who saw it. Little did we
know that those soldiers and thousands more were preparing for the DDay

More than thirty years later, I stood with my husband, an Air Force
officer, on the cliff overlooking Omaha Beach. Behind us was one of
the huge gun
emplacements that is shown in the photos you sent. As we stood,
looking out
over the beach and the rolling waves of the English Channel, another
came and joined us, with their two children. They were German. As we
together, we had a mute moment of shared empathy for all those men,
of all
nationalities, who had lost their lives in that place.

What had been a moment of reflection for us became so much more when
young family from Germany joined us, all of us sharing hope that none of
their--or our--children will ever have to live through such horror.

Thank you for sharing those astounding pictures with us!

Faith Morley
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