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Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 11:58:23 -0700
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Michael, according to my cousin Matthias Köpke in Hamburg, he
did search in Staatsarciv for them. His great grandfather was my
great grandfather's brother. He has traced that side of the
family to Steinkirchen in 1650. The only information he found
(and I found) was the marriage record for Dorothea Schulz and
Heinrich Köpke in 1881. At that time, Dorothea's mother and
father were both dead. Dorothea was born in Ottensen in 1849,
but we haven't been able to locate a birth record for her or a
death record for her parents. I don't think Matthias has
searched Keil, but I will write and find out. My father said
that h is dad, Heinrich Köpke spoke five languages. I always
figured that that might be German of course, English which he and
Dorothea spoke when he got here, Danish, which according to other
information many people did, and the last two were up for grabs,
but my guess was another Scandanavian laugh age and maybe French.
He was a cigar maker and a member of the international union.
Are the Danish census records on line?


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