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Subject: [L'caster] Re: William and other Johnston/Johnson queries
Date: 25 Aug 2002 14:38:55 -0600

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I am not an expert on these people by any means. I was really interested in Barnett Johnson who lived near William. I have tried to paste together some deeds and court references and get the following outline about which I am not very confident:

1.0 William Johnson [d before 15 April 1788]
m: Rebecca Bull [d after 1790 census], daughter of ----- and Mary (-----) Bull [living July 1788].
Known children: Samuel, Jonathan, James, Hannah, Mary, and Jane.

1772, July 3: William Johnson granted 200 acres near the head of Little Lynches Creek (Patents LLL, 481).

1788, April 15: Rebecca Johnston's deeded to her children Samuel, Jonathan, James, Hannah, Mary, and Jane land and property left by her late husband William Johnston. (Deeds A, 231-232.)

1788, July 28: Mary Bull gave to her daughter Rebeckah Johnston a cow and several calves, some plates, pots, and a large Bible. Mary Bull also left a cow to her granddaughter Hannah Black. The deed was witnessed by John Williams, Samuel Johnston, and Hannah Johnston. It was acknowledged at the October 1788 court session. (Deeds B, 31.)

At present, nothing has been learned for certain about

1.2 Jonathan
m: Barbara _____
1801, Sept 27: Jonathan Johnston, planter, sold to James
Johnston, planter. Barbara Johnston signed with mark and
seal. Witnesses: Samuel Johnson and John Winn Brown. John
Winn Brown proved deed 20 Oct 1802. (F, 139).
1.3 James
1.4 Hannah
1.5 Mary
1.6 Jane [unless she is the Jane Redden b ca 1787]

1.1 Samuel [d ca 1820/22]
m: Christian _____ and perhaps m2: Elizabeth _____
Children: William, James, Charlotte, Littleton, Middleton, John W, Margaret, Sarah, Anderson H.

1788, April 15: "Eldest son" of Rebecca Johnson in deed.

1789, Aug 28 (F, 60-63): Samuel Johnston and wife Christian, planters, to Abraham Eastridge, planter, all of Lancaster Co, for 10 shillings, 25 acres adjoining lands of Daniel Williams, John Murphy, and Richard Anderson. Both sign with mark; Samuel also used seal. [On 25 May 1800 Abraham Eastridge and Joseph Eastridge Sr, farmer, for £10 sterling, sold this land to Joseph Johnston. This was from the grant of 3 July 1772 to William Johnson.]

1816, Sept 16: Samuel Johnson sold to Burrel Clark 400 acres for $1,200 bounded by lands of James Blackman and Joseph Jonson. Samuel and Elizabeth Johnson signed with a mark; she appeared 7 Oct 1816 before James Deason JP as Samuel Johnson's wife. (L, 280.) Recorded 1826. (Same Samuel?)

1820, Feb 4: Samuel Johnson bought 640 acres of Guy Wallace's land from Charity Wallace on 4 Feb 1820 on a branch of Little Lynches Creek, (Deed K, 163.)

1830, Jan 12: Littleton petitioned for the distribution of estate of Samuel Johnson deceased. By the time the land finally was auctioned on 4 January 1830, several of Samuel's heirs had sold their interests, creating "heirs-at-law" whose shares were "in the right of" the original heir. Heirs-at-law were
Samuel Caston in the right of John W Johnson;
James Johnson in the right of Middleton Johnson;
Thomas Twitty in the right of William Johnson;
Jesse Redden in the right of Charlotte Johnson;
Ellison Blackmon and his wife Margaret Blackmon;
Anderson H Johnson; and
Sarah Johnson.
The estate was purchased by John H Peak for $1,325. It was adjoined by lands of Thomas Twitty, Wilson West, Dicey Caston, and Samuel Caston. A survey plat of the estate accompanied the deed. (Deed M, 205.)

1.1.1 William
1822, March 18: William Johnson (signed with a mark), one of the heirs of Samuel Johnson, sold to James Johnson for $126.30 land on the headwaters of Little Lynches Creek, being "an undivided tract of land belonging to the estate of Samuel Johnson (Deceased) formerly known by the name of the Wallace tract of land". Witnesses: William H Beaty, Littleton Johnston. (Deed K, 411.)

1.1.2 James
m: Rachel ----- [Ca 1780, VA]
Known children: Jonathan D [Ca 1814], Bynum W [Ca 1816].
Bought William and Middleton's interests in Samuel's estate.
1821: James Johnson to Hannah Parker 100 acres for $250 on the headwaters of Little Lynches Creek, adjoining Samuel Caston and a line "south to land belonging to the estate of Samuel Johnson". Rachel (signed with mark) appeared before James Deason JQ on 11/5/1821 as wife of James Johnson. Witnesses: William H Beaty, Jane Reddin.
1850: Rachel in AL, Barbour Co, Division 23, age 70, b VA, with Jonathan D Johnston household

1.1.3 Charlotte
1827, Sept 19: Charlotte Johnson old her share of Samuel's land (the Wallis tract) to Jesse Redden 19 Sept 1827. Signed with a mark. Witnessed by Esther K Redden and John Hill. (Deed M, 385)

1.1.4 Littleton
1820 census: Littleton Johnston 200010-11100
page 178
one male 45+ [xxxx--1775]
one female 26-44 [1775--1794]
one female 16-25 [1794--1804]
one female 10-15 [1804--1810]
two males and one female under 10 [1810--1820]

1822, Oct 7: Littleton Johnson witnessed deed for Middleton Johnson and James Johnston. (L, 169.)

1830, Jan 12: Littleton petitioned for the distribution of estate of Samuel Johnson deceased. It was auctioned 4 Jan 1830, and purchased by John H Peake. (M, 205). Sold his share of land of "my deceased father Samuel Johnston", sold by order of the Court of Equity the first Monday in January 1830 to Thomas Twitty for $145 in Jan 1830. Witnesses: John Adams and Lewis A McKey. (M, 450).

1.1.5 Middleton
1820 census: Middleton Jonston 200100--30110
Page 178
one female 26-44 [1775--1794]
one male and one female 16-25 [1794--1804]
two males and three females under 10 [1810--1820]

1822, Oct 7: Middleton Johnson, planter, sold to James Johnston, planter, land on the head waters of Little Lynches Creek, from the estate of Samuel Johnston, deceased, formerly known as "the Wallace tract". Witnesses: William Baskin and Littleton Johnson. (Deed L, 169.)

1.1.6 John W Johnson

1.1.7 Margaret
m: Ellison Blackmon

1.1.8 Sarah

1.1.9 Anderson H Johnson [1810/20]
1840: 20-30 bracket
m: ----- ----- [1820/25]
Known children: Andrew Samuel and Francis Marion Johnson

1831, Dec 9: Witnessed deed, along with John Roberts, for Riley Cato and William H Cato to William Robertson. (M, 493)

1847, Nov 6: Andrew Johnson, guardian of Andrew Samuel and Francis M. Johnson, sons of Anderson H Johnson deceased, applied for court permission to sell 100 acres of land belonging to their estate, which was fast going out of repair.

1847, Dec 25: Wm W Fortenberry sold to John Neel land on Little Lynches Creek, adjoining lands of Washington Hinson, John Roberts, William H Roberts, a line from Johnson's branch to the head of Horton's branch, a line between Michael Horton and James Helton lands, and lands of Eli Caston and John J Blackmon. Eliza Fortenberry appeared 11 Jan 1848 before Andrew Johnston, JP.

1848, Feb 7: Michael Horton mortgaged to James H Witherspoon 100 acres, the estate of Anderson Johnson father of Andrew Samuel and Francis Marion Johnson. Bounded by Washington Henson, William W Fortenberry, John J Blacmon, and William W Ellis. Witnesses: J E Robinson and J D Johnson. (P, 365).

1850, Oct 10: Michael Horton sold for $300 to Elizabeth A Long 100 acres formerly "known as the Anderson S. Johnson land" which Horton had bought from the Commissioner in Equity; it was auctioned 19 Jan 1848. Bounded by lands of Washington Hinson, W W Ellis, John J Blackmon, and John Neal. Witnesses: J E Robinson and J D Johnson. (Q, 126) The Court of Equity Commissioner's report A, 333 refers to sale 19 Jan 1848 to Michael Horton and refers to Andrew Samuel and Francis Marion Johnson.
Andrew Samuel [Ca 1839]
1850: 11 (with Andrew Johnson hh)
1860: 21 (with Andrew Johnson hh)
Francis Marion [Ca 1843]
1850: 7 (with Ellis hh)
1860: 19 (with Andrew Johnson hh)
CW: Marion Johnson of Flat Creek Twp, Co H, 2nd (Kershaw's)
1870: 25 Flat Creek Twp, Taxahaw PO; occupation miller
1880: 36 Flat Creek Twp
m: Mary E ----- [Ca 1843]
1870: 27
1880: 38

Unsolved Mysteries:

-- If William and Rebecca had a daughter Hannah who married _____ Black as is suggested by Mary Bull's gift to granddaughter Hannah Black, then who was Hannah Johnston who witnessed that deed? There is a Hannah Parker mentioned also in the deeds.

-- Who was Andrew, guardian of Andrew Samuel and Francis M. Johnson, sons of Anderson H Johnson ?
Andrew Johnson [Ca 1818--1898]
1850: 30
1870: 55 Flat Creek Twp, Taxahaw PO
1880: 63
Andrew Johnston was named executor of will Michael Horton made in 1855, codicil 1860, proved 186?
m: Ann (Hannah) J Horton [1823--1911], daughter of Michael Horton. Several of this family buried West Side Cemetery, Lancaster Co, SC.

Mainly from census records, but also from some better sources, I find names of 11 children. Those about whom I know anything at all are: Placetta Caroline Johnson [Ca 1840/41] m: William Alexander Biggart [Ca 1828] (his 2nd wife); Michael H Johnson [July 1853] m: Doria Brasington [b Nov 1863]; Mary Jane [30 Nov 1861--4 Nov 1935] m: 4 Jan 1883 William Thurlow Gregory [20 May 1853--11 Nov 1939].

-- Who as Joseph. He was closely connected with the family of William Johnson.

* 1800, May 25 (F, 59-60): Abraham Eastridge and Joseph Eastridge Sr, farmer, for 10 pounds sterling, to Joseph Johnston, all of Lancaster Co, 25 acres, part of 200 acres surveyed for William Johnson now deceased, near the head of Little Lynches Creek, granted 3 July 1772 to William Johnson (LLL, 481). On 23

* 1776, September/ 1789, August: William Johnston sold 50 acres to Edward Williams who sold to Abraham Eastridge. Samuel Johnston and wife Christian assigned a Lease & Release as heirs of William Johnston to Abraham Eastridge on 25 Aug 1789. Abraham Eastridge and son Joseph sold off 25 of the 50 acres on 25 May 1800 to Joseph Johnston on a small branch of Little Lynches Creek. Witnesses: William Ward, Samuel Johnston (signed with mark) and others.

* 1800, Jan 7 (F, 49-50): witnessed deed for John Osburn and Rebecca to James Blackman

-- Jesse Redden [ca 1783--1836] is believed to have married ca 1808 Jane ("Jennie") Johnson [ca 1787--1854]. They had 7 children. In 1821, Jane Redden witnessed the deed from James to Hannah Parker. In 1827, Charlotte Johnson old her share of Samuel's land (the Wallis tract) to Jesse Redden. Witnessed by Esther K Redden and John Hill. William and Rebecca did have a daughter Jane but she would have been very late in William's life if so. Jane ("Jennie") is not named among Samuel's heirs. Jesse and Jennie named a daughter Esther; she was a child when Esther K Redden witnessed the deed.

I always find my major errors right after I hit the Send key. I am prepared for corrections!

Can you think of any reason some of the Johnsons went to Rutherford Co, NC? Everybody else seemed to be going to Georgia or Alabama in those days.

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