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Bob, my John Kennedy was born 21 May 1801 in Belfast, Ireland and arrived in
Laurens Co. 10 November 1819 per his naturalization documentation in Laurens
Co. SC; he petitioned to become a denizen of SC 17 April 1822. He died 02
Feb 1865 in Cartersville, GA. He married Barbara Kirkpatrick. Some of
there children were born in Laurens Co. SC and others were born beginning in
1838 in Cass (now Bartow) Co. GA.

Your Kennedy research project sounds interesting. As you can see from my
above information, you Kennedy's arrived in SC before mine. My sister has
done most of the research on our Kennedy family and has not found John's
parents. I've been searching what I can find in Ireland, but have not had
much success. Have you run into any Kirkpatrick's in your Kennedy
connections? Barbara was born in Ireland, but we don't have much on her

Sandy Coulter

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Ga. Passport, Tuesday, 13 January 1807, on the recommendation of sundry
respectable inhabitants of Lincoln County, Passports through the Creek
Nation ordered for John Kennedy, Robert Greaves, Robert Stoker, and John

I'm curious to know if your John Kennedy was of the Rev. Mr. John Brandon
Kennedy (1765-1846) family of Laurens County? Rev. Mr. Kennedy married
Rebecca Ross (1774-1846) of Laurens County in 1795 and spent his life in
Laurens County, a much loved and respected Presbyterian cleric. They had a
son, John Kennedy, born in 1797. That son would have been too young to have
been the man of the 1807 Passport, and neither was it Rev. Mr. Kennedy
because he never resided in Lincoln County, Ga., as far as I know. However,
the Passport information doesn't state that the men in the Passport actually
lived in Lincoln County, only that they were known to inhabitants there.

Rev. Mr. J.B. Kennedy was a son of Squire William and Mary Ann (Brandon)
Kennedy of Union County, S.C. I have done a massive amount of research on
that Kennedy family, actually all Kennedy families, of that area, most of
which appears in my latest book, "The Legacy of Father James H. Saye
(1808-1892), A Presbyterian Divine," published in 2006. Joining me for that
Kennedy research was a descendant, Bettye Smith Renfro, of N.C., a Squire
William Kennedy descendant, who spent a year scurrying around the
Southeastern U.S. chasing after the Kennedy research in the "western

Robert J. Stevens
Darlington, S.C.

Sandra Coulter <> wrote:
I've been very interested in the recent postings of migration routes from
Laurens Co., South Carolina to Alabama. My John Kennedy family migrated to
Cass Co., Georgia from Laurens, Co. and later migrated to Smith Co., Texas
in 1870. After reading your postings, I began to wonder how another branch
of my family migrated from Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina to Perry Co.,
Alabama between 1850 and 1853. William Lee Henderson and his wife, Elinor
Selina Shelby had a daughter, Mary Amanda Henderson who married John F.
McGahey 26 Mar 1856 in Perry Co. The McGahey family was also from
Mecklenburg Co. NC. I wondered if the families from NC went south through
South Carolina to Augusta, GA and then to Perry Co. AL, as this seems to be
the shortest route from some of the migration maps I've seen.

Sandy Coulter

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