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From: "Judith F. Russell" <>
Subject: [SCNEWBER] Fw: Updated plans, Bush River Quakers Homecoming,Newberry SC, May 14 - 16, 2010
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 12:10:19 -0400

> This announcement is going to all of the interested rootsweb lists of
> interest, plus all individuals who have written that they might be able to
> attend the Bush River Quakers Homecoming events on May 14th through May
> 16th, 2010 in Newberry SC. PLEASE FORWARD to anyone you think might be
> interested in joining us! Also, please save this email to print out for
> your weekend guide.
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> Dear Friends: Because we didn't have enough positive Reponses to justify
> the time and resources needed for a full fledged Bush River Quakers
> Homecoming, we've scaled down our activities a bit. But the Homecoming
> Committee members and the Cemetery Maintenance Committee members will be
> in Newberry at the planned time (May 14 - 16, 2010 in Newberry SC) and, we
> hope, many others from town and from other places will be there to join
> us. Here is an outline of what our plans look like as of right now:
> Friday May 14: Our Bush River Homecoming and Bush River Cemetery
> committees will meet during the day at the DeWalt House for a review of
> ideas, plans, and brainstorming. Plans for a future Bush River
> Homecoming, chaired by Barnett Warren, will be discussed. Those who are
> interested in getting involved in future plans and helping with committee
> work are urgently needed and are encouraged to join us during the day as
> you can. We will also have a SELF SERVICE SIGN UP SHEET on the porch at
> DeWalt House. Everyone can come by, "register," and provide their contact
> info, cell phone, research interests, where staying etc.
> Friday May 14: 5:30 -7 pm Judy Russell and Ann Crowley will present an
> "Ask Granny"© demo for Newberry Genealogical Society AND anyone else
> interested. "Ask Granny" is a set of materials given free to individuals
> or groups who are interested in working with Senior Citizens or Reunion
> groups as they capture family memories of names, dates, and places.
> Friday Evening 7:30: informal group[s] dining. We hope that everyone
> will have signed in and checked out our various plans for
> dining...possibly we will just have pizza and sandwiches at DeWalt, but we
> welcome suggestions. Make your own group or join us.
> Saturday morning, May 15 9am: EVERYONE (townies and all who are in town
> for the weekend) invited to continental breakfast and brainstorming
> session at DeWalt, courtesy of the Homecoming
> Committee. We hope to have representatives of the Newberry Genealogical
> Society, the Newberry Historic/Museum House Society and, possibly other
> local groups in attendance so that we can see if there is a possibility of
> a joint meeting in the future. Bring your thoughts and your calendars.
> Everyone, please plan to attend this important meeting.
> Sam Ziady, Director of the Newberry Library will talk to us about the new
> facility.
> Marsha Moses will be available during the weekend to incorporate your
> donations of photos to scan, interesting documents, etc., into her ever
> growing slide presentation of our Bush River Ancestors. She started this,
> as many of you will remember at the 2008 Homecoming. She would especially
> like scans of old photos which you can bring or send to her beforehand at:
> Saturday afternoon tours and research:
> 1. Bush River Cemetery reconnaissance and assessment with planning for
> future [either there or back in town]
> 2. Guided tour to be announced
> 3. Library open until 4 for research.
> Saturday evening: free..some will be dining in town, some still touring.
> Sunday morning, May 16: if we can determine who will still be able to
> come, the Palmetto Quakers have offered to lead a Sunday Meeting as they
> did last time and to sponsor a brunch. We will have a simple brunch,
> sponsored by the Homecoming Committee at 9:00 am even if we can't get a
> group together for a Meeting. Departure at noon.
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> Your Homecoming and Cemetery Committees are looking forward to a great
> weekend in Newberry. We hope that this informally planned time will give
> us all the opportunity to reflect about the future, have some fun, and see
> our old and new friends.
> Please save this email to use as your Homecoming Agenda. Judy Russell's
> cell phone for contact during the weekend is: 706-340-0350. The DeWalt
> House will be our headquarters for the weekend.
> Homecoming Committee: Judy Russell, Ann Crowley, Barnett Warren, Marsha
> Moses, Susan Webber
> Cemetery Committee: Milton Cook, Chris Prince, Judy Russell, Ann Crowley

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