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From: TBrown4465 <>
Subject: Kneeland line in Scotland
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 20:29:44 EST

Hi, This is my first posting, I hope it not too wordy...

Ive been working on me Kneeland line in the Topsfield MA area - John Kneeland
(bp Mar 2, 1788 in Topsfield, MA), son of Aaron Kneeland (b. Nov 10, 1749 in
Topsfield), son of Philip Kneeland (b. April 15,1715 in Topsfield), son of
Philip Kneeland (b. March 2, 1684/85 in Ipswich Ma). I was searching the
Family Tree disks that were included in the software package (vol 4) when I
came across the same line that went as far back as Alexander Kneeland, who was
born about 1225in Gowrie Scotland. Im trying to find more information about
the Kneeland line/family in Scotland.

According to the FTM disk 4; Philip mentioned above was son of Edward Kneeland
II (born in 1640 in MA), son of Edward Kneeland I (b. Abt 1580 in Scotland, d.
in 1711 in Ipswich MA), son of John Kneelan , Captain (b. Abt 1550 in Kneland
Manor, Lanarkshire, Scotland), son of William Kneeland, MajorIII (b. abt 1520
in Scotland) son of James Kneeland (b. Abt 1490 in Scotland), son of William
Kneland (b. Abt 1442 in Kneland Manor, Scotland), son of William Kneeland I
(b. Abt 1422), son of John Kneeland III (b. Abt 1370 in Scotland), son of John
Kneeland (b. 1330 in Scotland), son of John Kneeland (b. Abt 1320 in
Scotland), son of James Kneeland I (b. Abt 1245 in Scotland), son of Alexander
Kneeland I (b. Abt 1225 in Gowrie, Scotland) and Margaret Wallace. It further
states that Margaret Wallace , daughter of Adam Wallace, was Sir Malcom
Wallace's sister ( Sir Malcom Wallace was Sir William Wallace's father).

Does anyone know any information about the Kneeland family in Scotland?
Is there a connection between teh Kneeland line and the Wallace line?
Is there any information about the Kneland Manor in Lanarkshire, Scotland?

Hope this was not too long, but I'm excited to learn more. Thanks in advance
for any information....


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