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From: "Carol E. Taggart" <>
Subject: Re: MacLachlan of Glassary Parish
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 15:36:58 -0400

Hello Scotland....greetings from Canada
I am trying to find out something about my ancestors the McLachlan or
MacLachlin or various
spellings which I have found on documents.I have checked the Clans in
the various Home/Clan pages
on the web, which gives information but I would like more specific data.

Archibald Duncan McLachlan was born Kilmartin Parish, Argylehire
c.1761. He married Mary
McArthur who was born in Argylehsire c.1765 Her parents appear to have
been Donald and Isobel
McArthur. Although the records state that Archibald was born in
Kilmartin Parish, he lived in
Glassary Parish at the time of his marriage to Mary McArthur, Glassary
being right next to Kilmartin,
[I am told.] Rudil was, and probably still is, a farm and not a
village.[ again, told this info.] What
villages there are in this area are very tiny affairs.[repeat of info.]
Historical Atlas of New York State p74 Publ. 1941. [Library of the
State University College at
Geneseo, and the County Historians Office, Geneseo, N.Y. ] ' Livingston
Williamson, a Scot, was agent of Sir William Pulteney of England who had

been given a grant of 45,
000 acres. Williamson favoured Scottish Immigrants and had them settle
in Caledonia which was
evidently prime farm land. Livingston County was set up in 1822.
McLachlan Family...Neal:65..gen G1253 L5 N48*1902.."McLachlan
Homestead of 154 acres
was originally taken from the tract of 45,000 acres, Lots 44-49, 3 1/2
miles S.W. of Caledonia N.Y.
John, father of Donald, present owner, was native of Argyleshire,
Scotland, and came to America
with his father [Archibald Duncan] in 1805.
Archibald Duuncan was murdered in 1806 by a Mr. McLean who was
subsequently tried and
convicted and hung in Batavia N.Y for the crime. This was the first
murder to be committed in
Livingston County.
When Archibald and Mary emigrated to New York State from Argylshire c.
1804 they brought the
following children with them:
John born Glassary parish Dec. 10, 1788 m. Susanna McIntosh b. c.1793
Inverness [shire? or city?
isn't stated]
Donald b. c. Jan. 1791 Glassary Parish m. Margaret [?] b. c. 1796 [no
place given]
Duncan born June 23, 1793 Glassary Parish m. Caatherine Keith b. June
19, 1801 [Scotland]
James born Mar. 20, 1796 Glassary Parish m. Elizabeth Stuart b. 1802
[Scotland, no place given]
Isabella born July 19, 1798 Glassary Parish m. Dougal McColl [no data
for Dougal]
Catherine born July 21, 1800 Glassary Parish m. John Clunas b. Nov. 10,
1786 Daviot Dunlitchity
Parish [these are my g.g.grandparents]
Anne born Dec. 29, 1801 died before 1804 Glassary Parish Argyleshire.
Florence born June 3, 1802 Glassary Parish m. Isaac Wills b. c. 1798 [no

Colin born April 19, 1804 died in 1804..prob. buried in Glassary Parish.

Archibald Duncan born 1807 his father' posthumous son, born in New York
Any information on this families' ancestors would be appreciated. I
would especially like to find the
parents/ancestors of the Senior Archibald Duncan. A clue is that many in

this family, apparently,
followed medicine as a profession. Archibald' g.son was a surgeon in the

American Civil War and
served with distinction. Papers indicate that he was following a family
tradition of medicine.
The spouses of the above children were probably born in Scotland and
also came with their parents
to the Holland Land Grants in New York State. Most were probably married

in New York. A
Reverend Alexander DeNoon was the pastor of a Gaelic Church in Caledonia

called the "White
Church" where he performed duties and preached in the Gaelic language.
This is where my
g.grandparents were married in Feb. 1819. Unfortunately the White Church

burned with all of the
records in the late 1800's.
Anything at all will be "Joyously" welcomed!!!!
Carol Taggart,
Windsor, Ontario,

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