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From: Betty Stewart <>
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 07:16:52 -0800

Hello, Listers:

During the course of my research, I was given a copy of a letter written
by my great great aunt, Dorothy Davidson Anderson, which, as it turns
out was actually a family outline. As I don't seem to be getting very
far with my Anderson/Bowman/Smith/Davidson/Farquhar(son)/Maitland
research, I thought I'd post this letter in the hopes that someone will
recognize these families or the areas that are being referred to.

Written by Dorothy Davidson Anderson - Born 1902 in St. Vigeans or
Arbroath, Angus

Note:Dorothy was the daughter of James Anderson and Mary Bowman who
were married on June 21, 1878 in St. Vigeans, Forfar, Angus. The
following is a letter she wrote in which she has documented some of her
family history. I have added in other details or explanations in

"Annie Anderson, [born Nov. 20, 1861] Sister of my Father [James] - She
and a young daughter once paid us a short visit at Arbroath. I think
they came from London. Do not know their surname. Date was around

In 1914, August, I was with my Mother [Mary Bowman] holidaying in
Banchory. War broke out when we were there. We went to Kincardine
O'Neil and from where we stood, my Mother pointed out a small house in
Glen some distance away (miles). It would likely be Glencat.
Kincardine was a nice village. We went and saw the outside of a lovely
large house called Finzean House, pronounced ‘Figgin' where a relative
of my Mother's lived - Joseph Farquhar - he was a well-known artist and
was keen on oil paintings of sheep. I think the name is Farquhar or
Farquharson. He was married to a very rich lady. When in Aberdeen Art
Gallery with my mother I spotted an oil painting and I said, ‘Oh! There
is a portrait of my cousin Charlie who lived at Old Montrose with my
Aunt Kate Maitland.' [Catherine Bowman] Anyhow, we went up to the
painting which was in a lovely gold frame and had J.F.'s name on it
[Joseph Farquhar(son)]. Proof of relation. Mother and I were

Once when in Perth Art Gallery, a huge oil painting by him [Joseph
Farquhar(son)] - Sheep again. There were often articles in our local
paper about Farquhar and about Patrick Allan Frazer (Father's
relative). I used to send them to Ada [Ada Ella Anderson, born 1898 in
St. Vigeans or Arbroath. Ada Ella married a Whitehead]. Jimmy may have
them now [not sure who Jimmy was].

When at Banchory, Mother & I went to a fair annual. One relative of my
Mother's had a huge marquee for food and we were their guests for
lunch. Another day we called on a nice lady and she had never seen my
Mother before but she recognized her as a relative. She had a nice
stone cottage and a garden. She had a very nice maid and a son who was
a blacksmith. Do not know their surname. Mary & Violet went up to
holiday in Banchory when we came come and they went to see them on a
market day so must have been near Banchory. [Mary Anderson, born 1888 &
Violet Anderson, details unknown - Dorothy's sisters.]

Another farming family we visited - don't know surname. They had a huge
Ingle fireplace and were very hospitable. They may have been the family
who had the marquee at the fair. Months after this my Mother was very
ill and died in 1915. I was sorry I didn't take note of all the
relatives I met but I was just 12.

My Mother's Father [George "Geordie" Bowman, born about 1823; died
March, 1905] died at Aunt Kate's home at Old Montrose [Barnhead - home
of Richard & Catherine Maitland (nee Bowman)]. Aunt Kate looked after
him well. Davidson was my Mother's Granny and that's why I have it as
my middle name. My Mother's Father was George Bowman and her Mother was
Catherine Smith [born about 1823], a very tall lady.

My Mother's Sister was Rose Bowman [Matilda Rosie Davidson Bowman, born
April 14, 1866, Kincardine O'Neil] and was a lady's maid to an Arbroath
lady then she left for abroad. [It is believed that Matilda went to the
United States to visit her Watt relatives in Boston. She disappeared in
about 1906 and it is thought that she may have perished in the San
Francisco earthquake. Her steamer trunk was found in Montreal, Quebec,
Canada and apparently the Red Cross had been trying to find her. A
short time later, her family in Scotland received a letter from someone
in South Africa which had something to do with Matilda, but as the
family could not read, the contents of the letter were never known.]

We used to get a visit from the Fawns family in Canada [unsure as to
this connection, but one of Dorothy's brothers was Allan Fawns
Anderson]. Father and Mother came once and stayed and Ella [Ella
Fawns?] came once and stayed at Arbroath.

Patrick Allan took the name of Frazer when he married [not sure who he
was - could also be ‘Fraser']. He must have been a great architect.

Betsy Allan [a.k.a. Elizabeth or Betty, born 1819] was my Father's
Mother and Alexander Anderson [christ. Apr. 5, 1816 in St. Vigeans - Son
of David Anderson & Helen Waddel(l)]. [Alexander & Betsy were married
Nov. 4, 1844 in St. Vigeans.] I gave Jimmy a photo of the tombstone in
France where the sailor relative died [William Anderson, born Nov. 3,
1846 in St. Vigeans or Arbroath; died Nov. 25, 1880 in Le Havre, France;
buried Rouen, France. William was the second captain of the English
Steamer Tweed whose route was Rouen to Cardiff. His right leg was
broken by a moving anchor chain when the anchor was being dropped. He
was taken to Le Havre hospital and his leg was amputated. He only lived
a day after the operation. It is believed that he was married with 2

My Father's Brother lived in Arbroath and had curly hair and wore
earrings, so Ada told me. She and Vie once saw in Arbroath and don't
know what he did. Maybe was a sailor or fisherman [David Anderson,
christ. Apr. 23, 1844, son of Alexander & Betsy Anderson.]."

Looking forward to hearing from anyone with any further information on
these families.

Betty Stewart

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