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Hi Edward -- Would you happen to know where one might obtain prisoner's lists
from Dunbar and Worcester? There are several other researchers who have been
trying to locate such lists, without much luck. There's evidently one ship's
list for Worcester prisoners online but nothing else. Would prisoners have
been listed in Scotland, or in England? What ports were used to send them to
the colonies?

Any help most appreciated.


Edward Andrews wrote:

> Not quite. The B of W was fought on 3rd September 1651.
> The Scots objected to the English having cut the head off their King
> Charles I (despite having been fighting in the War of the three Kingdoms AKA
> as the English Civil War on the Parliamentary side.) They crowned Charles II
> and went to war on his behalf. After being defeated in the Battles of
> Dunbar - 3rd September 1651, they were then again defeated a year later.
> Cromwell then set up a military government in Scotland which was united
> with England.
> Presbyterians and Scots ultimately have no more cause to love Cromwell than
> do English Episcopalians or Irish Roman Catholics. In 1650 he tried to burn
> my Church, and having failed, he used it to quarter his troops and as a
> stable.
> Edward Andrews
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> > Hi Wanda,
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> > The battle of Worcester was in the English Civil War and if Cromwell
> > deported your ancestor after that battle he was on King Charles' side.
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